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E3 2010: Super Scribblenauts Trailer

Posted by James Newton

Warner Bros is bringing sketchy back

We already know that Warner Bros' sequel to last year's Scribblenauts lets you use adjectives to customise your world, so here's a few to customise this E3 trailer: shiny, new, luscious.

With promises of fixed controls, new challenges and even more words to be added, there's good reason to be hopeful that this second helping of wordplay can fulfil the idea's potential. Check out the trailer below and head over to the Super Scribblenauts game page for more screenshots and information.

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Raylax said:

I want that wallpaper. Bigger upload link plz.

Also this looks awesome~



zezhyrule said:

I wish they would go back in time and put the new stuff in the original game.



GmRmXx said:

I wonder what would happen if you typed in Gentlemanly Bully. How would that work? I'm definitely going to get this. And props to the "Bringing sketchy back". very clever



fishman100 said:

I will rip my face off in frustration if the controls aren't improved like they said they are.



KrazyKain said:

all they had to do was fix the controls, and i'd have bought the sequal.. but no.. they did SO much more...



SuperMarioFan96 said:

Definite buy for me. What other game allows you to create a gentlemanly red raptor and a Zombified Telekinetic Bully? The title screen of this game will be even better than the first game's.



i8cookie said:

nah, the novelty wore off really quickly for me with the first game. Writing anything doesn't excite me any more, so why would slightly better level design and controls grab my attention?



JimLad said:

Gentlemanly Red Raptor
Pretty sure that alone just scored them a few thousand sales.
Can't wait to screw around in the level editor.



Belgicario said:

Some of the words I'm going to try:
-White surprised owl
-Big angry god
-Halfeaten gentlemanly apple



Ickaser said:

OOH! OOH! ANGRY gentlemanly red raptor! I wonder what happens then...
@Belgicario- To add to your list-
Lovely troll
Nerdy gangster
Genius monkey

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