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Reggie Confirms 3DS is Coming Next Year

Posted by James Newton

Barely audible over a million hearts breaking

The discussion of whether Nintendo's 3DS will reach one of the Western territories before Christmas has been a back-and-forth affair. Will it, won't it, will it, won't it? Well, it won't.

On Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, as well as showing the world his incredible skill at Donkey Kong Country Returns, Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime announced the console would be launching next year before whipping out a unit to impress Mr Fallon.

Here's a short video of Reggie's appearance, showing a little more about the upcoming DK adventure as well as Reggie's casual talk-show look. Nice.

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Are you disappointed to hear that the console will not be available in the next six months, or are you pleased it's getting the polished required to make it fulfil its clear potential?

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Morpheel said:

Reggie knows nothing

let me collect the shards of my heart that fell to the ground



naut said:

Disappointed, but it gives me time to save up cash. I'm sure it'll cost a pretty penny.



Natie31 said:

Im happy cause i till have my DSi XL to used up! March is my B-Day so thats good for me.



Zach said:

Jimmy: "Last time I played this was on Nintendo 64."
Reggie: "Actually, we released three different versions for Super Nintendo."

Jimmy: "How do you jump?"
Reggie: "You press on the A button."

Jimmy: "I can jump on your back, right?" (Jumps on Reggie's actual back, realizes that no one is watching, plays the game again.
Reggie: "So, jump on my back..." (Jimmy tries the same joke again, Reggie politely laughs, acknowledging and thus validating Jimmy.)

I dislike Jimmy Fallon.



Corbs said:

Fairly expected considering all of the first-party Wii and DS titles Nintendo has coming out this holiday season. We'll have plenty to play to keep us busy until early next year when the 3DS hits. Can't wait!



Caliko said:

Delays are good.

Gives Nintendo more time to develop, is less stressful, will counter a christmas 3DS drought(meaning more handhelds for everyone).

and best of all gives us more launch titles.



SuperPeach said:

That's good, it gives me more time to save up a bundle of money. Plus it's a good thing to make sure they do it right.

After that video I've decided that Jimmy Fallon is a moron and I never want to watch his show again.



Syr said:

I can't believe Reggie actually annoys me more than Jimmy.



SSBbrawler08 said:

Well, I guess that's not bad, like Irken said, save up! Donkey Kong Country Returns looks pretty good too!



warioswoods said:

As I said on this very site many times when the DSi hit the market (and quite a few naysayers were convinced a true DS-2 would follow immediately after), the next-gen DS was never going to arrive until the DSi enjoyed 2 full years as the flagship handheld. That mark will be hit at the end of March, which is the soonest we can expect the 3DS (any sooner after the holidays would certainly be a mistake).



ToastyYogurt said:

Hopefully Ninty will use the time to move that analogue pad/D-Pad, create a system to transfer DSiWare, and add an extra camera to the front for 3D video chat.



SuperMarioFan96 said:

I said it in the forums, I'll say it again: All of the demos of 3DS games at E3 were incredibly minimal, most weren't even playable, so I don't see why people thought it would be ready for this year.

Plus, we have a lot of big Wii games releasing this holiday season, and, more importantly, a decent number of DS games releasing this holiday season (Golden Sun, Scribblenauts, Okamiden, etc).



moomoo said:

I'm actually happy for this. It gives me more time to finish all of the DS games I haven't beaten, as well as anything else I never finished.



V8_Ninja said:

While I am disappointed, I expected this from the beginning. The only reason I speculated for it to come out this year was because Nintendo didn't say when it was coming out during E3.



suburban_sensei said:

I am with a lot of people on this one, and the wait kinda stinks but it is a good thing. Any holiday/birthday money I get I will save up for it. If this thing launches with some strong titles I will be spending...ALOT.



Woots said:

seriously, what does nintendo have for ds this year anyway? what, like 4 games?! pathetic! reggie's pulling the same trick that that other guy at E3 pulled, saying something isn't gonna happen and then it does!



Bassman_Q said:

Well, considering that the DSi came out just over a year ago and the DSi XL came out a few months ago, I was expecting the 3DS to come out sometime next year. It wouldn't make much sense to release two different handheld systems in the same year.



