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Say Hello Flower to this Hello Flowerz Trailer

Posted by James Newton

Virtual Toys shows its green fingers

There's a real shortage of gardening games in the world, so thank Virtual Toys for doing its bit to redress the horticultural balance with its upcoming Hello Flowerz for DSiWare.

Played out in real-time, the game asks you to tend to virtual plants, feeding and watering them for a few minutes a day whilst the passage of time helps them to grow and flower. With a range of available seeds including roses and orchids, plus periodic competitions to enter, those of you with green fingers and thumbs may want to check this out.

Releasing in Europe this Friday, June 25th and across North America from Monday 5th July, we'll have a full review shortly.

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Kimiko said:

Wow, it looks like it has quite a lot of content for only 500 NP. Plants are fun to care for, and flowers are pretty. Maybe I'll get this.



Ryon said:

i'm considering this for my mom. she used to plant alot, until we got rid of the dirt in the backyard.

why not let her do it virtually? LOL



Dodger said:

Sorry but I only have enough time for a couple games that I "need" to play everyday and those are filled up by Animal Crossing Wild World and Nintendogs already. :/ Looks like it might be fun, though. I have too many games on my want list already though.



Morpheel said:

Looks actually good... but why did they had to end the name with Z, who told them that was cool D:?



IanUniacke said:

I got this game because it seemed like it could be interesting but I must warn people it is very shallow and imo not worth the purchase. You end up feeling like everything in the game is just a chore and there is no strategy at all (sure I'm not expecting starcraft level of strategy but at least some bare minimum thinking).



BluePhoenix said:

Looks like it could be shallow like me and my dogs friends forever, I basically finished that game in 15 minutes, and it was boring

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