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E3 2010: Reader Questions - Day Two

Posted by Corbie Dillard

More of your E3 questions answered!

Well two days of E3 down and one more to go, so here is yet another round of your questions answered. There's still one more afternoon of booth visits to take in and then the individual game impressions will start flowing more regularly. Until then, sit back and enjoy the Q&A and hopefully this will shed some more light on some of the games and how they looked and played on the show floor.

Will the 3DS camera record videos too? And has Nintendo given any details on the 3DS's "store"? I'm hoping for an account system similar to the PlayStation Network… (cnm_nintendo) I don't believe it will record video, just photographs. And no details were given on the 3DS store at all, including any mention of a 3DSWare or Handheld Virtual Console.

Were the Zelda controls glitchy in the booth like they were on stage at the press conference or did they work well? (Token Girl) Trust me, Zelda: Skyward Sword was as smooth as silk. The controls worked perfectly. The 1:1 sword swinging gives the game a very intuitive feel and having the items so easy to get to and change on the run is a welcome addition. Very fun game and probably the most playable Zelda game to date.

What's your favorite game you've demoed at E3? (Token Girl) I think Kirby Epic Yarn has been my favorite. It's such a unique and beautiful game and the level designs are amazing. It's definitely moved near the top of my most-wanted list of games and I'm very excited about getting a chance to play the finished product this holiday season.

What's up with the accelerometer that was rumored to be in the 3DS - did Nintendo say anything about it?(GonzoMontana) Nintendo didn't say much about it other than confirming it's indeed a part of the 3DS system. No demos of it were shown and none of the games I played on the 3DS made use of it.

Also, did you see the 3DS Menu? If so, is it similar to the DSi's? (topnick12) They never showed the 3DS menu at all. They had most of these demos already running on the systems and it wouldn't allow you to quit them. (I tried)

How does Ocarina look and play? (Aviator) Ocarina of Time looked amazing and the 3D on it makes it really pop off of the screen. Sadly, it wasn't playable, just a demo running on the system. It was mostly the horseback scene leading up to the title screen.

Were there no words on The Last Story or Xenoblade coming to the West? (GonzoMontana) I haven't heard a single mention of either game the entire show.

Considering that they are most likely in early stages of development, what would you say is the graphical power of the 3DS? Feel free to use any system as a comparison. (jangonov) Although you could tell the demos were a bit early in development, at least some of them, they were still very impressive from a visual standpoint. If I had to compare them to a system, I think the Wii would be a good comparison. Some moments looked incredible and others looked a bit bland, but it's a tough call to make considering these are not finished products and I have no way of knowing how far along they are.

Is there still built in rumble in the 3DS? (jangonov) I don't remember a rumble feature mentioned and given the battery life toll this 3D effect will take, not to mention the constant Wi-Fi they're pushing, I doubt we'll see a rumble feature on the unit.

Is there any news that wasn't mentioned at the conference about a new handheld Metroid game for 3DS? (Metroid_Fan) There was a beautiful Samus graphical demo running on the 3DS systems the booth girls showed off at the Press Conference, but as far as an actual game, nothing was mentioned or shown on the E3 show floor.

Did you see any DSiWare/WiiWare there besides Sonic 4? (Koops3) I was basically told about two months ago in confidence that Nintendo had informed developers that no WiiWare or DSiWare would be shown on the show floor due to space limitations with all of the games they had to show. So no, even Sonic 4 and Super Meat Boy were Xbox Live Arcade versions.

What are your impressions about Epic Mickey? Did you like Sonic Colours? (RayTheSkyPirate) Epic Mickey is gorgeous and it has some really cool and innovative gameplay mechanics using the paint and thinner brush. The control is spot-on and there's absolutely tons of things to do, not to mention various ways to play the game's quests. As for Sonic Colors, the DS version was extremely impressive and played wonderfully, but the Wii version seemed a bit streaky in the visual department and the play control felt a little too loose and confusing at times. I think it's clear that the DS version is the one to get.

Has Kirby completely lost the ability to inhale enemies in Kirby's Epic Yarn? (Belgicario) It would seem he has, based on the playable demos. Don't worry, he can still do a lot of cool stuff, including turning into a parachute and a little honking car. The two-player co-op is a blast to play as well and you can grab and throw each other around. It really was one of the best games I played at the show.

is the gameplay in Kid Icarus anything like the original gameplay of the old games? (slapshot82) Not really. It feels like a combination of Sin & Punishment and a standard platformer. There's tons of flying around and shooting on rails, but still plenty of running, jumping, and shooting to give it a nice rounded platformer feel. Definitely a game to keep an eye on come launch day for 3DS.

Can you play the new Zelda using a Gamecube remote? I do not like the thought of playing it with motion controls especially the shield using the unreliable nunchuck motion. (Luigi78) Nope. You'll have to use the Wii Remote and Nunchuk. They're really pushing the Wii MotionPlus on this one and there's just no way you'd be able to play this game with a Classic or Gamecube controller - no way at all.

