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Nintendo Considering Online Play and DLC for Future Zeldas

Posted by James Newton

Eiji Aonuma talks extra content and multiplayer

Zelda games are single-player epics: one elf questing to prevent the resurrection of a giant evil and destruction of the world. But if Eiji Aonuma can make it work, we may one day see a Zelda game with online functions.

Speaking to GameInformer, Mr Aonuma said he's constantly thinking about how people play together and how best to fit that into the Legend of Zelda world. He's not necessarily thinking of a straight multiplayer option either: stating he's interested in the idea of communication between players, Mr Aonuma gave the example of players playing separately, with the decisions made influencing each other's games.

When asked about potential download content for next year's Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Mr Aonuma replied "obviously, we have thought about DLC, and we are thinking about it." A Zelda game with post-release additional content would be a bold step for Nintendo, but would surely please many fans of the green-clad elf.

The days of Zelda games being offline solo pursuits may be numbered.


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Saber said:

wat is there to do with zelda besides a single player mode? I mean this isn't halo with like 12 maps lol



shingi_70 said:


Most of the best DLC comes from games Like GTA,Mass Effect,Elder Scrolls, and Fallout which are al single player games.



Megumi said:

@6: Yeah ironically I've forgotten about that, I'm actually hoping for a Four Swords Adventure game for the DS/3DS.



aaronsullivan said:

Four swords was so cool and yet so difficult to manage. I'm all for a return. Of course, this article doesn't hint at anything like four swords.

DLC and indirect effect on a buddies game? Not doin' it for me.



Bloodysaber said:

Four Swords with online play and Wii Speak would be amazing... or better yet, just throw Four Swords on the 3ds and allow for a focus on Wifi.

It would be splendid. Been waiting for something like that since Four Swords GCN.



warioswoods said:

Yes, in another interview he specifically went on about how he often dwells on how a new 4 Swords might work. FSA for the GC is one of the best multiplayer games of all time (it's the NSMBWii of Zelda), so even the thought of a sequel is exciting.



accc said:

I really hope this isn't true. DLC is yet another MS "innovation" that's ruining the VG industry, along with achievements and pay-to-play online.



shingi_70 said:

@13 so getting new content after the game comes out is bad. Having extra reason to keep playing a game is bad. Also you pay so that they can keep the servers up.

You must be a nintendo only guy.



accc said:

^Paying extra for content that's already on the disc is great! Playing terrible games for no reason other than to boost my gamer score is great! Paying money for a feature that has always been free for every other system is great! You must be the type of shill that corporations love to exploit.



LordJumpMad said:

They plan DLC for TP when the Wii first came out.
And multiplayer Zelda have been done with Four Sword.
(like to see a remake of it for the DS, since I never got to play it)

I call Dark Link.......



wes008 said:

Hmm.... A multiplayer Zelda where the way you play your games affects others... It could be like Demon's Souls! I can't see dlc working out though. Maybe if it was a more traditional Zelda they could have bonus dungeons for download. But not in a 3D one.



Hardy83 said:

Nintendo is still new to DLC. I mean their only real game with DLC is Animal Crossing and it's just stupid items now and again, so don't expect quality DLC like what Rockstar does for their games or Besthesda or however you say their name.
Just like HD, just like online, I expect Nintendo to be behind when it comes to DLC by a generation or two.

Though, at least we can expect most of it to be free if they do make DLC.




I call all teh Tingles!
Post game DLC content would be AWESOME. Make it happen oh great and mighty Nintendo...plzkthx



shingi_70 said:


Most DLC isn't on the disc that only happens in the case of the wii or resident evil 5. Boosting is wrong but i only use achievements to make the game last longer.



nintendogamerftw said:

It'd be nice if Nintendo included new dungeons every once in a while as DLC. I hope that's what they do if they decide to go through with this DLC idea.



Raylax said:

I call Fantabulous Rainbow Link!

This is Nintendo we're talking about. If there's DLC, it'll come out 5 months after everyone stopped playing the game and basically be NOW YOUR MASTER SWORD HAS A DIFFERENT COLOURED HILT. Which will take an hour to download, crash at least once, and brick someone's console. But the game will be slightly better protected from pirates.



komicturtle said:

I think when it happens, we'll see how good it is. It'd be cool to revisit previous locales such as Dragon Roost Isle in Skyward Sword.. Or something haha.

But if we have to pay for the DLC, let it be WORTH what we are paying for extra- but knowing Nintendo, I don't think they'll charge us a strand of hair.

Multiplayer>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> DLC

Sorry, had to be said. I rather play a great game with some great friends (preferably offline) thant just get DLC and play all alone. Local Multiplayer will ALWAYS be better than Online Multiplayer for VARIOUS reasons. Those who say otherwise need to be REALLY persuasive in saying so.. Yeah, that's my two cents and a pea in a pod.



King_Elemento said:

As long as there's never an official Zelda MMO, I'm good.

