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Get Your European Tangram on with Neves Plus Next Friday

Posted by James Newton

Puzzle game finds its way across the pond at last

It's been so long since Neves Plus was released in North America – nearly a year, in fact – that we'd almost given up hope of ever seeing it reach Europe. It seems our faith needn't have wavered though, as Abylight has announced it's bringing the game, along with new subtitle Pantheon of Tangrams to WiiWare next Friday, June 11th.

Weighing in at 500 Nintendo Points, 100 less than its transatlantic cousin, Neves has been fully localised into German, French, Italian, Spanish and Dutch as well as English, offering 500 puzzles and multiplayer modes too.

Check out the trailer below and read our review to see how this one shaped up.

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Sneaker13 said:

For some reason this doesn't really appeal to me. Don't know why. But 500 points is a nice price for a puzzle game.



EdEN said:

Well, those in Europe will get it for a smaller price. All the content for 500 points is just great. You'll be playing for weeks considering all the puzzles you can play.




Neves DS was excellent and quite fiendish. I am looking forward to this wiiware puzzler. Yipee!

Insta-download and brilliant pricing!

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