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E3 2010: Miyamoto Unexcitedly Scopes Out Xbox Kinect

Posted by Darren Calvert

Not feeling it...

After the rip-roaring success that was Nintendo’s showing at E3 this year, you might have assumed that Miyamoto would be relaxing by a pool somewhere imagining the 3DS printing glorious 3D money.

Not so, as Gizmodo’s Mark Wilson discovered when developing his holiday snaps from E3. While innocently dancing about like a kid tanked up on Sunny D playtesting Microsoft’s Kinect, none other than Shigeru Miyamoto was spotted watching from the sidelines with a not overly enthusiastic expression on his face; a sentiment seemingly shared by his translator, Bill Trinen.

Perhaps he was chuckling inwardly to himself thinking something along the lines of: “Motion control without a controller, it’ll never catch on!”

Do you think Nintendo need to be worried by Microsoft’s wonder Xbox add-on?




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soniczelda_dude said:

Yeah, I mean... it's not as if the Kinect is actually good, and as if the Move is more than just the Motion+ for PS3...



Collinhall said:

Kinect would be okay if games like Halo 3 were compatible, but they are not, soooooo....



warioswoods said:

Interesting that Bill is also charged with translating Miyamoto's stance and facial expressions at all times.



zionich said:

Looks like there posing for the picture lol.

Fact of the matter is, Kinect can talk the big game about having no controller, but here is the simple truth; Who isnt going to have a sword type object in there hand when they play the Star Wars game. Not only that, how long till rail games get old, or ya get tired of walking in place to move in a game. Im not saying games cant be made total hands free, but in most un-gimicky games, most players will wand to hold on to somthing.



Rusty_Nail said:

No i don't think Nintendo should be worried about kinnect, not at all, it is a epic fail that is clear, Microsoft should released their Xbox 360 in 2005 with only kinnect and no controller, i think it's too late for them to come in that market now.



she_gamer said:

This would have been fantastic if it came out before the Wii. However, I've already got my wii fit, my wii sports, and my wii party games. To me, I'm not going to pay $450 for an Xbox and Kinect just to do the same thing all over again without a remote in my hand. Just not enough difference.



warioswoods said:

I also see J.C. Rodrigo behind them, who was previously their one-man PR team for Wii Music.



Altkey said:

Sometimes you need buttons. Like in FPS's you need some or you'll be holding your hand like a gun and going bang bang. It will never catch on.



skywake said:

Its pretty pointless to speculate what he is thinking. I for one have that expression on my face 99% of the time and most of the time its nothing to do with what's going on around me.

They are at their competitor's booth. Its possible that they are discussing how they think Microsoft's new focus will work out. How Nintendo has been targeting the "blue ocean" (i.e. untapped markets not "casuals") using disruptive technologies and third parties have copied the wrong thing and will ultimately fail because the "casual" market is no-longer untapped. Perhaps they are talking about lunch.



AVahne said:

Well, I dunno if it'll catch on or not, but it looks so goddamned boring to me. While people wave their entire bodies around a lot more than they did with the Wii, I'll be playing The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword.



JGMR said:

Microsoft should fix their own hardware quality assurances before they create any new hardware at all. The ring of death is a common problem, even if you treat your stuff extremely carefully as i do. Sure it has a couple of good games like Namco Museum Arcade, Star Ocean, Elder Scrolls IV, Bionic Commando Rearmed and Rez HD, but Nintendo and Sony ultimately outweighs them as their hard and software are top quality...



King_Boo said:

I see Kinect as good as an Atari 2600 controller, you can move and punch or kick. Maybe if Microsoft starts selling more fighting games then shooters, but that's not going to happen.



The_Fox said:

He's probably more pissed people were constantly stalking him and taking his picture at E3 when he's trying to do his own thing.



Nintenzo said:

Great. Jumping around like a maniac just to play a video game.
Oh, what will they think of next?
It will probably not be the cheapest thing in the world, either.