On the other hand though, a fan-made Zelda MMO probably wouldn't be good by any means.



Chris720 said:

How would online work in Zelda?! If it would be like the DS version, I'm sticking to the single player like glue!

DLC would be nice, new items, new bosses, new dungeons etc., but in a Zelda game... Just how?!

If its like MLaaK kind of DLC (new outfits and what not), that would be epic! But a Zelda MMO sounds... Ew...

...I call Pink Link! Because it rhymes, and pink is manly!



Bassman_Q said:

If Zelda DLC means extra sidequests and they are not high-priced, count me in!

...Awww, I wanted to call Red Link...



Philip_J_Reed said:

Don't get all the DLC hate, unless you're specifically referring to paying to unlock something already on the disc. (Usually that's not the case, but with the Wii, who knows...)

All I can say is that I would have gladly paid (and would STILL gladly pay) extra for new areas/dungeons/quests for Ocarina, Majora, Wind Waker...everything but Twilight Princess really. In fact, I think I'd have paid extra to get that one to end sooner.

But yeah. I definitely get my mileage out of my Zelda games and would be more than happy to purchase a few extra areas or whatnot for one of my many re-playings. (Kind of like what Fallout 3 did, only good).



King_Boo said:

I can't really see the point to DLC in Zelda, there would be no point to another dungeon if it doesn't advance the story, and what would be the end goal of side quests, new sword or shield? They'd have to make it an endless game, but then what would be the point of playing?



Marz said:

I could see how a multiplayer Zelda could work since there are different races.

There could be like a game calle Hyrulian Wars or something where the Zora's, Gorons, Humans etc. are at war.

You could pick from different races and classes.....could be really fun with a little of that Nintendo magic.



Caliko said:

I dont like the idea, I would explain but it would take too long.

Think story contamination, or purposely removed elements, etc.



Chris720 said:

@tech101 Eww... Zelda Hunter... I just don't see it. Be alright if they mixed it up a bit, but I want Zelda to be Zelda, not an MMO.

New armors and weapons as DLC would be awesome! But online on Zelda sounds awful, they even made a hash of it on PH.



pikku said:

didnt they release DLC content and extra duingeons for the Japenese version of Link to the Past?



Philip_J_Reed said:

"there would be no point to another dungeon if it doesn't advance the story"

In spite of the copious amounts of dialogue in recent Zelda games, the story is never really in need of advancement. Some kind of evil is unleashed; it's up to Link to stop it. The stories don't get more complex than that (though God knows they try to trick you into thinking they do), and that's fine. NPCs still find time to send Link on all manner of ridiculous side quests and missions before he's allowed to save anyone's bacon as it is, so it wouldn't be difficult to add a new dungeon. "Hey fairy boy! That monkey stole my ______! Can you go in that cave and get it back for me?" There, done. It's easy, and true to the adventure-padding the games typically feature anyway.

"...and what would be the end goal of side quests, new sword or shield?"

Sure. It's not uncommon for DLC missions to come with exclusive weapons or armor as a reward for completing them. Nor is it uncommon for Zelda to already reward you in this way for exploring optional areas.

"They'd have to make it an endless game, but then what would be the point of playing?"

Sorry, you lost me there. I have no idea why DLC means that the game would have to be "endless," nor do I see that as a bad option if they DID introduce endless DLC (a bottomless Cave of Ordeals? Yes please...).



Adam said:

I don't like DLC in theory. Just start working on a new game if you already have ideas for more dungeons or whatever. Someone said there's no argument against it, but that's ridiculous, there's really no argument for it, either. It's just a matter of opinion, if you prefer a game to be whole and complete from the get-go or not.

If there is good DLC, I'll buy it without a complaint. Bought almost everything optional for the WiiWare Mega Mans, and I'd gladly do it again. I would just rather all that effort go into a single package, and then put those new ideas in the next iteration. It's a methodology that has served us well for many years, and believe it or not, it still works today.

But people crying that the end times draw near, give me a break. It's not like they can force you to play the game online or buy the extra material. They didn't even specify pay-to-play DLC. No big deal either way. I'd love the option for online play. I'd only complain if it comes at the expense of local play, assuming it's Four Swords-like.



VGC said:

Purple Link ftw and I am a guy.

What If...

One player was link and multiple other players played as enemies along the dungeons/etc and tried for killing link. when the enemies are killed they respawn somewhere and can choose who they are if they have enough points or something idk



Chris720 said:

Skyward Sword is a "Future Zelda" (if its not released and I'm anxiously anticipating it, its a future Zelda!), there's still time for them to implement DLC and multiplayer...



Token_Girl said:

@Raylax - haha, you're probably right.

I also think DLC is dumb. Put forth the effort to make a good full fledged sequel or include the whole thing in one package. I can't help but think if there was DLC dungeons, the game you bought at the store would feel incomplete. Please Nintendo, please don't copy the crappy aspects of other companies' online strategies. Copy the good ones!