Were those 3DS's actually strapped to the Girls? If so, you didn't have to play the 3DS while it was attached to them did you? (longtimegamer) Yes they had these things bolted down to everything, including a large group of very cute girls. They would even talk to you while you were playing, at least when a camera guy from Nintendo wasn't sticking a camera and microphone in your face.

How'd you deal with all the excitement when you got back to your room? (longtimegamer) Booze.

Was DKCR playable? Was it good? (turtlelink) Yes it was playable and it was great. Looks, sounds and feels very much like the original Donkey Kong Country game. It also features some really cool new gameplay functions like shaking the Wii Remote and Nunchuck to pound things on the ground. If you liked Donkey Kong Country, you're going to go ape over this game! (Couldn't resist!)

Did they mention price or release date for the 3DS? (MERG) No price or release date, which has me and many others here a bit concerned. Speculation has already hit from analysts that it will likely be in the $249-$299 range, but nothing is official.

What kind of game would you most like to see on the 3DS? (Destroyer360) I have to be honest with you, the Paper Mario 3DS game has me the most excited. I think that kind of visual style inside of a 3D world will be incredible. And in truth, I don't care if it's a port of the Nintendo 64 original or a brand new game, although I guess a brand new game would be the better choice.

What do you think of Nintendo's Wii line-up overall (I know that Nintendo Life as a whole seems to be disappointed with it)? (Odnetnin) How can you be disappointed in the Wii lineup? Kirby's Epic Yarn, Donkey Kong Country Returns, Metroid: Other M, Zelda: Skyward Sword, and Sin & Punishment 2 all looked and played amazingly. I personally think that this was one of Nintendo's best E3 showings ever. And many of these games are coming within the next few months. How can you not love that?

Do you think the DS is going to go out with a bang, or are you just planning on Golden Sun and a few other RPGs and forgetting about the handheld completely? (Odnetnin) I think we'll see a massive tapering off of Nintendo DS titles in the coming months, but there's still some great titles coming up like Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, Lufia: Curse of the Sinistrals, and Final Fantasy: Four Heroes of Light.

I hear that the 3DS is one of the most mind-blowing portable systems ever; do you feel like it's the future? (Odnetnin) When you see it in action, you'll have no doubt about what kind of potential this unit has. This is the kind of system that when you see it, you'll want it on the spot. Even with the vaulted expectations, it still absolutely blew me away when I saw it with my eyes. Incredible, absolutely incredible.

Based on where the analog stick is on the 3DS, is it easy to use? (MetalMario) Yes, the analog stick is in the perfect spot and worked very well. It's the D-Pad's much lower situation that has me concerned given how tiring it might end up being on the hands holding the system that low on one side.

How smooth were the controls for Kirby's Epic Yarn? (SonicMaster) This game was like butter. It was smooth, responsive and I loved being able to play it using just the Wii Remote on its side. Simple, but very playable controls and a nice well-rounded climb in difficulty make it probably the most playable and enjoyable game I've played at the show. Not to mention the fact that it's probably the best looking Wii game to date.

With one day to go keep your questions coming in and we'll get Corbie to answer as many of them as possible.

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Roopa132 said:

Yeah I wondered that, too. And why is everything bold, even the comments. Some kind of formatting bug?



JamieO said:

I like the Kid Icarus comparison with Sin and Punishment, that is the impression I got from the action packed trailer, too.



JGMR said:

I guess the questions that were actually getting asked...?



James said:

I see nothing crossed out on my screen and everything is formatted as it should be - can you guys try clearing the cache (usually Ctrl + F5) to see if that fixes the problem? Cheers.



Radbot42 said:

yeah i think that it will not be more that 250. Having it cost more than the wii would be a bad idea for Nintendo



Larkin said:

Was Animal Crossing on 3DS being shown and if it was how did it look or play?



KrazyKain said:

Do you feel that goldeneye wii feel 'authentic' to the original n64 version?

also any thoughts on The conduit 2, have you played it, will it deliver on what the first game fell short on?



Kingbuilder said:

Are the platforming sections in Kid Icarus: Uprising more like Zelda or Metroid? Or does it go into a completely different platforming style all of it's own?



ToastyYogurt said:

@KrazyKain: Ask your question here. I don't think Corbie is answering questions from the comments.

It feels good having my question answered, considering how hard it is to get questions answered by Cris Slate from Nintendo Power or by Strong Bad.

Oh, and I'm really looking forward to Paper Mario 3DS too!



brandonbwii said:

Can you move Kid Icarus 360 degrees on ground level? I heard it controlled like an FPS during an Iwata Ask section and less like a rail-shooter.