Egg_miester said:

from the comments i have been reading online is that only 360 fanboys have faith in kinect



shingi_70 said:

@ 23 Most journalist are saying that kinect plays pretty good and is very responsive, the only problem this is something that while cutting edge shouldn't be used for gaming. This would be better suited to the PC taking over from where touch screen PCs started.



thaantman said:

kinect does look like it may have potential but overall I think is gonna fail, microsoft is trying to touch a market nintendo already has, and a dont think that many people with a wii plan on dishing out almost 500 dollars for a xbox/kinect combo. I dont even see too many xbox fan boys grabing kinect especially since most of them trash wii. Kinect is nothing but a remake of the eyetoy which seemed like a good idea but ultimately failed



FonistofCruxis said:

I'm not surprised. Who would want to jumparound like a maniac to play a game. At first I could see it working for just party games, sports games, mini-game compilations and nothing else but now that I've seen how stupid everyone looks playing it I'm not even sure if it'll be good at those games.



firecookie29 said:

not suprised about Shigeru's expression. xbox and sony are late in the motion race, but sony catching up to the Big N and leaves Micro to eat the dust and bad reviews.



Sean_Aaron said:

@Joe22: The Atari 2600 controller was the best controller of the early 8-bit era. Only the d-pad showed us a better way, so don't elevate Kinect that way!



Slapshot said:

The technology was amazing and dance central was incredible. But to see such great tech dumbed down to poor graphic casual party games was sickening. We expect party games on wii but not on 360.



Turbo_Genesis_64 said:

Wii Sports seems like Final Fantasy compared to the depth of Kinect. True, that Star Wars game looked cool, but it's bascially like a rail shooter with a lightsaber. Sony' Move is way more impressive.

I even think Project Natal sounds better than Kinect.



Yanagi said:

My question is who exactly asked for Kinect's technology? I mean, making certain motions with a Wiimote is fine, but when you actually have to move and position your entire body for extended periods of time... that just sounds uncomfortable to me.

I think people found this technology fascinating, but it's completely impractical when it comes to gaming. Why the hell would anyone want to use their bodies as a controller? If I'm going to drop any amount of cash for a "controller," I want something I can hold in my hands.



kevohki said:

The only thing that made Kinect look cool was the Child of Eden live demo at Ubisoft's conference. That looked amazing. However, I have a PS3 so I'm getting Child of Eden for that instead. Sorry Microsoft.



Crystalking18 said:

People play games to relax. I know that after a hard day of working, I like to settle with a drink and play the latest epic game (Epic Yarn perhaps?). How can you relax when you're flailing your arms around, and playing games that just don't seem to be good. Be honest. Other than maybe the star wars game and possibly Fable 3, what games on it are actually interesting to play that the wii hasn't already done before.

Plus, Miyamoto is just plain old looking at the game. He doesn't look like it's a threat, but then again, he isn't really showing any emotions at all in it. So, it isn't that much of a threat to Nintendo. Plus, they're probably cooking up a Milo and Kate game in Nintendo with Mario and Peach lol



3230ru said:

those guys playing the game "dance till red ring"... be my guess. and @35 +1 about sony move. though Kinect could sell well as something new if the promotion campaign will be solid enough to attract casual gamers, as for the core gamers..nah! its not for them. And about Miyamotos face - he just have to be there with such expression and thats it. Its a part of his work.

edit - I think i can hear one of dancing guys telling to another: "come on, man, be quick! we must do it before red ring!"



Moco_Loco said:

I think Microsoft was foolish to ditch the controller altogether. Having a camera monitor your movements is cool, and I think Nintendo would increase their accuracy if they added the camera in their next generation console.

I think Sony's Move is probably the most accurate form of motion control with the combination of controller and camera, as well as the fact that they realized this technology can make FPS games way more intuitive.



HipsterDashie said:


Trust me, Halo 3 would be HORRIBLE with Kinect. I'm so glad that Reach is for the standard pad.

That's the death stare Miyamoto has there - anything he glares at is doomed to failure. Want to know what his last victim was?




WAM2 said:

I can't believe that grown men actually did what those 2 weirdos are doing in that picture (The Microsoft guys, not Miyamoto and Bill).

EDIT- @Soulsilver IV: Heh, what's that he's looking at?



warioswoods said:


It's something called the "PSP Go" -- which I hear was once a gaming system of some sort, now all but extinct.



Chris720 said:

I don't want to use my whole body in a game! I just want to sit on my butt, grasp my remote and play a game.

And how the *** would this work in FPSs, Music games and Racing games?

Hold a gun and shout 'pew' when you want to fire?

Move your arms to impersonate a guitar, and sing into your invisible mic?

Hold your hands out and grasp thin air?




Kaeobais said:

Lol, Bills face is priceless. But yeah, I seriously doubt they have anything to worry about. If anything the Move is what they should worry about, and even then I don't think their in any kind of trouble.



