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E3 2010: Paper Mario for 3DS

Posted by James Newton

Play the flat one in glorious 3D

The last title in the Paper Mario series was Wii's Super Paper Mario some years ago, and fans have been clamouring for another entry ever since. Well, those same fans are about to be made very happy as Paper Mario is confirmed for 3DS with these first screenshots.

Although the flat graphical style may not spring immediately to mind when you think of games that would benefit from 3D, the extra depth in the composition of scenes could give the game a pop-up book style.

Check out the gallery below and keep coming back as we'll be keeping you updated on more upcoming 3DS titles through the night.

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Collinhall said:

The 3DS and all of it's games seem like a dream to me, a beutiful, wonderful dream.



bboy2970 said:

does anyone else think that the 3DS has one of the single greatest initial line-ups in history?



Curt said:

FINALLY! A true Paper Mario game. Looks like I'll be getting a 3DS then.



King_Boo said:

everybody buy nintendo stock so you'll have enough money to buy all these games.



FonistofCruxis said:

Super paper mario was actually my favourite but the other two were great games too and this also looks like it will be a great game.



Feld0 said:

w00t!! Paper Mario!! this the "new Mario game" Martinet was talking about in that tweet? I sure hope not, 'cause I'm still holding out for a Yoshi's Island 3DS...

Hmm...they announced quite a few Mario games there, actually. Paper Mario, Mario Kart, Mario Sports Mix...they could add one more to the list. Perhaps it will be announced at a smaller, more exclusive event together with Pikmin 3?



Elvis444 said:

Too bad my time machine isn't finished yet. Paper Mario is my favorite game. EVER. PERIOD. That's probably only because it's the first RPG I ever played, but whatever. It's still awesome. And even though Super Paper Mario was great, I'm elated to see that this is an RPG. I have officially bought my boarding ticket for the 3DS's bandwagon.



odd69 said:

This is great. I LOVED Super Paper Mario. I guess I'll have to buy a 3DS now there is enough games to make a purchase.



StarDust4Ever said:

@odd69: Actually, this is based on the classic battle system play mechanic. Super Paper Mario ditched the turn-based battle system in favor of old-school platforming action. So it is more of a hybrid RPG/platformer. While it played brilliantly, there are still fans who hanker for another installment using classic RPG elements. I think the pop-up 3D comic book effect will be awesome



Bobpie said:

A pop-up book effect would be awesome.
Nintendo have hit the absolute precise center of the bulls eye this E3.



Fuzzy said:

I can imagine this looking great on the 3ds. A handheld Paper Mario seems logical. I only got the first PM recently on vc, so I might have to quickly finish that and the sequel.



Nintenzo said:

This is... I can't even think of a word that means how awesome this is.
Even Supercalafragilisticexpialadocious doesn't quite cover it.



Discipledoctor said:

Well, that almost does. Just not quite. Add "andchucknorrisandzuesareawesome" and you've about got it.


Tag-team working! high-five



EdEN said:

How much blood would I need to sell to get a 3DS and all the great titles for it?



Markystal said:

... how many more must buys will the 3ds have on launch date! My blood is pumping at the speed of win!



DarkEdi said:

i want new species or people like party (like geno or mallow) and no the always goombas or bombs with mustaches.



Morpheel said:

i am so so so so so so getting this when i get my 3ds as my first 3ds game



realar said:

Actually I think Mario Sports Mix was the game Martinet was talking about.
As for Paper Mario, I'd love a cameo of the Pixls as well as his own partners.
I love the Pixls! Anything computery is win in my book.



Hokori said:

at 1st I thought it was a remake because of Zelda and Starfox, but i didnt recongnize any of the screens and was like

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