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This is the Greatest Wii Controller You'll See Today

Posted by James Newton

Dragon Quest kicks it up a notch

Versatile though it is, the Wii Remote sometimes just doesn't – excuse the pun – cut it when it comes to game input. Monster Hunter Tri was built around the Classic Controller Pro and Wii Sports Resort obviously revolved around MotionPlus, but neither of those add-ons were anywhere near as outlandish as this Dragon Quest: Battle Road Victory add-on.

Plugging into your Wii Remote and adding an unbelievably awesome green-handled sword to the experience, you actually push the sword down to perform special attacks. Of course, it's not the first time Square Enix has released such a bizarre accessory for one of its Dragon Quest titles: this slime pad is surely fondly remembered by all those who used it.

As specialist as this controller is, we can't wait to see what other games can be tackled with its huge buttons and plastic sword: surely it's only a matter of time before someone aces Excitebots with it.


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y2josh said:

I want the slime remote and the sword remote. Those are beautiful.



JakobG said:

I bet everyone who bought 3D Dot Heroes is crying in a corner now.
(Except the ones with a Wii.)



GammaGames said:

i want this, just, looks kinda hard to store. i like the slime pad though! is it squishy?



Aronos said:

How big is that, cause the buttons, D-pad, and analog stick on the bottom look very very tiny lol.
Oh, I guess if the Wiimote their can be used for scale It looks huge.



Viper6391 said:

I think I will just stick with a regular controller. Although the slime controller doesn't look bad, but these are probably the some of the weirdest controller designs I have ever seen.



Useless_Account said:

What about the REsident Evil 4 chainsaw controller? I think thats the best covelty controller, but it was pretty much a regular controller none the less.



Chunky_Droid said:


I have the Resident Evil 4 Gamecube Chainsaw Controller, and it's awesome.

I seriously want this baby! And the slime controller is incredibly cute



Yanagi said:

That is a thing of beauty. I love my Slime controller and will kill to have this one.

@GammaGames: You don't store that baby, you display it.



EdEN said:

Over $130 for that... and yet I've already started saving for it.



1upsuper said:

I'm speechless. Dragon Quest is my all-time favorite game series ever. Do want.

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