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E3 2010: PilotWings Resort Set to Soar on 3DS

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Yes, there will be jetpacks

Time to date yourself, PilotWings fans: it's been 14 years since the series last saw a brand-new entry. That was PilotWings 64 in 1996, launching alongside the Nintendo 64. Why, some of you may not have even been alive then.

But you're alive now (we think), and along with the announcement of the 3DS came the reveal of a new title in the series: PilotWings Resort.

Taking place on Nintendo's favorite vacation destination, Wuhu Island (of Wii Sports Resort fame), we know there'll be at least one jetpack and a plane. The game's art style bears a striking resemblance to Resort as well, and it appears that Miis will be somehow incorporated. Unless Nintendo is just trolling everyone.

Keep your flight path bound for Nintendo Life as we bring you more coverage of the 3DS and all of it's hojillion new games at the show!

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SuperPeach said:

Pilotwings!!!! I love the SNES game. I hope this one turns out good and has enough content. I'm worried about that.



Terra said:

It's about time we got another Pilotwings game, been too long. The N64 one was a classic (Have it with my N64) so I'm looking forward to this



Cheezy said:

Wow...I'm very very pleased nicely done with everything today Nintendo.



GammaGames said:

hmm, does that mean 3DS Mii's??? I hope so!!! And, I hope it's at least got the I points like on WSR, but more because I know where they all are XD



warioswoods said:

Perfect. I've been wanting a Pilotwings set on Wuhu since WSR came out; it was pretty much the first idea that the island naturally gave me. Of course, I didn't picture it in glorious 3D. This game may well be the most exciting of all the announced 1st party releases for the new system.



Rhansley64 said:

So a spiritual sequel to Wii Sport Resort and a direct sequel to Pilotwings (i guess Nintendo wants to confirm both games take place in the same universe either that or Pilotwings needs some attractive subtitle in order to sell more.)



Hardy83 said:

Sports resort would've been a fine Pilot Wings substitute if it didn't have that stupid stupid timer.



Mario_34 said:

PILOTWINGS YESSSSSSSSS, I loved the first one and I will get this game day one along with a 3DS



pikku said:

i'm being constantly floored by the amazing graphics of the 3DS. seriously, this looks JUSt like the Wii Sports Resort



OldBoy said:

Looks awesome.Finally they made it!!This should be amazing ,can't wait.



Klapaucius said:

Awesome news! ^^ I love the airplane in Wii Sports Resort. Made me want a new PilotWings. So happy its set on Wuhu Island.
I always suspected the airplane in Wii Sports Resort to be a test for a Pilot Wings game, actually, but never expected it to be handheld!



FonistofCruxis said:

I didn't like the other pilotwings games but I liked the flying in wii sports resort so I might get this.



Spoony_Tech said:

Loved the first 2 in the series. This looks great and with miis possibly this is a must buy for me. I hope we get more options to create miis on the 3ds then the wii.



EdEN said:

Was looking forward to a Wii sequel but the "arm flapping" game in Resort made me wait a little longer. Now we get a 3DS game that will probably launch with the system? That would be just great. Who is the developer? Factor 5?



suburban_sensei said:

The 3DS is amazing...and it hasn't even come out yet! I can seriously name 5+ games I want out of the announced titles. That is rare to see such a strong (hopefully Launch) line-up. I cant wait until we hear pricing, so I can start saving.



Sylverstone said:

I have to say that it is glad that Wuhu Island is being used much more now by Nintendo. I mean, Pilotwings Resort and Mario Kart 3DS use the island excellently.



warioswoods said:

I certainly hope this is bundled with the system. Kid Icarus doesn't interest me all that much, but this would be a perfect way to debut the new hardware.

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