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Third Parties May Reveal Their Own 3DS Games at E3

Posted by James Newton

Nintendo apparently giving thumbs-up to proceed

So far we've heard plenty of talk from third parties about how interesting the 3DS looks but naturally nobody's been able to say "look at our game, it's three-dimensional." The general expectation was that Nintendo would announce the 3DS and its own titles but that third-party games may take a while to surface, but according to the latest rumours we may see publishers announcing their own 3DS games at E3 in a manner of their own choosing.

With Nintendo's conference the first of the show, kicking off at 9am PST (12 midday EST, 5pm BST), we can expect the flood of the company's announcements to be accompanied by at least a trickle of third-party 3DS games announced. With a number of companies and industry folk commenting on the machine, from EA's John Riccitello to SEGA's Naoya Tsurumi and more, expect to see returning big-name franchises alongside some experimental titles too.

Six days and counting.


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V8_Ninja said:

How many 3DS related news stories are there gonna be today? It's getting a little out of hand!

As for the actual article, that's nice to hear.



James said:

You're asking us not to post news about Nintendo's next hardware?



Aviator said:

No, its just, there has been so many, which a few seem pointless. Maybe more pointless twitter updates James.



Token_Girl said:

I think everyone's just getting burnt on rumors, and there's not the interest to them, because we'll actually KNOW everything in a week. On topic, I'm happy there will be a variety of games shown. I look forward to hearing what Corbie has to say about them (since I can't play myself).



James said:

We're simply reporting what's hot in the world of Nintendo news right now which is, predictably, rumours about the new console. If you think this is a lot of 3DS updates, wait until Tuesday



Shiryu said:

On Tuesday, you also better be reporting a new F-Zero or Starfox for the Wii, else ill go mental for sure this year.



Aviator said:

Can you add a sidebar for E3, so we can click on that just to see the E3 updates?



James said:

I believe there'll be a top bar, similar to what we did with the Media Summit pieces, to group all E3 stories together. They'll also be on the front page of course!

@Shiryu We'll do our best!



Xkhaoz said:

lol running out of images. So, after E3, and it's oficially announced, will there be a 3DS forum, and a 3DS section on the site?



Objection said:

Looking forward to the unveiling. Predicted launch titles: A port of a Mario game (Sunshine maybe?), a weird/awesome game like Feel the Magic or Katamari, and FF V/VI. Yes please.



Arcanum said:

i'm with noname875
i too need ma zelda wind waker portable. i hope if they do, nothing in the game changes.



Slapshot said:

I'm really looking forward to seeing what Third Parties do with this system. That's the buy/dont buy decision maker for me.



zionich said:

It doesnt matter what ya do people will complain, I <3 death. Thats actually a very nice looking image. I think its about time 3D parties put faith in Nintendo from the begining. Imagine how much greater the Wii library would have been if they wernt playing catch up.



damn! I am so intrigued and curious about the 3DS! how it will be?! how it will look!?

..just 6 more days



GammaGames said:

i found this pic a while ago, was wondering when you were gonna use it. I actually hope it is a smaller version of this (nice big screens)



Kimiko said:

So, do we know what CTR stands for yet? My guess would be either 'Centaur' or 'Citrus'.



realar said:

Actually we only need to wait 4 DAYS for the conference
So less of a wait.



Vinsanity said:

I like that mock up. I'd love to get Namco's Mario Kart Arcade Grand Prix on a Nintendo console SOMEDAY. I'm sure it'll happen eventually though, considering that this generation has established that older games will always see digital re-release in the future.



Token_Girl said:

I hope we get a new Zelda and Mario game and not ports (I mean, I can play the GCN versions on my Wii already)! Plus also, I think that stylus may be compensating for something.



motang said:

Bring it on dudes, I am very very much excited about 3DS...few more days for E3!



Bobpie said:

Just hoping that the real 3DS doesn't look like two iPads hinged together, like that thing does...

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