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Sticking a Laser Projector to a Wii Zapper Brings us Closer to Virtual Reality

Posted by James Newton

Odd combination creates very cool effect

Remember those first Wii trailers showing people jumping across their living rooms, blasting at the screen, so immersed in the game it's like they were actually in it? Their minds would be blown by this video, as were ours.

Strapping a laser projector to the Wii Zapper and harnessing the power of a gyrometer, talented modder Nirav Patel's creation almost defies description. Essentially it's an extension of traditional first-person titles, using the pointer to look around, but the combination of gyrometer and laser projector adds a new direction of play, making it possible to lean, duck and shift with the view changing accordingly.

It's tough to explain so we'll let Nirav's talents speak for themselves. The video itself is pretty dark so you have been warned, but our hats go off to Mr Patel all the same.

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timp29 said:

He has a laptop on his back It's a cool concept but applying it to first person shooters I have played in the past, you would definitely need to tweak the sensitivity of the yaw a lot and limit the maximum lean angle. Otherwise freaken awesome. Nintendo give that man a job before Microlimp or Sony



Sneaker13 said:

Looks awesome and I would love to play a shooter like this. I love my Wii Zapper, so Nintendo, get working .



Klapaucius said:

That's awesome.
Not very practical for playing at home, though.

Did he say the game's name is "Cube"? I'll have to try to find it and download.



V8_Ninja said:

I saw this a while ago, and I feel that while it's cool, it would never be used for any "Real Game" purposes.



Aronos said:

@JakobG I agree. That game is scary and immersive enough as it is, but to play it alone in the dark and with that gadget would take me over the edge lol.



BlueFlameBat said:

I like the concept, but this looks like something that would be better played inside a big cylinder or ball. I hope Nintendo actually takes positive interest if they find out rather than trying to file some cease and desist order.



bro2dragons said:

that's a great idea.. i like where his head is at. Ninty really does need people like him on board to make sure that when they come up with an idea, i.e. motion control, said ideas are realized to their fullest potential from the get-go.



Junkface said:

I must concur with the poster above me, Kudos for such a great idea! Definately looks like a great first step.



JimLad said:

One small step for games...
I hope to see some form of virtual reality in my lifetime.
Obviously you would need a lot of dedicated space and hardware for it.
But even if it was out of reach for home use, they could be set up in arcades and it would rejuvenate them as a business.
Connect the machines, and have on-going shooter deathmatches, or even RPG adventure parties where you can get a save of your progress for next time.
That is like the final nirvana of gaming for me.

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