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Unreal Famicom Games are... Well, Unreal

Posted by James Newton

Famicase project shows off 2010 line-up

The humble Famicom cartridge may not seem like the perfect canvas on which to create art, but every year Japanese game shop Meter hosts Famicase, a project aiming to prove just the opposite. Artists are asked to create artwork for a fictitious game and display it on a Famicom cart, and predictably the results range from the brilliant to the bizarre.

If you're into some oddball artwork and don't mind gawping at awesome-looking cartridges you'll never be able to own, you might want to check out the Famicase exhibition. Our favourites include flying game The Family Twitter and Bubbles, a game that includes a special straw adaptor to assist you in blowing bubbles.


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AlbertX said:

Wow really amazing, to bad the site is a pain to watch the pictures.
I must say I really miss the days of cartridges, especially famicon ones (I had one in Venezuela) the art on the cartridge, like the SuperNes, I dont Know there was something cooler about it than putting a CD, DVD or Blu Ray on the system.



Chunky_Droid said:

Yeah, I also loved some of the artwork done on the old NES and SNES carts, even some N64 ones

What they put on CD/DVD whatever just isn't the same

Also, carts have the advantage of sticking out the top of your console so you already know whats in it before you need to check!



Incognito_D said:

This is probably the last generation that will use discs anyway, I predict. Although it won't mean the return of carts either



warioswoods said:


I believe that same line is one of the built-in image options for your cartridges in Wario Ware DIY, but I don't know its origin. Does someone here have a historical explanation?



Useless_Account said:

IDK, but you can get cool T-shirts from the King of Games website with it on there, and I think they have an explanation...
And the games on these carts seem pretty sad.



TKOWL said:

I need to get me those cartiges and a replica Game MakerMatic 21!



SmaMan said:

Hmm, I've seen that zig-zag before. It's in Strong Bad's basement!
I've seen it in other places too. I think it was used frequently throughout the 80s and such.



sontuk said:

The zig zag thing- I'm pretty sure it was the cover of most nintendo famicom games



Boman said:

Hi guys I just created a famicom label for my latest youtube video,
check it out!
I plan on doing some more in the future.

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