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Struggling With Your Rytmik Masterpiece? This Video Wants to Help

Posted by James Newton

Let Cinemax take you through the basics

DSiWare music production tool Rytmik is surprisingly powerful for a portable package costing less than a tenner, but learning its intricacies can be a little daunting at first. That's why we thought we'd share with you this introduction to Rytmik from Cinemax, showing you how to craft an annoyingly catchy bass loop from scratch.

Don't forget that you can submit your entry to the official Rytmik contest to be in with a chance of winning a share of 30,000 Nintendo Points, and send your songs to us here at Nintendo Life for inclusion on the next NLFM podcast.

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Kimiko said:

Yeah, they make it look very easy, if you already know what you want to accomplish. Selecting the different instruments would be tricky if you didn't know that though. And the part where they changed the volume or pitch or whatever of the drum loop still looked a little too complicated.

I dunno.. I'm still kinda scared that I'll try it out and end up giving up in frustration after half an hour :/



Radixxs said:

I am definitely buying this now. No matter what. Please release in the US soon!



zezhyrule said:

I hope this comes Monday. Buying it the second it hits the store.

Would someone please explain the exact proccess I have to go through to record Audio from my DSi into a File on my Computer using a 3.5mm male to male thingy? (on Vista if that matters)



Martin_Linda said:

Ok, maybe we could make also some short tutorial on this issue in the future. Anyway it is quite easy. Take 3.5mm jack and plug it to your DSi headphone out on one side and to the line in of your computer on the other side. Than the simplest way in Vista (and it works in simmilar way in other versions of Windows) is to open Start->All programs->Accessories->Sound Recorder. Now press start in the Sound Recorder and play in the Rytmik. When you stop recording, the sound recorder shows Save file dialog where you can save recorded audio into wma file. And remember, do not push the volume of the DSi headphone output too hard as it would introduce some distortion into the audio signal.

There are also some guidelines directly on Microsoft web pages and you can find a lot of free and more sophisticated sound recorders around there on the web. Just try to search "free sound recorder download" in Google.



Kirk said:

It looks very cool but it would be much better if you could export the tunes as .wav files or something so you could actually use them in your own games and stuff.

Ok, maybe it's not that impossible after reading the post above but it would be great if you could just directly sav the files in various formats and export them and especially if you have DSi at least where you could save them to your SD card.



Kimiko said:

Okay, I gave in to the hype and bought this program. Now where do I place the drums and guitar notes to make it sound like music.. :?



Freeon-Leon said:

What else do you need to make some music? Do you wnat them to go to your house and make it for you? :C

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