Omenapoika said:

I'm turbo excited about the 3ds, so I'm kind of disappointed to have to wait for it.
The clip of the show was a bit bizarre, the audience was going nuts over the 3ds and the host just stood there for a minute saying "oh my... oh... wow...".



Woots said:

but seriously, the only thing worth getting on DS this year is Professor Layton 3, and possibly Golden Sun. Dragon Quest is almost already out, and they've absolutely killed Mario vs. DK, so the new one is really stupid looking, and I don't think anyone really cares about Pokemon Ranger 3. 5 games throughout the rest of the year? I don't think so. If they don't give us the 3DS, this'll officially be Nintendo's dumbest move ever.



Arcanum said:

My guess for the price of the 3DS is $229.99. not 200 or 250 because no DS was ever a solid number like that.



pixelman said:

@zkaplan: I agree.

This is good news though. I think it was a smart idea to subtly announce it while playing a Wii game due for release this Christmas.



Cia said:

After DSi XL people were complaining that 3DS is coming too fast. Now people complain about it's "delay". Oh well



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Arcanum: The original DS's release price was $150. It had a single price drop to $130 where it carried over to DS Lite and has never changed since.

I'm in the group that's kinda pleased about it not coming until next year. I'm quite certain it will diminish the probable shortage problem at leasta little, and it does of course give them more time to finalize the design and actually manufacture the darned thing.



SwerdMurd said:

if my 3DS has a dead pixel out of box, Reggie's getting domed with a can of soup at distance. I've watched Crocodile Dundee enough times--I can make it work.



Kevin said:

It gives them time to perfect the design and gives us more time to save up for the system and more games for it. I'm ok with it.



Guybrush_Threepwood said:

I didn't expect a 3DS release this year anyway. Let's hope we'll get it first quarter 2011.

I'm more disappointed about the Donkey Kong Country Returns gameplay footage. The graphics don't look impressive at all in this version. I really hope they can make a worthy sequel to the SNES-masterpieces. Optional Classic Controller support would be great for playing a 2D platformer, too.



SilverBaretta said:

"Oh my gosh, you did it!"

Also, I'm a little two-faced on this situation, on one hand, I REALLY want to play 3DS, but on another hand, the extra time will let them perfect it. So this is really a double-sided situation. Oh well, I got plenty of games to play until the release, though, to I guess I can wait to play the 3DS.



Sacore said:

well at least i will have money to use on the games that will come out.
Raised hand*



aaronsullivan said:

It really, really isn't.

The launch should have a ton of big franchise games by that time. It will be hard to resist.



Sylverstone said:

You can't expect Nintendo to steal their own thunder!

These games that they have lined up are total million-sellers!

3DS will distract these folks.



Sneaker13 said:

If the 3DS is ready for this Winter, it would be really stupid not to release it for the holiday season. But if it's not done yet, I hope they spend the extra time well.



GmRmXx said:

I wonder how many people at nintendo keep a 3ds in their coat pocket...



EdEN said:

That's great! Now I can focuss on finishing all the games I have AND buy the new releases (Other M, DKC Returns, Kirby, etc.) between now and the end of the year before I have to start saving for the system.

What people don't realize is that the longer we have to wait for the system the more the final price of the 3DS goes down and this ups the chance of us getting the portable for less than $200.

They should release in Japan in February 2011, then Europe in July and in October in the Americas to bring down the price and get enough units manufactured. Plus they would get another E3 to show the final launch lineup.



Token_Girl said:

No problems for me. Hopefully they can use the extra time to show me a reason I need to buy the 3DS at launch. Then I will be happy to not fight the xmas shopping crowds.



GamerZack87 said:

@EdEN: Those release dates are all well and good, except that Nintendo themselves said that the 3DS was to launch worldwide by the end of March 2011. Seriously, straight from Epona's mouth! Speaking of which, if Ocarina of Time 3D is a launch title, it's definitely on my 3DS wishlist!

I'd be absolutely surprised if Australia and New Zealand got the 3DS before anybody else - including Japan - but anything's possible!

Well, maybe not that specifically...



RoyalBlur said:

I'm so very diappointed.

