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E3 2010: 3DS Will be Out Within 12 Months

Posted by James Newton

Early next year at the latest

We were all expecting to find out solid release dates and pricing for Nintendo's next generation handheld, but its press conference made no mention of when we'll be able to get our hands on the 3DS. Eminent European site Eurogamer, however, has received word from one source that the console is pencilled in for a launch around Christmas 2010, but it may slip to early 2011.

There was no word on pricing and a Nintendo representative at E3 has confirmed the company has no announcement to make on a release date or cost.

The embedded video on the Eurogamer page features technical expert Richard Leadbetter of the site's Digital Foundry section taking viewers through a tour of the console. When discussing the screen he refers to the top screen as "a 16:9 widescreen auto-stereoscopic screen, and this is where you get your 3D", seemingly confirming that only the top display will offer 3D with the touchscreen – marginally bigger than the DSi's, by the way – remaining as a flat 2D display.

Head over to the Eurogamer 3DS walkthrough and have a butchers at the machine in the flesh, and check out this interview with EA's Ryan Stradler about the potential of the machine's online functions.


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Atlantis1982 said:

I can see this being released during Q1 2011 based from the first announcement of the 3DS back in Spring.



ArjunaAle said:

Come on Christmas! Make it the best one yet! :')

Also, I shall reenact that kid on YouTube going nuts over the Nintendo 64. NINTENDO 3DDSSSSSS! OH MY GOD!



JamieO said:

Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick.... Christmas 2010 would be incredible!

****On a side note, Rich Leadbetter is a legend! ****



Golgo said:

I think it'll be Xmas for Japan, and Spring for the rest of us.

Does anyone know, by the way, whether DSi accounts will be transferable? Sorry if this was mentioned somewhere but I missed it in all the excitement...



skywake said:

Day one purchase for me. There are already at least 3 or 4 games I like that I know about and the visuals are very impressive. This is before I even start to consider the online functionality and the DSiWare titles (flipnote studio) that I have missed out on by just having a DS lite.

Just please Nintendo make this even more awesome. Tell me you are going to do Virtual Console, tell me about 3DSWare! How much internal storage does it have?



JamieO said:

@Golgo If the Japanese version comes out before Christmas 2010, but Europe and America don't get 3DS until 2011, then I am going to go on a shopping trip with my importers!



Rensch said:

We will probably get screwed over as always and have to wait till March or so while the rest of the world will get it before christmas.



James said:

@Golgo No details have yet been announced on whether users will be able to transfer their DSiWare across. I expect that information will come out of Nintendo in a few months rather than here at E3 where they're going for high-impact stuff to net the widest amount of press coverage.



RyuZebian said:

I'm pretty much expecting to pay the equivelent of 300€ for this! Also, I've been expecting this for spring, so any earlier release is just good news!
I personally don't think the downloads will be tranferable... That's why I haven't bought so many, only for about 3000 points (including the free ones).



Golgo said:

@ Prosody: thanks, good point. Hope it is, though. I really think Nintendo need to start using a mature, migratory account system like the other systems and PC/Steam.

@JamieO; I'm tempted to 'adopt' the inevitable earlier Japanese version, too, but it'll depend for me on the whether this locks you to a region-specific download store, etc.

Wow, so much speculation...genuinely stoked for the 3DS, me...



JamieO said:

@Golgo Good point mate. My cup is half full, in that we have really strong precedents for region-free Nintendo handheld cartridge gaming. You are spot on about the possibility of a region locked download store though. I agree with you; I would not buy a Japanese 3DS as my main handheld, if it meant that I could only play Japanese games. (I would buy one later, to supplement my English language version, though).

The best case scenario would be if 3DS received a simultaneous worldwide release. That is not an unrealistic possibility in this day and age. Fingers crossed then.

