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Brace Yourself for the Best Super Famicom T-Shirt You'll See Today

Posted by James Newton

Japanese Super NES shirt all kinds of cool

If you like your gaming t-shirts, there's no finer feeling than finding fancy new threads, and thanks to the ever-increasing popularity of Nintendo you're never likely to be short of choice, and here's another one to add to your shopping list.

Based on the classic Super Famicom, the "Ultimate 16-Bit Machine", the shirt looks fairly ordinary from the front with a logo, a few cables and those four iconic buttons. The back, however, is decked out with a pretty detailed diagram of the console and its accessories, with the buttons and connectors fully labelled, presumably in the event someone walking behind you needs more information about the contents of a Super Famicom box.

The shirt itself isn't available yet but The King of Games is currently taking pre-orders at 5500 Yen ($62, £41.) Quality comes at a cost.


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Useless_Account said:

Every Nintendo shirt is probably in the thousands. Especialy if you plan on getting all the ones on King of Games site... I've wanted the Sharks t-shirt with the toys on the back since forever.



sykotek said:

I feel kinda stupid for not understanding what is so spectacularly awesome about this shirt. Don't get me wrong, I loved my SNES and it has a library of some of the best games ever, but this is just a shirt with a diagram on the back. I don't get why the posters above me and some below me find it so awesome.



James said:

Because it's a t-shirt with a diagram of a Super Famicom on the back!



dizzy_boy said:

@sykotec. think about it for a second. you see all those fans of star trek that dress up like the charecters from the tv show.
well, it`s kind of the same thing for an avid fan of video games. sometimes you just want to show off your inner geek.



barneygumble said:

Download the picture & go to a printshop - be a little creative and you got your unique ( for non creative & copycats the same ) shirt for even less then half the price.



moosa said:

As if there aren't enough of these shirts in the world. eye roll lol.



rjejr said:

I was in the NYC Nintendo store for the first time yesterday and saw the Famicom and my first thought was - how cool, the controllers fit on the side of the console. My second thought was - wow, the controllers are connected with wires, seems so long ago. My third thought - oh, so Famicom is short for "family computer", how weird since it was a japan only system.

The store had a gazillion t-shirts but this wasn't one of them.

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