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Sony Doesn't Want Failed Wii Games on Move, Thank You Very Much

Posted by James Newton

VP of publisher relations puts foot down

Reaction to Sony's PlayStation Move controller has been a little mixed among Nintendo fans, not to mention the response to its initial launch line-up which looks to repeat some of the Wii's success in bringing motion control to the masses. Sony aren't interested in making another Wii though, going out of its way to tell developers not to bring rehashes of Wii titles across. Sony's Vice President of publisher relations Rob Dyer laid out the letter of the law in a recent interview with Gamasutra:

It was never going to work, anyway. It didn't work on the Wii for a reason. That category didn't. Why did you think it was going to work on this one, as well?

Despite his protestations we already know of several titles making the transition from Wii to Move, so don't be surprised to see familiar boxart in smaller, clearer boxes when Sony's new motion controller launches later this year. And don't be surprised to see them not selling on PS3 either.


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SwerdMurd said:

Given how much better of a motion controller the Move is/will be (spec-wise/underlying hardware-wise), there is the possibility that certain games that just didn't work due to the Wiimote's advertised functions not quite panning out (Dragon Quest Swords comes to mind) could work better with a better hardware foundation...



LordJumpMad said:

Sony has the power and the money to do it.
anything is possible, but will it have Great gameplay?

What nintendo lack in power, makes up for it in gameplay.
but only time will tell



Crunc said:

Competition is good. Even if you don't have a PS3 (I don't), it will mean better things for the Wii as well. If Nintendo is worried about being one-upped, then they will make sure they aren't.



Raylax said:

Well then you can have 'successful' Wii games on Move. Enjoy your Carnival Games, Sony



get2sammyb said:

I think what he's trying to say is that some Wii games have been an experiment, and if they didn't work there then there's really no need to try them on Move. I don't think he's trolling the Wii or anything!



Caliko said:

and this is on a Nintendo news site why?....

And Sony I know how much you want to be like Nintendo but NO YOU CANT have Super Mario Galaxy, Brawl, Zelda, or Wii Sports on your system.

You have a greater chance of getting Deca Sports 2 on your console than Mario Galaxy 2.



kevohki said:

Dead Space Extraction and other Wii M-rated on-rails shooters would be one of those games that would work better on the PS3 than on the Wii. They would benefit from a visual and control upgrade since none of those games use Motion Plus.



SilverBaretta said:

I always laugh when I hear stuff about Move because it almost seems like Sony believes that this is an original idea. While the tech may be different, it doesn't change the fact that the design, premise, and control style is similar in many ways. And I mean many.



MasterGraveheart said:

I still hold that Motion Control won't work as well on the PS3 because of the exhorborint cost to make PS3 games, as well as the more intricate programing it takes for motion games. I think Move will be as forgotten about as the Eye.



naut said:

I hope the Move crashes and burns just because Sony is being a big jerkface about the whole thing.



Digiki said:

I'm not sure why this is posted here.

[EDIT: Definitely don't need personal insults thrown around, Digiki. Certainly not three in the same comment. Let's cool it down a little, eh? Thanks in advance. - le mods]



SilverBaretta said:

@20: That doesn't give you an excuse to be rude, Digiki. If it bothers you, don't comment and drag everyone down.



blockhead said:

The one reason that move may "possibly" fail is that the camera doesnt have as fast of a refresh rate as the tech in the Wiimote. Notice I said POSSIBLY, we just have to wait and see what Sony does



armoredghor said:

I tried the Move at GDC america. It had pretty tracking, that's not to say it's gonna win. They're probably gonna lose for overpricing considering the price is an extra $100 for the starter kit plus $10 per game. They might get a few hardcores from nintendo but the casuals who have less than 5 games won't want to spend that much money.



47drift said:

What was that Sony? I can't hear you over all this Super Mario Galaxy 2 I've been playing.



dizzy_boy said:

i just wonder what insults microsoft will throw when they bring out their motion controlling POS.
all the while, the truth is. look everybody, the cash cow maybe out of milk, so lets bleed it dry instead.