Marvelousmoo said:

I think that Sony did a good job with their move, although it is really an almost exact replica of the Wiimote, especially the second controller with the analog stick. However, I don't think that Kinect even comes close to the two. It fails to show how hardcore gamers would want it, and it doesn't even look fun with a lot of sports games. Who would want to run in place to run on the track in the game? As for driving games, it works for turning the wheel, but how are you supposed to speed forward? push forward on the wheel? The only games that Kinect really works for are fitness and dancing games.



Tasuki said:

I just love the fact that alot of Xbox 360 and PS3 Fanboys put down the Wii yet Sony and Microsoft as spent alot of time and money on these motion control devices. Whats funny about it is when it was the Wii according to them it wouldnt catch on and its stupid, but now when Microsoft and Sony unveiled them the fanboys acted like it was the greatest thing in the world.

This just proves Nintendo FTW!!!!!!



The_Fox said:

@poet 55: Tasuki
Untrue. The PS3/Xbox 360 fans that slammed motion controls earlier are most likely the ones in the Microsoft/Sony camps slamming their respective motion controls.

While you'll always have fanboys on all sides, motion controls on the PS3 and Xbox 360 doesn't mean everyone one is excited for them.



UrbanYeti said:

I think Nintendo and Sony got it right. I rather feel the controller then nothing. It helps me imagine that I'm actually doing archery or swordplay, or baseball.



MetalMario said:

I actually dont care about Kinect. It's a cool concept, but I like having a controller. I wouldn't want to look silly...



WaveGhoul said:

Miyamoto looks like he got a bad manicure.
Honestly though, I too think Kinect will ultimately fail, while Sony's Move will do decent. Again for the millionth time, Kinect has no controller so it's limited big time. Who want's to point their finger like a gun in Halo? who wants to pretend like they're holding a light saber in Star Wars? Who wants to play Air guitare or pretend as if they're holding a stearing wheel? It's ridiculous, because that in itself doesn't immitate real life. There's nothing physical to hold onto, so it shatters the experience and makes it gimmicky.

MotionPlus and Sony Move are so much superior. Although I find Sony Move's design alittle silly. Sure it looks alittle cool, but that glowing neon purple would annoy the hell out of me, espcially when gaming in the dark. Anyways, the only thing Kinect is fantastic at are dance games, anything that detects full body movement 'playground games'



aaronsullivan said:

@5 made me giggle inside

Kinect has tons of potential. No reason it can't be combined with a controller. Probably should release a one handed controller at launch though.

It's so weird to see a group of Wii supporters use all the same short-sighted unimaginative reasons for why this alternate control method is useless. Have you guys learned nothing?

For the comments about "looking stupid" while playing. It's the guy that sits and jiggles his wrist while playing Wii Sports Tennis that looks like a fool while his friends are up moving. Be a little objective here. Don't you think it's a bit pathetic that we've become accustomed to playing highly physical sports and manipulating massively acrobatic characters by gently tapping with our fingers?

It's true Kinect is not the best for many game genres, but it doesn't have to be. It just needs to the best in a couple categories people will spend money for. Fitness and dance will be unmatched, for instance.

I don't own an XBox 360, but I'll be looking on with interest as things develop further.



Mandoble said:

I dont know any single XBoX user excited bout Kinect, quite the opposite. And I share their feelings, I see this device absolutely pointless for gaming. You need to keep moving physically all the time and facing the camera, you cannot be laying in a comfortable sofa just pressing buttons and pads here and there, you need to play in a well illuminated room and with more than enough space, and probably it will get desync if illumination changes abruptly with lights switching on/off. It might be good for some party with friends after the tenth beer, and for no more than 10 mins, and might be for kid games.



Tails said:

@Soulsilver: Miyamoto looks like he's confused. The guy i think right there pointing at him i think is trying to tell him "Thats the future of handhelds" . Miyamoto isn't one bit impressed.



mecoy said:

yeah kinect they need way more work on i mean its like a wii only with games made by data design



suburban_sensei said:

Their reactions are priceless. I think Kinect is interesting and great technology, however, it just seems like it is mainly aimed at the casual crowd...which I am not part of.



siavm said:

He is probably thinking, "seriously. That was so 06. 3d without glasses is what is in now. Have our market now but we burnt them out. And with 3ds we back to hardcore again. And you have not even seen the wii successor. Keep dancing though; Bill put it on youtube."



mecoy said:

i brought my xbox for BUTTON pushing fun while SITTING DOWN i will not buy the xbox 720 or 360 2



M00se said:

atleast move has some cool hardcore games and so does wii! what does kinect have.... kinect sports, kinectimals, kinect this and kinect that? LOL shigeru has the right idea!



