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Get Your DSi XL in Sultry Midnight Blue, North America

Posted by James Newton

New colour launches on July 11th

Last week Nintendo announced three new DSi XL colours for Japan in the form of bright green, yellow and blue, and it's safe to say opinion was divided. Nintendo of America thinks you'll appreciate its new colour rather more, announcing the machine will soon be available in Midnight Blue.

Slinking into stores across North America on July 11th for a recommended retail price of USD$189.99, the machine comes with Flipnote Studio, Brain Age Express: Math and Brain Age Express: Arts & Letters, as well as Photo Clock and the DSi Browser, all built-in.

With all these new colours going around it's presumably not going to be long until Europe receives a new colour scheme for the handheld: watch this space.

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cheapogamer4life said:

looks nice, however this ↑ is true for a lot of us. Make that color available as a 3DS launch color Ninty.



irken004 said:

Looks good. But, is the outside black colored? It looks that way from the image.



slatters said:

@5 It looks like it could be doesn't it? Either way I like this. Maybe i'll get one for my Mrs who has taken to using my old lite all the time haha. But i'm also with others and would most likely wait for the 3DS.



MeloMan said:

That would be pretty slick if it was, irken004, but I think it's just a shadow. If only my DS Lite hadn't started crapping out on me I would've had that until a DSi XL came out, but I had to get a system, so I went w/ the DSi. Not a sad customer, I love it, but that big ol' screen, blue beauty is sexay. Ah well, here's to waiting for the 3DS.



Hardy83 said:

I feel bad for people who buy this and then eventually see a new system on the shelf less than 6 months later.



Yanagi said:

I'm going to be the odd man out when I say I'm not interested in the 3DS. I've been waiting for the DSXL to have colors other than "drab" and "mysterious brown stain." Blue is a good color for me. I'll definitely buy one of these.



Victoria said:

I'm with you Yanagi. I'm not interested in the 3DS either. I already have a DSi, but wouldn't mind a DSi XL in some other colour than what's on offer now. This is news I've been waiting for.



R-L-A-George said:

Nice, I like but, I already have burgandy and I like it. LOL Although I find it funny that it blends in with apolstery sometimes. Ninja DSi _

I hope they release the 3DS in more than 2 colors, by the time DSi was released in U.S. they already had 6 colors released in Japan.



Chris720 said:

Looks nice... But the 3DS is what I crave... And it better be sold in a few colors, not just Crystal White and Jet Black.

However, I can't justify buying a 3DS. DSi has only been out for over a year and its still got life in it... =/

Why didn't Ninty just sell the 3DS instead of making so many dam clones of the DS Phat'n'Ugly?



Link-Hero said:

Nice, but I'm probably going to wait for more official info on the 3DS and see if it supports DSiWare and backwards compatibility with DS games or not.



Simon_Deku said:

I'm not sure if it supports DSiWare, but I can tell you that it does play DS games Link-Hero.



sykotek said:

A Slutry Midnight Blue DSi XL, I like. Sexy black border too, thanks for the alternate pic irken004. Too bad I just bought my distant future mother-iin-law a burgundy XL. Now, if only they'd take care of that transfer solution, I'd definitely hit up a retailer on its release to get one for myself.

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