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Sony Senior Director Gives 3DS the Thumbs Up

Posted by Trevor Chan

Mick Hocking sees Nintendo's foray into 3D gaming as mutually beneficial

It seems to to be pretty difficult to have a bad word to say about the recently unveiled 3DS, even if you are the competition. Following from the recent praise that a Microsoft general manager gave to Nintendo's "experimentation" with 3D gaming, a Sony senior director has now echoed that encouragement.

Senior group studio director, Mick Hocking, for Studio Liverpool, Evolution Studios, and BigBig Studios, said that Sony was "very pleased" with Nintendo taking its steps into the world of 3D gaming:

We are very pleased that Nintendo is launching in the field of 3D with its Nintendo 3DS, as this will give the general public a better understanding of 3D and thus democratising this technology in some way.

The positive comment came during a a recent presentation with the focus shining on 3D technology. Sony itself is a supporter of 3D gaming, with the PS3's support of the technology being promoted at this year's E3 event, along with games like Killzone 3 and Gran Turismo being key titles for when Sony's own foray into 3D gaming.


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RallyFTW said:

Could this be the start of 2 gaming companies finally bonding?

Let's hope not! JK......



moomoo said:

So Microsoft AND Sony like it alot?
I understand that it could help Sony a little, but the 3DS being the first mainstream handheld to support this is going to destroy what Sony has for the PSP2. Microsoft, on the other hand, doesn't seem to want to be a part of the handheld market, after what happened with the Zune, so it won't hurt them at all.



Gogata said:

If sony copies Nintendo again I swear I well go to Kyoto and support Nintendo for suing them!



WiiPS2Guy said:

I was going to get a DS but had been holding off so I could see the 3DS first. And it is safe to say my money is going to go to a 3DS. Looks very promising.



JGMR said:

Hehe, you need competition if you want to improve your own products. It is called inspiration, there is nothing bad about that. Without the N64 and Super Nes having ever existed, there wouldn't have been a Dreamcast, Playstation and it's follow-ups ever existed. Without the PS2 and PSP there wouldn't be a 3DS, definitely! Sony i respect, but Microsoft not, after their great X-Box releasing a hardware failing (ring of death) 360 (and yes, i treat my hard and software very very careful!!!)...



KrazyKain said:

translation from sony:

"we are very glad nintendo is experimenting with a 3d handheld, so if its a success, we'll just copy them, and put more power into it so hardcore gamers come to us "



KrazyKain said:

thats all partly true.. except for the 3ds owing anything to the ps2 or psp.

nintendo has ALWAYS innovated in its handhelds, and nothing on the psp has been taken by the ds



Tails said:

Sony needs to understand there is only one King of Games. That is Nintendo. Sony has good potential for being a great game company but they lack one thing They don't have the smarts like Nintendo does. They just copy



ejamer said:

Sony should be happy - selling 3D televisions is a big part of their corporate strategy over the next couple of years.



get2sammyb said:

You guys need to stop acting like 3D is a Nintendo innovation. Sony have been pushing this for years. They're currently producing TVs, cameras, the cameras the film your 3D movies like Avatar, camcorders, games, so and so forth.

If the PSP2 has 3D it's because Sony have been working on it for a while, not because Nintendo are doing it.

Just my $0.02. (The 3DS sounds AMAAAAAAZING by the way.)



King_Boo said:

I don't think Sony wants to jump into a 3D handheld market now, if they lose any more money, then their game department will be broke. PSP2 looks to be a few years off.



Natie31 said:

LOL its funny that sony can never bring Nintendo down, and if sony copies which they known for that i will support Nintendo for suing



moomoo said:

Nintendo doesn't have a patent on the 3D technology, and they never will. Some phones in Japan already have the 3D effect, so it's not like Nintendo were the first ones to do it either.



accc said:

Sony: "We are glad Nintendo is doing something new again, as this gives us yet another opportunity to copy them!"



Chris720 said:

Sony are copy cats! They copied the Wii and no doubt 3DS soon.

Sony's real statement: "We're glad Nintendo stepped up to 3D. This gives us a chance to make a rip-off product and charge consumers 10 times as much money, even though you can get it from Nintendo at a much cheaper price!"



