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Jett Rocket Comes into Land Soon for 1000 Points

Posted by James Newton

June 28th for North America, July 2nd in Europe

Yesterday we brought you the latest part of the Jett Rocket developer's blog and soon we'll have our First Impressions of the title, but until then tide yourself over with the news that the game is due for a release within the next few weeks for 1,000 Nintendo Points.

Reaching North America on June 28th and hitting Europe a few days later on July 2nd, there's not too long to wait until you can see for yourself whether Jett Rocket matches up to its early promise in delivering a fun, varied and beautiful action adventure game for WiiWare.

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JimLad said:

Wow 1000 is good value, providing the game has some decent amount of depth.



Sneaker13 said:

I'll get this for sure. Especially for 1000 Points. Just because I'm really really curious how they can put all this great stuff in a WiiWare game. Can't wait.



Oregano said:

Wow.... can't wait now.

Nintendo should show this at E3, it's got more effort put into than the crap the big publishers are trying to con us with.



RGVEDA said:

1 Week till Nintendo Pressconference I canĀ“t wait!

And this looks great! I am really looking forward to the Review!



Sneaker13 said:

@Sean Aaron. Yeah, it all looks to good to be true. Or too good for 40 MB. Do you know how many levels there are, and how big the first four are (length)?



Manfred said:

@Chibi Link:
Jett Rocket will come to AUS/NZ, we just don't have a release date yet. We expect to have it relatively close to the EU release date.



Stuffgamer1 said:

This game looks set to make the value of many other 1000 point games look greatly diminished by comparison. Nice to see a new WiiWare game I'm actually interested in the prospect of dropping that much on, the last one being Cave Story.



WolfRamHeart said:

This game looks like it will be well worth the 1000 price point. Nice to know that it will be arriving very soon. I can't wait to play it!



SandMan said:

God, if this game is going for just 1000 points, how come I had to pay 1500 points for World of Goo? As much as I love it, this game looks a bazillion times better.



JimLad said:

I don't get what people see in common with Mario Galaxy, other than the story and character kind of have a space motif.
It's just because it's a colourful 3D platformer, and people aren't used to seeing them outside of the Mario series. There used to be lots of these types of games on retail sale, until first person shooters took over the market as the dominant genre.




Not enough 3D platformers on the Wii really are there?

Super Mario Galaxy series
Mushroom Men
Dewy's Adventure
Lego series

....not many others...

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