Slapshot said:

@James.... nice article man. Sony has been very respectful to Nintendo through this whole thing as the Kevin Butler Commercials were in fact a joke, but nobody these days seem to have a sense of humor. Even Miyamoto himself stated he was flattered at Sonys move into the Motion Control market to compete with Wii. Just shows in fact how great of an idea Nintendo had and how great the Wii is.

Sony is definately aiming to please the casuals as lots of them have PS3s for BluRay, but they are in fact pushing toward a more hardcore audience with Move. The Wii titles you mentioned are more hardcore titles being Zak and Wiki, Dead Space Extraction, etc. Games that actually didnt do so hot on Wii, and I expect them to do pretty fair on PS3. Nothing groundbreaking, but Sony has already stated they arent trying to break ground with Move, Nintendo has already done that. They are just adding another feature to the PS3. That just give PS3 gamer even more reason to play/enjoy the system.



Acidfoxdyi831 said:

ok ...i think sony is a joke and this is jus more proof of that lol
there jus not origional anymore so they need nintendo to lead the way for them and this generation lol



CanisWolfred said:

Good to see they got enough sense to stop a problem before it happens. Now lets just hope they enforce this. Perhaps then Move might win some respect among the major gaming crowd.



Marvelousmoo said:

...The Wii isn't doing well... That's the first Ive heard about that. Last time I looked, their were more Wii consoles in homes than PS3s.



HanuKwanzMasBif said:

Sony and Microsoft should just give up and merge with Nintendo to make... NintenSoSoft. POHAOHAA FAMICOM GAME REFERENCE POHAA



V8_Ninja said:

While it's nice to see quality control on motion-based consoles coming from at least ONE company, the thing is that most developers aren't interested in motion controls unless they know it will increase the overall quality of the product. And most times, it doesn't.



Token_Girl said:

No, they just want to port successful games like WSR HD they showed off at GDC.

(Make a full scale FPS title with move and have the controls not be broken, and I'm sold, and by sold, I mean I will ask my bf to buy it for his PS3, cuz I'm too poor for a PS3 + Move + Games).



manleycartoonist said:

Not to get nitpicky, but #29 said, "there jus not origional anymore so they need nintendo to lead the way for them and this generation lol" about Sony. Okay, So Sony was the first with CD games, and 32 bit, and 128 bit and analog controls, and internet gaming... oh wait, they didn't originate any of that... my bad.



Raptor78 said:

I dont think Extraction would be a "better" game as the control system already worked very well and the speaker in the wiimote was used in a great way when coming across the audio logs... it really helped build the atmosphere. That being said i would sell better just because it already has an established audience for the original Dead Space game, But I dont think that it would be a massive upgrade from what they already did on the wii.



Slapshot said:

@raptor... it will be the same game and it was said to be released on PSN for $10 USD. Most of the Wii Ports will all be released as downloadable games at a cheap price point is what was said a few months back. They are just expanding the audience, and that will help the developers as well. Many of them lost money creating games on Wii. I'm sure Conduit and Madworld will make the jump as well.

As for price...Wii Fit has proven that $100 USD isn't too high a price for a periphial. It's barely supported and its top 2 sellers are nongames. The people saying the price is too high all have Wii Fit in their own homes.



JimLad said:

Right now motion control is mainly a casual gamer's ticket.
Without the brand power of the Wii and the pricing, there's no way it's going to see the same kinds of sales. They would need something epic, I mean some MASSIVE killer app for it to be taken seriously. No such game exsists as far as I know of, whereas Nintendo has one they are about to show at E3 in the form of a new motionplus exclusive Zelda.
Granted it's taken them long enough, but I think we're finally going to see whether or not motion controls have a tangible future in the hardcore market.
If they don't then Nintendo will continue to rake in the casual dollar anyway.
But if they do, then things get a whole lot more interesting for all of us.



