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Ivy the Kiwi? to be a Rising Star in Europe

Posted by James Newton

Home of Japanese Games picks up Yuji Naka's latest

You've probably only just wiped away your tears of sadness following yesterday's introduction to the story of Ivy the Kiwi?, but you may now start weeping tears of joy with the announcement that Rising Star Games is bringing the title to Europe this Autumn.

Developed by former Sonic Team head honcho Yuji Naka's studio PROPE, Ivy the Kiwi? for Wii and DS is a promising take on 2D platforming, with players controlling vines to direct Ivy from start to finish.

Smaller DSiWare and WiiWare "Mini" versions of the game will also be available at launch, each containing 50 of the game's 100+ levels for users to try a slightly smaller take on Ivy's plight.

Here's the official press release below:

Thursday 10th June 2010: Rising Star Games is delighted to announce that it will publish Sonic creator Yuji Naka's 'Ivy the Kiwi?' on Nintendo formats.

Ivy the Kiwi? follows the storybook adventures of a lonely baby bird as she traverses beautiful 2-D landscapes and challenging obstacles in search of her mother. Players guide Ivy through her daunting journey utilising a unique control scheme: vines created and controlled by the player who aims to collect feathers to boost his score.

There are over 100 stages for DS and Wii, and multiplayer modes are available. Uniquely, special 'Mini' versions of the game will also be available on DSiWare and WiiWare, comprised of 50 levels each.

Martin Defries, managing director, Rising Star Games, commented: We're elated to work on a game that's so closely associated with Yuji Naka. I'm delighted we've managed to scoop the European rights. We hope to see Ivy the Kiwi? reach out to fans the way a little blue hedgehog did all those years ago.

Ivy the Kiwi? Will be released throughout Europe this autumn, courtesy of leading games publisher Rising Star Games.

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im not sure wether to buy the ds or the dsiware version. depends on level variety and price.
[formerly user Gunzelino, now user Edesto]



RoyalBlur said:

Well, most certainly, I'll download the DSi version. Still, what's the point in downloading the DSi version when Nintendo and SONY refuse to transfer your downloaded content from one system to another?

Perhaps I'd do better by buying the software itself since the 3DS can run DS software.

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