No matter what, it sure has been an exciting E3 for Nintendo fans! Oh yeah!



warioswoods said:

Um, why are you confirming the screen details as if there's still any doubt? Nintendo posted the basics specs for the system just after the reveal, and we've known them since then. On, you can read the following:
Top Screen
3.53-inch widescreen LCD display, enabling 3D view without the need for special glasses; with 800x240 pixel resolution (400 pixels are allocated for each eye to enable 3D viewing).
Touch Screen
3.02-inch LCD with 320x240 pixel resolution with a touch screen.
The 800 horizontal resolution on that top screen is divided into 2 sets of 400 pixels, one for each eye, as specifically detailed in the specs. The bottom screen is only a touch screen, but with a slightly higher resolution than the usual one on the DS. No ambiguity here whatsoever.



reborn said:

I think that 3DS is not going to be cheaper. If we take into account that the initial price of Wii was about 250€ and the DS's price I think it was around the same price, 3DS might cost 300-350€.
But it'll be purchase from day one for me!! It sounds amazing!!



retro_player_22 said:

Wow in that case it will come out in the same year as the DSi XL but I think it will get an early Japanese Christmas launch then the worldwide launch to follow a few months after that maybe.



y2josh said:

Is everyone forgetting the DS was released in America before Japan.
NA November 21, 2004
JP December 2, 2004



ejamer said:

Having considered and turned down a DSi purchase at the start of the year, I feel pretty excited to learn that the 3DS should be available within one year from now. Now if only we can get a bead on how much it will cost...



pixelman said:

Just as I thought. The price had better be around $200, or it's going to make the sale tougher for me.



Spoony_Tech said:

Nintendo`s not releasing this until the games are ready and they can meet most of the demand for sales. Lets hope it wont be like the wii when you could not fine one for upwards of 2 years!

@pixelman Ive heard 250 would be the price. Not bad for such a high end media device. Add in a game or 2 and your closer to 400 with tax. Assuming the games are around 50. thats another question. How much are these games going to cost?



hamispink said:

in an interview, a rep said that kid icarus would be out for the holidays, which should mean that the 3ds will be out before the holidays



motang said:

Sweet! I am really pumped about this one, even though I really haven't seen how the 3D works.



Rhansley64 said:

I know for a fact that Nintendo won't be releasing it this Year since they don't want Golden Sun Dark Dawn to be overshadowed by it like Drill Dozer was by the DS, plus until Sony refused to released a successor or even mentioned a successor for the PSP, Nintendo will keep the 3DS on hold and still focus on the DS.



Fuzzy said:

@ChibiLink - was just on the EB games site, and they are already taking pre-orders for the 3DS. Their price is $348, so you were off by $1!



FJOJR said:

Hopefully they can pull off the launch much like the Wii, with one territory each within 3-4 weeks before Christmas.



well that's cool. That means I'll have a full year for saving



bullet7105 said:

That would be INSANE if it was released Holiday of this year!! But, I think it'll probly get released in March of 2011 for $200-250.



xAlias said:

My birthday is November 15th, so it needs to come out after that, but not too much after!



emiru69 said:

I'm guessing Christmas 2010 for Japan and early 2011 for the rest of the world. I'm hoping Christmas for everyone but that's just my hope, I really want to see dads and moms fighting over the last 3DS in store on December! That just never gets old!



emiru69 said:

Ok, let's try this, try say this "there is no launch like Christmas, there is no launch like Christmas, there is no launch like Christmas" 3 times in front of a mirror. _



Tri4ceHolder said:

Hey people stop complaining go sit in your corner and play your DSi XL k? Seriously take it easy.



jangonov said:

@Tri4ceHolder, While I understand that a new system JUST came out not too long ago, some people really want the upgrade. Some users here even have a DSlite or the original. If they still have that, they might really want all the features. Heck, I have a DSi, and even I am ready to place a preorder. Then again, I am a bit more obsessive about games than your standard consumer.



Bassman_Q said:

I'm kinda hoping for a 2011 release date- I mean, I've had my DSi for just over year- I'd like to have that system survive for at least 2 years before upgrading to a totally new system... but that's just me.



Klapaucius said:

Of course even if the 3DS is released tomorrow, you don't have to buy it
I'll wait until I'm ready. I have many other games to finish first, plus money to save. Maybe by then the price may even be lower, and there'll be an even wider selection of games.

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