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This is Hero of Sparta!!

Posted by James Newton

Gameloft's new DSiWare title exposed

You can't knock Gameloft's commitment to DSiWare, with a constant supply of titles since the format launched in April 2009. The publisher's newest outing Hero of Sparta was originally a mobile title but is receiving the DSi treatment with all-new features and some pretty good graphics.

There's not much information other than the expected slaying of mythical creatures and promise of combos, special powers and the like, but if it's a decent length and handles nicely this could be a good outing for the platform. More news as we get it.


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Bankai said:

Why does Gameloft insist on crappy camera integration with EVERY SINGLE GAME? It's almost always pointless, and very rarely well done.

Anyway, I've played the PSP Mini version of this game, and if you have a PS3, you're better off sticking to God of War. If you have an Xbox360, you're better off sticking to Dante's Inferno. This is an inferior and cheap copy of both those game's styles - which is typical of Gameloft.



Oregano said:

Ninja Gaiden DS for the DS and for the Wii.... er... Rygar?(although that game isn't too good either)!



jhuhn said:

The game comes out on May 31, 2010 so it won't be long for those who might want to check this out.



Spoony_Tech said:

Looks interesting at least. Gameloft is hit or miss with all its games no in between. Ill wait for the review.



pixelofart said:


Not having any of those consoles doesn't mean you have to buy and play a poor man's GOW. You can always play Monster hunter on your Wii or Wario Ware D.I.Y. on your DS like I'm doing right now, without missing any game that tries to be GOW.

More often than not, Gameloft makes caricature, B versions of quality games, instead of coming up with clever new game designs. And it seems like their games are a product of tedious commercial labor, instead of being the product of a inspired and creative process.

Edit: It is dumb to post your opinion about Gameloft underneath every Gameloft related article though, so I will leave it at just this once.



Nintendoftw said:

Stop downing gameloft so much. Have you even played one of their game? They are the best developer for DSiware, I just wish instead of ports they would make DSi exclusive games, thats the only problem. Their games are great.



brandonbwii said:

the psp mini version got a pretty average metacritic score. Not looking forward to the dumbed down by necessity dsiware version.



jenisnape said:

Looks pretty cool to me (at least by the screen shots). I'll probably get it if it 500 pts...if it's 800pts..maybe not...



LordTendoboy said:

Gameloft is well known for their blatant copies of more popular games (Uncharted, God of War, GTA, etc. have all been copied by them).

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