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E3 2010: EA Hints at 3DS Online Functionality

Posted by James Newton

Friends list, sports updates and potentially even achievements

We already know that 3DS will include a WiiConnect24-like mode whereby users who carry their console around in sleep mode will still be able to interact with other consoles, exchanging information and downloading content anywhere they go. An interview with EA producer Ryan Stradling over at the Nintendo E3 Network seems to hint that the online aspects of the console will be more advanced than any Nintendo console yet seen.

Discussing an online friends list that will display, in real-time, what friends are playing, getting live updates including sports scores and even being able to share recent achievements with friends. It also sounds as though the 3DS will offer more robust communication services, with voice and text chat hinted at.

We've approached Nintendo for more information about these functions and will update you as soon as we know more. In the meantime, have a look at Ryan Stradler's interview over on the Nintendo E3 Network to hear it straight from the horse's mouth.


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Dazza said:

Achievements would add a whole new dimension to this sexy handheld device!



Rusty_Nail said:

If they can drop the f***ing friend codes it would be very great, but i'm still skeptical with the location of the analog, and why the d-pad couldn't be a bit smaller now when you don't have to use it so much anymore, so i hope it isn't the final design of the system, but i can't assess it before i get my paws on it.



47drift said:

That didn't sound like hinting, man. The fact that the words were appearing on screen as he was talking in addition to the fact that that wasn't edited out makes me think it's all true. Yesterday they did say there would be a big announcement today. Maybe this is it!



V8_Ninja said:

@Dazza I think Ryan Stradling means "Achievements" as in certain things you achieved, not as in something that increases your gamer score.



Atlantis1982 said:

"We've approached Nintendo for more information about these functions and will update you as soon as we know more"

Mind also telling them the power button is at a dumb spot?

Anyway, if this is just as good as the other platforms (though I only know more on the Steam browser), then I am sold on the 3DS.



James said:

@Atlantis1982 - Nintendo has said this isn't final hardware so I'd expect a few minor revisions between this and the released machine, probably including a redesigned area for the Home, Select, Start and Power buttons. I'd personally like the 3D depth slider to change to an old-fashioned volume wheel too. We'll see



RyuZebian said:

@3 I agree on the FC part. Really annoying... But I know for sure that the standard size D-pad is for he people who want fully backwards compatible controls! A controlstick is always nice, but sometimes you really want that D-pad... Maybe it's not only for backwards compability with DS games, if you know what I mean!



James said:

@47drift - I totally agree that the onscreen words certainly underscore what he was saying, but I'm still remaining cautious on this: Nintendo has announced precious little of its online plans for this console and I think the word "achievements" has the potential to get people all fired-up when really we know next to nothing about it sadly. I guess I meant "hinting" as a way of saying "giving very vague details"



Zach said:

If achievements are included in this system, it will be the ultimate win.



JimLad said:

Well they take their bloody time.
Are you sure he wasn't talking about EA Nation?



Stuffgamer1 said:

The D-pad does not need to shrink one millimeter. My main pet peeve with the GCN controller is the tiny, uncomfortable D-pad.

I hope this online stuff is true, but it seems like the thing would need a 3G connection to do all that very well. Strange...



Rusty_Nail said:

Well that's a matter of taste because i liked the Gamecube d-pad, but i think they should remove that click sound when you press the d-pad on the 3DS, and make it something like that on the Wii Remote d-pad, since you are not going to need it so much anymore on 3DS.



Alphack3r said:

Yah, Nintendo is officially still on top.
This device is what all true warriors strive for...& Skyward Sword of course! total fanboi!



shadowAOD said:

@ Prosody
do you know if they will add a usb port(similar to psp) to the system's final design?



KrazyKain said:

dont much care for acheivments, i've always felt that they were a gimick.. but everything else sounds awesome



komicturtle said:

I'm not surprised- as Iwata and a Director from Vicarious Visions made references to a "robust online component" which is interesting because there was some emphasis on that. This could REALLY be true, as Nintendo always changes and usually improves things each generation- whether in small or big ways.



RoyalBlur said:

I agree with you komicturtle. I think that this is indeed very true because Mr. Iwata made it quite a point of discussing the Nintendo 3DS's new capabilities, especially regarding it's online aspects and it's WiiConnect24 inspired capabilities and then he went out of the way to emphasize that that are "free" which is a real blessing.

Now let us have faith and continue to pray that Nintendo will release the Nintendo 3DS this Christmas in the West and in the UK. Hopefully Animal Crossing 3DS will get a good name like Animal Crossing: Country Life or Animal Crossing: Country Tales.

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