However, at lest I can save up money, master math and get in college.

I sure hope they'll release it in January but I fear it will be February.



Bensei said:

This has nothing to say. They said they'll release this fiscal year. But they never said it will happen outside of Japan. Either they go for a worldwide release like with the Wii, or they do the same as they did with the DSi, Japan gets it in March, we around July ord September next year.

However, I think they don't even know when it will be released



Golgo said:

The later the better for me (within reason). Gives me time to clear some gaming backlog so I can devote all my attention to the 3DS.



JimLad said:

Means they can sell more copies of Donkey Kong, and the other games coming this holiday. I don't mind waiting though, and I'm sure it won't effect it's success.



warioswoods said:

He really should have brought out the tethered booth-girls for the audience, instead of just having Fallon go on about something no one could see.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Bensai: They announced it for the fiscal year in an event in America. When that happens, the news applies to America. Also, with DSi, Japan got it in the Fall and we got it in Spring. Assuming 3DS didn't have a worldwide launch (though it probably will), they'd probably follow that pattern again.



dings said:

Hopefully this will give them and game developers time to have a decent launch library. I remember it was about a year into the DS's life until it had 3-5 good games to choose from!



PATUX3T said:

Great news! I'm not ready to stop playing my DSi just yet...I'll wait another year.

Besides, it'll give me more time to save up for this



Chunky_Droid said:

abgar's avatar matches the faces of many a Nintendo fan

However I probably wouldn't be able to afford it at launch anyway so it gives me more time to save



BJWanlund said:

Well, this is actually a good thing IMO. That way, Nintendo can sell their historically under-selling franchises, or the games that might not be bought for the holidays, and then with the Christmas money that we all get, we can buy it early next year.

Although, if Reggie is playing a mean game of Chicken with Nintendo fans, I'll be uber-surprised.

And I had NO idea that Jimmy Fallon was a Nintendo fan! None whatsoever.




Peznaze said:

Means little, given the context. It's still "by the end of Nintendo's fiscal year". While the odds of it coming in 2010 are remote, it could happen. Of course, supplies will be so limited for the first few... years... of the 3DS' production run, most of us will likely not see a 3DS on store shelves until 2012.



Pj1 said:

I'll put the new DKC game on my Christmas list, please! it makes a good-nice present doesn't it?



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Peznaze: On the plus side, it appears that Nintendo is fully aware of how excited gamers are for the 3DS. That alone should help the stock relative to the Wii shortages, since they were caught off guard with its runaway success. But it IS normal for hot new hardware to be scarce...just not two years worth. I would say those who can't find one at launch will probably be able to get their hands on one within the first year without TOO much difficulty. Hopefully.



G-MaxiMillion said:

They should make this on the 3DS instead of the Wii, nobody wants such classic Nintendo games on the big screen lately, I mean look at New Super Mario Bros Wii. It was a complete rip-off.



Leaf said:

I'd prefer it now, but it gives me more time to enjoy games such as DKC:R, GoldenEye, NBA Jam, and Shantae. (Hopefully it'll come out by then >_>) As long as it doesn't interfere with Pokemon Black and White I could careless as i'll be in college and with my work study, more money for me to save =)



3230ru said:

I believe that N has still a lot to do for 3DS. Games, online services, VC(maybe), 3DSWare - DSiWare compatibility question, announced multi-player feature etc. Though I am not sure that finally there wont be any Christmas surprise from Nintendo.



Marioman64 said:

why are you all dissapointed? with a system this advanced and awesome i'll be surprised if it comes out before pokemon black and white



nintendonerd147 said:

I'll buy3ds with Mario Kart 3ds(why hasnt there been a trailer yet) Paper Mario, Starfox 64 3d(only if it saves) Zelda Ocariner of Time. Does it play ds games that would be awesome. Im only actually gonna get one because of the new Mario Kart.



mushroomer said:

I think it has more to do with game availability as well as giving the DSi a chance at cashing in on software. I dont think its about polishing the hardware because they already showed it off at E3 in pretty much final form. If they add stronger video or larger memory, that effects the developers so, im guessing that the hardware is 99% done. Releasing it next year is a strategic move on N to try and focus their energy on software titles for their current console.

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