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3D Video Chat Possible says Iwata

Posted by James Newton

Is there nothing it can't do?

We know the 3DS will have improved online capabilities, and we know it's capable of taking 3D photographs, but an interview between Forbes and Nintendo President Satoru Iwata has hinted at a combination of the two: online three-dimensional video chat.

Although Mr Iwata chooses his words carefully and never states such a feature is planned, he does say that a number of features are technologically possible, including 3D video chat. A 2D video chat feature has often been discussed for the existing DSi but is yet to materialise, but the potential of chatting with other 3DS features and sharing video of the world in 3D is a mouthwatering thought.


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warioswoods said:

Um... not possible unless you're pointing the system at a mirror, because the dual cameras are only on the reverse side of the device, while the front-facing camera is singular and hence 2D. That is to say, it's impossible without a hardware redesign from what they showed at E3.



hatty475 said:

Maybe Iwata is also hinting at 2 3D cameras, one on the front of the system and another on the back. That would be cost more though, and it would be pointless



Feld0 said:

Come on, Nintendo! Just kill the iPhone 4 already! XD

If they add a second camera to the inside, we've got a FaceTime competitor on our hands. If video-chatting through your phone can "revolutionize" the way you talk to friends and family, imagine video-chatting in 3D!

I always thought it was kinda funny that there's only one inner camera on the 3DS.



Caliko said:

Funny i just mentioned 3D front cameras on the 3DS feedback article.

@feld0 it would be hard for the DS to kill a phone.



Stuffgamer1 said:

It did seem odd to me that they only showed one camera inside the machine at E3. I wouldn't be at all surprised to see the final unit have two inside instead. And it really wouldn't cost all THAT much to put in, anyway. It's just one more 0.3 megapixel get WAAAAY better cameras in cheapo cell phones nowadays, right?



sillygostly said:

@ Stuffgamer1: I saw a 5 megapixel web camera for AUD$18 last week. Given how much our prices are marked up here, that price may even be a little lower across international markets. I'm sure that Nintendo can find a cost-effective means of implementing four 0.3 megapixels cameras without significantly impacting the price point of the 3DS.



PHANTOM93 said:

First off: BADASS!!!!!

Secondly: if it does happen I don't see it being a very practical method of communication, as it will almost certainly be hampered down by friend codes.

Thirdly: Does anyone hear Apple announcing the IPad 3D in the not too distant future? You know they will if Nintendo goes through with this



KiroX777 said:

nintendo is finally thinking about the fans for once. im glad to see they improved the graphics and trying to really out do themselves instead of just putting out hardware with limited abilities in an attempt to save money and call themselves "smart marketers" _



James said:

@Phantom93 Until there's an affordable and high-quality 3D multi-touch screen I can't seen an iPad or iPhone 3D on the horizon. That's one of the reasons only the top screen is 3D on 3DS: touchscreens and 3D don't work well together.



warioswoods said:


That's an important point that many keep forgetting. It's only by virtue of the dual-screen design that the 3DS can get away with keeping touch and 3D features together. For any single-screen device -- which presumably would include all future iPhones and any future PSP iterations -- you'd have to pick one or the other, which generally means that you'd end up keeping the touchscreen and wouldn't have an option for 3D.



JebbyDeringer said:

I was going to say it would be possible if the top of the device rotated and the bottom screen could be used for the video chat but then I remembered that the top screen is the 3D one.



MrWout said:

Lol if they also put a 3D camera on the inside of the 3DS you could use it as a 3D mirror



Classclown said:

There is always a way. Nintendo can make accessories and send them out to the stores a realy small 3DS webcams.

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