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Nintendo Connection to Tour Down Under

Posted by James Newton

Get hands on with Super Mario Galaxy 2 in a few weeks

Gamers in Australia and New Zealand, we feel your pain: whilst North American gamers have had Mario's latest for a few weeks, and European fans get to play it in ten days time, you must wait a whole month from today to enjoy blasting off. Nintendo wants to ease that stinging feeling by bringing you the game to a shopping centre near you with the Nintendo Connection Tour.

Kicking off on June 26th, you can take part in the New Super Mario Bros. Wii Coin Challenge for the chance to compete in the national final for untold prizes. There'll also be other games and even a competition to find the best Mario impersonator. Check out the complete tour listing below and start practising your Mamma Mias now.

26/27 June Westfield Chermside QLD
28/29 June Pacific Fair QLD
3/4 July Sylvia Park NZ
3/4 July Westfield Fountain Gate VIC
5/6 July Westfield Southland VIC
9/10 July Westfield Carousel WA
15/16 July Westfield Chatswood NSW
17/18 July Westfield Hurstville NSW
17/18 July Westfield Marion SA


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xAlias said:

I think they want to find the best Mario impersonator because Charles Martinet is getting old and they need a backup...just in case.



Token_Girl said:

Meh, they tend to have US events in NY, LA, and then maybe 2 or 3 other major cities. You live in the middle of the country, you're not going to a Ninty event here either.



Bobpie said:

Yeah, feel pity for us...
It's such an insult when International Events come to NZ and are in Auckland and JUST Auckland......



cheese said:

I completely agree with ChibiLink, Nintendo of Australia are despicable.



NapalmHornet said:

I went to nintendo on tour in the UK. Hand on my heart it was crap. Number one I already owned all of the games (aside for "more brain training"). Number two I was told to leave because apparently you have to be at least 16 to play 3+ rated games. Worst £10 I ever spent

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