Slapshot said:

You guys need to grow up! Sound like a bunch of whinny brats, Im sorry but Its getting so old reading all this "Copy" BS around here!

Sony has been making 3D products for years, they have been around as a electronics developer way longer than there gaming devision. Sony creates technology that stomps anything Nintendo has ever dreamed of in technology inovations (no Im not talking about gaming)!

Nintendo is a gaming ONLY company.

Sonys gaming market is just a part of their company!



Percentful said:

It's not really "copying". Nintendo didn't invent 3d, or stereoscopic vision. They were just the first ones to create a portable game system utilizing it.
Regardless of what Sony does, I'm quite excited now. If both Sony and Microsoft approve (even if Sony only cares about how it will make them more money) then it must be pretty good.



Token_Girl said:

Yeah, this isn't about copying. Sony's hoping people will buy the Nintendo 3DS and say "Wow, if it looks this cool on a little portable, how awesome would it look on my TV." Then they have that much bigger a market to sell their 3DTVs too (which are a LOT more important to their overall business strategy than their PSPs).

Btw, for all you getting your panties in a bunch about Sony copying (and 3DTVs can hardly be considered copying the 3DS, since they're already out and run on completely different tech), Nintendo's just copying the 3DS technology from Japanese cell phone companies. This isn't exactly new tech, it's just new in the US. It's all part of Nintendo's "lateral thinking of withered technology" strategy. The meaning is basically "we'll copy your tech and make games with it." It does "innovate" (boy is that word thrown around way too much these days), in the sense that it takes something and uses it for a new purpose, but it's not new in and of itself.



Slapshot said:

@Token.... exactly, so many people dont get it that Nintendo actually does some copying Imagine that, they are masters at taken older technology and making affordable games that are usually simply incredible out of it. That is what makes Nintendo so special!

Sony is a powerhouse, they always have been, they are always about Better than the rest and More Power! Comparing the two is insane!



JGMR said:

Yep, the whole Playstation concept was a collaboration between Nintendo and Sony...remember...

Secret of Mana was one of those games that would've been a cd-rom based game by the way...
There are more of these 'lost' consoles by the way, even from Nintendo themselves.



JGMR said:

By the way the designer of the original Playstation was in fact responsible for the insanely unsurpassed SPC700 sound processor for the Super Nes which rivals even modern soundcards. To this day, i find the Super Nintendo soundtracks the best ever.



LordJumpMad said:

@ 90's Gamer
Why Did't Nintendo Work with Sony.
I do know Nintendo made the N64, with out Sony knowing about it.



Slapshot said:

@ jump.... that's a long crazy story. Sega was around back then and turned down prototypes as well. Long story short is Sony and Nintendo both made the right moves for gamers. Sony will push ahead in the high end power systems and play catch up with peripherals and Nintendo will stay in the last gen but more affordable systems. It works very well for eachother.



JimLad said:

Of course they'll copy them

...and by 'copy' I mean quickly tack it on to the PSP because they didn't have the foresight or the balls to take it mainstream themselves. (The kind of mainstream that doesn't cost thousands)
The track record speaks for itself:
PlayStation controller almost identical layout to the SNES
Analogue sticks included after Nintendo made them popular
Rumble feedback included after Nintendo made it popular
Six axis announced as a hasty response to Wii mote
Move controller... need I say more?

Most things they managed to do before Nintendo had already been done by Sega or Microsoft first. The only areas they ever really excel at are home entertainment functions (films and music) and hardware design.



BrazCanaMan said:

Sony finds this MUTUALLY beneficial. Translation; Sony finds this an opportunity to copy more ideas from Nintendo.
This is why I don't support Sony, they copy whatever is successful and call it their own. The Sony Move is a blatant rip-off of the Wii remote, the only difference is that it looks like a alien anal-probe. Also PSN+ is Sony's COPY of Xbox Live, only more expensive. I remember when Sony fanboys would rip on Xbox owners for having pay internet, now they think it's great that Sony had this "idea". I always supported Nintendo and Sega (when they had hardware) and now Microsoft, I used to support Sony but now they make me sick.



Ozl said:

i bet a million that the next psp will have a copy of this technology



Wolfo said:

Maybe in other words... "thank you for support us with that" haha.



DrDaisy said:

Translation: "If the 3DS works out, it will be a great stepping stone for our future superior product."

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