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E3 2010: Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs for the DS

Posted by Trevor Chan

Protect the region of Oblivia from all those thieves

Want a change from all the stress of catching Pokémon? Well, now you can look forward to the third title in the Pokémon Ranger series as players once again take on the role of a ranger, this time tasked with looking after everything living in the Oblivia region. Watch out for those pesky Pokémon Pinchers, though.

Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs is developed by Creatures Inc. and The Pokémon Company, and pairs up gamers with Ukulele Pichu, a Pokémon that always carries a ukulele wherever it goes. Let's hope it can fight as well as it can play. Here are some game features to look out for:

  • Players use the Capture Styler to circle Pokémon on the touch screen. The further in the story players progress, the more powers and abilities their Capture Styler gains.
  • By drawing special Ranger Signs on the touch screen, players can summon powerful Pokémon that they have befriended to help them progress in the game. Legendary Pokémon like Raikou, Entei, and Suicune can be summoned by drawing their Ranger Signs.
  • Up to four players can play together on certain missions using the Nintendo DS Local Wireless Connection, and discover more about the history of the Oblivia region.

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The game is scheduled for release this Fall.

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fishman100 said:

i thought the first ranger game was only okay, so i have mixed feelings for this.



Shmavey said:

I haven't played any of the ranger games, so i'm looking forward to this!

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