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Madden NFL 11 Franchise Mode Gets Upgraded

Posted by James Newton

Football returns to Wii with single-player improvements

Last year's Madden NFL 10 for Wii was one of the series' best multiplayer entries yet, with the Showdown and Huddle-Up modes bringing casual gamers into the gridiron action quickly. Its single-player elements, sadly, were not quite so well-developed, but for this year's instalment EA is promising a far improved Franchise mode that it's calling its "deepest single-player experience to date".

Including story-based scenarios and the ability to alter the price of merchandise sold at the stadium to rake in a few extra dollars, there are also board and fan expectations to meet, financial limits to adhere to and players to train and trade. It certainly sounds as though this could be a big improvement on last year's disappointing single-player mode, but we'll wait until the game's North American release of August 10th to see how this year's effort shapes up.

Here's the official press release from EA Sports, and head over to Madden NFL 11's game page to check out more screenshots of the game's update franchise mode and new weather conditions in action.

Madden NFL 11 reenergizes the game of football with a fun, exhilarating experience that ignites the passion of any NFL fan. A revamped Franchise mode puts you at the helm of your favorite NFL team, giving you the power to lead the greatest dynasty of all time in the deepest single-player experience to date. New players can get up to speed quickly utilizing the all-new GameFlow system, where the plays are called for you until you’re ready to go under center. Lead your team to glory with Madden NFL 11, the ultimate NFL experience on Wii.

A Completely Re-Mastered Franchise Mode—Four key components—Campus and Perks, Legacy, Assistants, and Scenarios—are the foundation of a redefined Franchise mode. With assistant coaches guiding you through every scenario thrown your way, and a passionate fan base hungry for championships, all eyes are on you in your quest to build one of the greatest legacies in history.

All-New GameFlow System—Whether you’re a rookie player or a veteran looking for a casual experience, let Madden NFL 11 manage the playbook while you execute the plays to perfection. Play without the interruption until you’re ready to take over playcalling duties when the game matters most.

Weather-Based Gameplay—The schedule in November and December matters more than ever as weather affects gameplay like never before. Playing on a wet or icy field, or in the mud or snow, players slip, slide, and struggle to maintain footing based on four types of inclement conditions.

A Deeper Madden NFL Experience—Players can now take the field wearing authentic practice uniforms, including red QB jerseys in 5-on-5 and Practice modes, or suit up with long sleeves and pants when playing cold-weather games. Revamped stadiums and updated gameday uniforms complete the authentic package.

Crash the NFL Party—Crown a king of the couch in the four-player party mode featuring custom gameplay tweaks and an interactive pick ‘em system, or use the Wii Remote to pick up blocks, trip up wide receivers, and create clear paths to the end zone, all while your teammate runs the plays.

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jangonov said:

ok, I am not a "good graphics" person, as in I don't think you need ultra pretty visuals to make a good game. However, EA has given up on the wii, and it shows. Look at this and last years game. If I am to play virtual football, I want it to LOOK like football. Not like a Saturday morning cartoon. I half expect a ridiculous side story where they race cars or battle monsters during the half-time show. I love the wii, but if I want to play football, I am sticking with my "anything but the wii" console.



Splat said:

I'm going to give it a chance but when it comes to football I want it real not arcade style.



GmRmXx said:

Yeah, I'm not a big fan of the look either. I think they had it perfect with 09.



irken004 said:

I'm not saying the game looks bad, but the shoulders and fingers look pretty stiff xD



Arkaein said:

Ugh. All I've ever wanted from Madden is steady improvements on core gameplay mechanics, continued ability to use custom playbooks, and good online support.

Yet it seems that EA would rather tack on more minor features with less meaning each year, and then claim these changes "completely revamp" the game. Competition for this series is badly needed.



Splat said:

Well, the only competition is Backbreaker which is sadly not coming out on the Wii.



xAlias said:

Madden NFL 99

-Play as the same people you've been playing as since 2000!
-Enjoy some of the most boring stadiums you've ever seen!
-Online play is not available in this game.
-Graphics that, (Quotes Jangonov, #1) "Look like a Saturday morning cartoon.
-Become one of the many fans that have been fooled into purchasing all the games in the Madden series!
-Look out for next year's game, Madden NFL 0 for absolutely ZERO content!

Hope this one never comes!



cyrus_zuo said:

I was glad they were talking about point passing last year instead of motion controls, but I'd like to see it go further. I'd like to lead receivers by pointing ahead of them and throwing so they can catch up to it (like PES on the Wii).
The game is $50 on Amazon w/a $20 certificate, so I'm pondering getting it, if it doesn't work out I could probably trade it back for $30.



jangonov said:

nah, I want a "master" version of the n64 title, Madden 97. I mean wow, that controlled great. And the graphics! they are on par with the ps3 and 360 versions today. Sound ridiculous? See, this is because I have eyes, and can see that the wii version is not even close to the other versions. Heck, I bet the psp is getting a style I can tolerate.

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