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Jett Rocket Blog Reassures You It's Not All About the Graphics

Posted by James Newton

Jett's moves and why 60fps is key

The thrill of watching Jett Rocket in action is still very much present, but now we know the engine is in good shape it's time to delve a little deeper into what kinds of gameplay will await gamers when the game hits WiiWare in the near future. The latest developer's blog has just been posted to shed some light on Mr Rocket's special abilities.

Taking in everything from parachuting to snow mobile-driving, Jett looks to have no shortage of available actions, with Shin'en estimating he has around 20 different attacks and moves at his disposal, hopefully paving the way for some varied level design.

It wouldn't be a Jett Rocket post without some talk of graphics though, and Shin'en explains why achieving a silky-smooth 60 frames per second is so important:

After all the best rated Wii titles use 60 fps (Metroid Prime series, Wii Sports Resort, Super Mario Galaxy, Mario Kart, etc). Although may not be immediately noticed, we believe that 60 fps deliver a better overall performance for a game.

That's certainly impressive company to aspire towards, and we'll get an idea of how close it can get when we take Jett Rocket for a spin in an upcoming First Impressions article.


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irken004 said:

Sounds good. As long as it controls well and isn't overpriced, I'll be a happy customer.



accc said:

This looks so awesome. I hope it comes out by the end of the month!



Shiryu said:

There's a "Jet Force Gemini" vibe to this game ever since the first day the trailer was revealed. Looking quite forward to this, hope "Super Mario Galaxy 2" doesn't fully eclipse it.



JebbyDeringer said:

60fps doesn't make a game good but it is a great goal. If only the N64 had the processing power to pump out the same games at 60fps. The under 30fps most games ran at was one of the biggest flaws of that system.



jkgatling said:

yea... and ur avatar looks really adult and mature just kidding

back to game:
I thought it was a retail game when i saw how the game looked... but wiiware?!!! I needs to get it

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