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Final Furry Legends Trailer Wants to Scare You

Posted by James Newton

It's not all cutesy furballs and spherical cows, you know

Fresh from yesterday's announcement that Furry Legends: Chapter One will be launching worldwide in July, Gamelion has sent over the final trailer to get your juices well and truly flowing. Whereas previous videos focused on the cutesy, more humorous elements, this final video makes you well aware there's plenty of danger awaiting you.

With its ominous music, perilous traps and a tiny amount of furry death, it certainly looks like you won't have it easy. Furry Legends: Chapter One launches in North America on July 5th, with a worldwide release to follow in July, and will cost you 1,000 Nintendo Points.

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Burny said:

So, when Nightsky from Nicals and Lost Winds have a child, its a furry legend?



Egg_miester said:

i don't get the whole trying to scare me with cute graphics and simple rolling gameplay what scares me is the price



irken004 said:

I still can't get myself to like this art style. Oh well, I have other things to spend my points on. Bring on teh Jett Rocket!



iAmThetot said:

Really excited for this title, looks like a quality release. Solid graphics, simple but challenging gameplay, and from the trailer it looks like it's a decently long game. I hope I'm right, cause I may be shelling out the 1,000 points on day one!



Moco_Loco said:

I just hope it controls better than Niki. The graphics look gorgeous, but ultimately the gameplay needs to be just as good.



Vinsanity said:

Good to know there'll be something worth downloading on July 5th. Now, when's Jett Rocket coming out too?



JimLad said:

Can never have too many platformers.
I like how epic they made rolling a ball seem
could have also had: "ROLL LEFT"... "ROLL RIGHT"... "OR DON'T ROLL!" *ssswoooshsplosion

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