The MMO type idea is somewhat intriguing tho.



brandonbwii said:

I always had the idea that there would be an ultimate dungeon that you could download every month or so that would truly test your skill. The moment you complete one, you could get another.

As for multiplayer, I'm completely for it IF they can find a way to make fun and make it work well. Four Swords was a nice experiment but if they were to make a true Zelda game with local and/or online play they'll definitely need to raise the bar as to not ruin a great single player adventure.



SKTTR said:

@36 Chicken Brutus "All I can say is that I would have gladly paid (and would STILL gladly pay) extra for new areas/dungeons/quests for Ocarina, Majora, Wind Waker...everything but Twilight Princess really."

Except that Twilight Princess is the only Zelda that needed some extra DLC to fill the emptyness. The other Zelda games are perfect and don't need any DLC at all.



aidenlangan said:

I would love DLC for Zelda Games. More dungeons/ temples, more bosses etc. Fair enough about having the DLC on the disc because that's a stupid idea but if they charge a fair price for more Zelda then that's good. I wouldn't want costumes though; After LittleBigPlanet, I've had enough of costumes.



JimLad said:

I'm sure they could include some sort of vs mode and make it online, like they did in Phantom Hourglass.
With this game they could have sword duels, or jousting, or archery. In fact any of those in-game mini games have the potential to be made competitive somehow.
Aside from that... dungeon co-op? You'd have to design the game around it though.



Cia said:

DLC is a completely useless idea. Just make a complete, perfect game and there is no need for additional, tacked on content.



TKOWL said:

How about a Dungeon Maker Mode, where you can make your own dungeons out of a multitude of pieces? You could download additional Pieces in packs that cost 100 Points each.



zionich said:

@ komicturtle92 post 30

I do like local multi-player, but I know for me, it really depends on the game if its best. Personally, I hate split screen, but games like Wii Sports and New Super Mario Bro Wii, local multi-player is spectacular.



SilverBaretta said:

This is the kind of thing I'm talking about! DLC would be GREAT for a Zelda game! As for the multiplayer, I would want to see how it would be implemented before I say anything about that.

(And I'm quite surprised no one has thought of this yet, but, I call NES-colored Link!)



EdEN said:

If they do go the DLC way, they could release small side quest packages that re-use assets from the game and extend gameplay while also giving out extra items or bonus. IF they decide to give us extra dungeons they better raise the 40 MB limit.



Toon_Link said:

I'm all for DLC, as long as it's like extra dungeons or quests or something like that, but no multiplayer. Link flies solo. (Not counting FS.)



Alphack3r said:

Hmmmm...well, after how awesome Monster Hunter Tri turned out, I think that this might work!!! BUT only if the online experience doesn't make the offline feel lackluster, ya know?
Maybe they could have some nonessential miniquest type multiplayer stuff, like a race or maybe a monster slaying competition...I dunno, just so long as they don't have you fighting each that would be awesome but wouldn't really work
But why should we complain? At least we're getting pure awesomeness already right? OH YEAH! I'm ready xD



Bass_X0 said:

Just make a complete, perfect game

Name any perfect game that anyone has ever made and I'd still want more weapons, more places to explore, more enemies to fight and more tasks to do. There is no such thing as a complete game. And they could keep adding more and more things to a game which only ends up delaying its release date for when it does eventually get released, I could still find things I would want to do after I've seen all the game has to offer. A real perfect game is never complete and will offer more through DLC.

Link flies solo.

Except for when he has help from a talking boat, a talking hat, a horse, pirates, creepy sailors, a kangaroo, a bear, Midna, even Zelda herself. Its been a long time since he was completely on his own.



TLOZfreak said:

I think coop would be the way to go.. like puzzles that can only be solved by 2 or more people.. or boss battles so hard that makes them unbeatable when you are by yourself



James said:

Pointy ears = elf. That's a fact even the Internet can't disprove!



gaminguy said:

I would actually like DLC if it was dungeons and quests, maybe even a new area in Hyrule, idk though. By the way, a zelda MMO would be awesome. You could be one of like 5 creatures from hyrule, each with exclusive classes and ability to level up and openly explore hyrule, only a 10x bigger version



LinkMetroidhybrid said:

For the online game options you could either be on team Ganon or team zelda. Team zelda would have the hero's obviously including zelda, link, etc. Team Ganon would have Ganon and some henchmen. There could be mode like the golden gun mode in goldeneye but for the triforce. ther would be the three pieces scattered across all of hyrule. Each character would have a special ability when they had a piece of the triforce. Link could ride Epona zelda could turn into Sheik etc. There could also be a standered deathmathch type game were you run around shooting arrows and slashing swords. DlC's would be great I would love more dungens new abilities sidequests and other things. As long as they dont cost to much and are well polished I would by it

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