M00se said:

@Mandoble: i know a guy who is 21 and he thinks kinect is going to be amazing for fps games?? im like wtf is wrong with you son!



Gameday said:

they are all just trying to get the world up and active all companys... even tho its kinda other there its a good idea i mean even nintendo had this idea obviously. just shows you whos ahead of the game. people want there kids to be active and adults wana be active also but dont always wanna leave the house nor pay for the cost of fun lol but i have to say that track meet kinetics game did remind me of nintendo's track game with the pad to run on , i cant remember the name but you know...



GamerZack87 said:

Kinect? YEUGH! Those people 'playing' it look as though they've consumed a hundred cups of coffee and fifty caramel pies all in one sitting! There's only three reasons right now that I'd actually pick-up a 360:

1. Banjo-Kazooie
2. Banjo-Tooie
3. See Reasons #1 and #2

No, I think I'll just get excited about the 3DS and all the excitement and surprises it still has in store for us; after all, Nintendo didn't patent 3DSWare for nothing!



WaveGhoul said:

Maybe Miyamoto's just jelous because he knows 'Just Dance' would be superior with Kenict Anyways, I'm sure people can use their imagination with Kenict and hold a piece of wood in their hands while weilding a lightsaber in What I saw would of been superior with both the Wiimote+MotionPlus or Sony's Move.

And thank god I still have my PS3, Dead Space 2 looks pretty amazing.....But does it even support Sony's Move? Mortal Kombat also looks pretty awesome, yet I'm pretty mixed on the New Twisted Metal, it looks pretty damn bland.



AVahne said:

playing any non-party game with a kinect would require me to go into the kitchen, and get a chopstick.....



Bakajin said:

Man, there's alot of hate floating about. Kinect doesn't look too impressive just yet, but it all depends on the software. If they can put together some games that properly take advantage of the non-controllerey possibilities, then it'll be a success and worthwhile. Otherwise, it won't . . .



WaveGhoul said:

Instead of holding nothing physical, you could always use your imagination. Want to feel like you're holding onto a Light Saber? Use a Wii Remote. Oh wait...



JimLad said:

Must be difficult for him to move about the crowds like that.
You'd think he'd have an escort of body guards to barge the crowds out the way. Or at least be riding on one of those portable thrones, carried by four shirtless muscle men. With Bill skulking to his side with a shifty smirked look on his face, translating decrees with a crooked finger.



Rhansley64 said:

Well it's like said Reggie's on technology Technology is only a Tool and unless you make it fun and entertainment then it's worth it, Kinect games looks fun but Controller free makes feel like a 3rd grader or younger i mean you need a real controller otherwised it feels like i'm pretending, second Kinect and Move at this point are Add-Ons and incase you don't know about the dark history behind Add-ons they rarely sell so i assume Nintendo has noting to worried about.



Adenn_Solus said:

I'm an xbox owner, and I have little faith in this. it'll probably end up like the sony Eye toy. that thing was balls.



Junior117 said:

Your Shape: Fitness Evolved for Kinect is my kind of game... if it can check your weight and make me reassured that the game won't screw up if someone happens to pass by. Sorry Microsoft... I'll just sick with Wii Fit (not paying $450+ for something that Wii Fit can pretty much do too). As for the rest... there just Wii knock-offs.



WAM2 said:

(To the tune of Goldfinger)
For a rival console knows when he glares at it,
It's the glare of DEATH from mister Miyamoto! (Bwa bwaaa bwa!)

Anywho, I agree with some of you who say this could be good. Yes, with the right stuff it could. Buuut...probably not if it's going to always be like that. ^



Crunc said:

I seem to recall that when Kinect, then Natal, was first shown, Miyamoto was quoted as saying that Nntendo had looked into similar technology, but rejected it because it didn't work well. If Microsoft has in fact succeeded where Nintendo failed, then I can't imagine Nntendo not BEng worried about Kinect's effect on the Wii. And you have to give it to Microsoft here - they knew they couldn't just release a Wii remote clone, they had to one up it. And it would appear they've succeeded, at least from a technical standpoint. And let's face it - a Kinect-based dance game, especially by Harmonix, and a Kinect fitness game could both well be system sellers, and the later could easily make Wii Fit and the balance board pretty utterly obsolete.

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