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X-Scape Launches on DSiWare on May 31st

Posted by James Newton

North American release confirmed, European launch still up in the air

Q-Games' revisit of classic title X-Scape, aka 3D Space Tank, is set to land on North American DSis on May 31st.

As captain of the VIXIV, a highly advanced space tank, you’ll roam the surface of dozens of alien worlds, battling the forces of an empire that is out to destroy you. The touchscreen makes controlling your vehicle a snap, and your helpful robot companion is there every step of the way to help you with advice and weapon upgrades.

There's no confirmed release pricing yet, but with t minus ten days until launch there's not too long left to wait.

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Sean_Aaron said:

This game looks completely awesome, but I've read mention of some kind of RPG aspect, so I'm not sure it's something Japanese DSi owners will be able to import and enjoy. I'm certainly looking forward to a review!



brandonbwii said:

I have exactly 600pts. in my account. I've been waiting for this in the hope that it's only 500pts. If not, I have no problem paying for the necessary points to download it.



KDR_11k said:

They could have replaced this week's entire PAL releases with X-Scape and I would have been happy.



Karakato said:

I recently got a chance to play the original X The first 3d shooter game on the gameboy, and it was great for a gameboy game . Too bad it was japanese though, I couldn't understand what I was doing at first until after an hour. I am considered sold on this sequel. Please make it 500 pts, please...



ErrorSupply said:

Really looking forward to this too. There's no way it's only going to be 500 pts though, I mean compare it to all the other 500 pt titles and you can see it's in another league.



Spoony_Tech said:

Q-Games has not disappointed me yet since i think i have all there games on dsiware. Dont know anything about it but will definitly give this one a shot!



Leshclen said:

I was hoping this would be 500 points so I could get Metal Torrent too, but I'm willing to pay 800 points.



nix said:

the states is getting much love from nintendo at the moment, @ KDR_11k totally agree with you on that!, this is #1 on my list

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