DarkLloyd said:

id find it extremely hard to play the game if theres a girl standing in front of me or anyone else hooked with the 3ds in general



Odnetnin said:

Thank you for answering three of my questions Corbie! I love the Wii line-up too (though I won't be able to afford much of it); I just heard it wasn't the strongest one ever for the system elsewhere on NL. I was planning on DKCR for sure, but with your glorious praise of Kirby I'll have to shell out the bucks for that too, now. I believe you about the 3DS; it can't come soon enough! Also, Super Scribblenauts is going to be my final DS title... I've gotta start saving for the "Tree. Dee. Ess."
P.S. You said "incredible, absolutely incredible" again!



MetalMario said:

WAIT A MINUTE. They made the people PLAY the 3DS attached to the girls?

That's kinda....awkward.

But thanks for the info, Corbie!



zionich said:

So, like I predicted, people want the best this and that, they get it, then complain because it cost money.



Slapshot said:

@Corbie.... Thanks for answering both my question as you nailed my other one in the 3DS article today about the analog stick

Im really excited about the new line-up and Wii push. Its very obvious that Nintendo is trying really hard to show that they arent just a casual company and trying to keep there core gamers around. Me and my brothers are all big Nintendo fans and have been very dissapointed over the last 2 years with Wii, but this new push is just awesome. I literally had goosebumps during parts of E3 presentation. Im glad Nintendo is back to the great games we know and love once again!

...... Not to mention the fact that we just got Super Mario Galaxy 2 right before E3 as well

Kid Icarus in 3D and play like Sin and Punishment.... Im down, but Im thinking Pilot Wings will be the game I purchase with the system right off the bat



aaronsullivan said:

Its kind of fun reading comments from the younger guys on here scared of girls.

Just wanted to mention my 5 year old girl, a big Zelda fan, watched the zelda trailer once but keeps asking to watch the Kirby trailer. It seems pretty special.

I'm probably most excited about the OOT remake. Anouma (sp?) mentioned that it's not a simple port, but will have many changes to take advantage of the new hardware. _



Nin1Od0 said:

i'm gonna say that the 3DS is just a Super Gamecube, but not up to Wii. I doubt that the final end product will be more powerful than it's current home console.

All of nintendo's portables have always been 1 home console back in terms of graphics.



Deviant_Mugen said:

Thanks for the answer to one of my questions, Corbie, I hope you'll answer my question about Other M when the third day questions are posted (or in a first impressions article)...



AVahne said:

Was just wondering, what are the specs for the camera? I doubt that it's as weak as the DSi's camera, since the outside ones are able to take 3D pictures. Wouldn't the cameras need to be stronger to take good 3D pictures?



theblackdragon said:

@Koto: to take 3D images, all you need is two cameras set a slight distance apart from one another. strength isn't really an issue.



Token_Girl said:


Thanks for answering my questions! Really excited about most of these games. I'm hoping the price point won't be more than $200. Spec-wise, with the exception of 3D (not new tech in Japan), a second screen, and buttons, it doesn't look like it offers any more than the iTouch.



Stuffgamer1 said:

I wasn't aware that people thought the Wii offerings were weak either. They're crazy, I tell ya!

All you have to do to be assured that Paper Mario 3DS is an all-new title is look at the screenshots they've released thus far. Don't look like anything I've seen in a previous title. Chain Chomp partner? Cool, and all-new!



BulbasaurusRex said:

How could you leave Pokémon Black and White off the list of regular DS games to still look forward to?



Nintendoftw said:

Speculations are very stupid... 299$? WRONG... 249$? maybe, but most likely 200$... Nintendo knows if the price ain't right, the sale won't be either.



ejamer said:

Holy burning holes, Batman! $250-300? I was talking today about possibly getting one, but my budget tops out at $200 CANADIAN... so those analysts better be wrong.

Seriously though, I can't imagine that Nintendo would really push a new handheld at that pricepoint... would they? Even if the tech is impressive, charging $250+ is a sure way to limit your install base.



mrPlow said:

Thanks for the answers, great work! I wonder if M+ needs to be calibrated every now and then while playing the new Zelda game?



Archy said:

THE SHOULDER BUTTONS, I NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE SHOULDER BUTTONS, are they still clicky and easy to break as the DSi?



James said:

@Archy It's impossible to tell how easy or difficult the buttons are to break from Corbie's brief hands-on time. They're all clicky though from what I know but as this isn't final hardware we can't tell much more at the moment.



RayTheSkypirate said:

***ahem*** I'm RayTheSKYpirate ***cough*** BTW, thank you Corbie!
I hope that $249-$299 won't mean €249-€299... You know, that usually happens with certain games, but I think a console should have an equal value all over the world.



MVP said:

I can't wait to see that 3D screen, and all that news games!!! Nintendo nunber one again!!!!!



47drift said:

Do you think that the Nintendo 3DS will go hand in hand with the Wii in the same fashion that the DS did and the GBA with the GCN before that? I have an odd feeling that the 3DS will surpass the Wii, but maybe that's just me.

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