Rusty_Nail said:

Move and Natal will fail so much, it will end like eyetoy, no doubt about it.

I don't know if i should laugh or i should be serious, but i hate when i see that little brat look like an moron, playing with his stupid skateboard in the natal trailer, in the house



Zach said:

Can you imagine all of the titles that they'll port? I can imagine. Imagine: Party Babyz, that is.



Raptor78 said:

@slapshot82 I mentioned earlier that the audio logs on Extraction really helped the game and that you where often left with the disision of listening to them and possibly getting some spoiler or advice but leaving your self open to attack or ignoring them and carrying on made for an interesting game mechanic and as far as im aware Playstation Move doesnt have a speaker in the remote, I may be wrong so I cant see how extraction would be exactly the same on both systems because even if you get the logs played through your tv speakers or a headset etc there isnt the tension or pressure of holding the controller / ingame weapon upto your ear to hear the messages. I do really appriciate the fact that they will be expanding the audiance though and thus pulling in more capital to develop more games, I just cant imagine the game having nearly the same tension as it did on the wii.



WildPidgeyAppears said:

What's that? Sony is jealous of Nintendo? Cry some moar and eat your giant enemy crabs with some Massive Damage sauce, and do realtime utensil change.



Sonic1994CD said:

Wait I don't know one game that used that thing. We don't need failed sony move games on wii.



mnementh said:

I think Sony might just end up not releasing the Move. It just makes Sony look like a joke. They need to come up with something else. There will also not be any ports. There was some speculation about Dead Space Extraction but it's not going to happen. Developing on the PS3 costs too much to begin with, and nobody will do it. NMH so a Japanese only release outside the Wii and failed terribly. That's the way it is. There's no way games like MadWorld and The Conduit will ever be ported. Like The Conduit, MadWorld will eventually get a sequel on the Wii, only.



oldschool said:

Failed Wii games are not a reflection of the Wii, they are a reflection of the games and the developers who made them (some exceptions - good games, no marketing support: Dead Space Extraction).

Sony will most likely accept anything as it will desperately want to build the library quickly. Hell, most of the titles will likely be aimed at kids, like Eye-Toy was. Some will be good, some will be bad, but in the end, to kit up a full batch of controllers for the whole family will be expensive and if they have a Wii, most will likely just pass on Move.



GamerforGod said:

Both the Sony Move, and the Project Natal for the X-BOX are obviously Sony and Microsoft's response to the Wii, and their attempts to emulate the Wii's success. However, while Sony's Move is basically a black Wii remote with a little ball thing on the end and it does pretty much the same thing as the Wii does, Microsoft's Project Natal is at least a fairly original concept. Sony is pretty much just copying Nintendo (like it tried to do with the added on six axis control shortly before the PS3s release), but Microsoft has at least taken the motion control formula, and brought something new to the table, and for that, I respect them. The idea of your body being the controller, while it is a clear response to the Wii's motion controls, is at least a new idea brought to the table of motion controls. Way to go for not completely ripping of the Wii Microsoft!!!! lol



jellodog said:

Jesus, has Sony just lost it's friggin mind or what? Bash Wii, motion controls and "party games" as casual and soft core, then put out, as a expensive peripheral, the same damn thing with better graphics. Some people are dumb enough to buy this, I'm sure. But the average Wii owner won't notice/care and most PS3 fans will feel insulted. They should. They have basically been called idiotic drones by Sony.
Look, the reason I don't want an Xbox is because of the rrod, but I don't want anything Sony in my house because of their condescending attitude, plus none of their games interest me. Mud slinging is not the best way to interest new customers, Sony. I had a PS1 and loved it. Now, a few years later, I can't stand Sony. Nintendo has many faults; shovelware, crappy online, ignoring classic IP's etc, but they never made me feel like a dummy because of the type of games I like to play. They have some class, it's that simple. Look at SMG2; when Nintendo wants to rumble, they mop the floor with everybody.

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