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See the New Pokemon Starters in Bright, Beautiful Motion

Posted by James Newton

Hamferno, Smugleaf and the other one in action

We initially said the new starter Pokémon for the upcoming Black and White releases probably aren't the prettiest monsters we've ever seen, but in light of this first footage of them in battle we may have to chow down on our words.

With fully animated monsters and new camera effects the battles are looking better than ever, though that's perhaps damning with faint praise. There's also a short snippet of footage outside of battle towards the video's end, showing the hero walking down a leafy street with businessmen and women dodging out of his way.

There's battle footage at 1:06, shots of the new hero characters at 1:40 and the rural street appears at around the 2:33 mark.

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TheBaconator said:

I like the animations and all but they need a more dynamic camera and different animations for attacks and getting hit. Other then that the battles look good. However the city looks like a pain in the butt to travel through. I think the old overworld interface, eventhough it is overused, will work better than the 3D cities.



Despair1087 said:

the animation actually looked pretty sweet... and i didnt like the starters at first, but now... i actually like them.

also at the end of the video, the guy with the hitler mustache raised his hand all nazi style, this made me lol. o



Golgo said:

What's with the guy in the video with the hitler moustache and nazi uniform?!



KaiserGX said:

That's no Nazi uniform... I wish. I'm currently obsessed with the SS Woffen Uniform. It has a Pokeball on it... Pokemon Hitler.



Egg_miester said:

looks like gamefreak is finally using the ds to make ds games and not just having gba games on it



Klapaucius said:

Haters are going to hate.

All I can say is it looks 100 times better in motion. I'm really surprised... much better than I imagined it would be.
Its going to be difficult waiting for the English release >_<



Yasume said:

Minor changes (again), but that's allright. Diamond and Pearl are already superb.



RyuZebian said:

The people in this vid seemed to like it at least! Everything is kawaii or sugoi in their oppinion! xD



Hardy83 said:

Meh, I guess I've been visually spoiled by PSP and Iphone games. It looks pretty bleh, but a MILLION times better than any past Pokemon games though.



Aviator said:

Finally they are starting to move the handhelds in the visual direction of the console games.



Captain_Toad said:

the battle pacing has improved from it's Diamond and Pearl edition (the battle pacing from Diamond & Pearl was painfully slow), the pokemon FINALLY have animation, and the camera angles from in-battle and overworld look impressive.
all we need is the different clothes from the trainers



V8_Ninja said:

I love how everybody is hyped for a game that just changes one small thing. It makes me feel smart.



Jarael said:

The video does put Hamferno and Smugleaf into a little better light, but that water starter is ugly as sin. Sorry, but it's true. Hopefully its evolutions improve drastically.



Mik said:

The guy in the white looks like a Japanese Hitler.

Also, it's good to see that the 'heroes' are finally life-size as opposed to being the size of a building.



Kirk said:

They should have been in 3D imo.

I like how they are slowly making all the background stuff 3D, while still retaining the isometric perspective, but I really wish they would also make the characters and Pokemon 3D too as well as making the battles proper 3D like Pokemon Stadium.

That's what these games really need imo.

Also, if that is not a penis on the stomach of the water Pokemon then what the hell is it?

I like how the female presenter keeps pointing at it though



WolfRamHeart said:

I hated the designs for the new starters but seeing them in action does make them look a little better. I actually like the grass snake(Smugleaf) now and fire pig(Hamferno) seems pretty cool too. However, the water clown otter(I'm calling it Wotter) is still lame.



Rensch said:

Finally we have animated battles!

We should have had that on the GBA. Golden Sun had it back in 2002.



turtlelink said:

Lol same here!. They look pretty cool now...
Great to know there is some type of big city. Reminds me of Manhattan.



AVahne said:

I actually think that the Grass one is the only one with real potential. I'm hoping for it to become dragon-type, heck this thing could be a Grass and Eastern version of Charizard!
the pig, i see many food jokes for it and i think the water one is only good for Gijinka.(white haired girl with blue clothing maybe?)
but nice animations



AVahne said:

And has anyone else notice that each starter type has a certain theme that each generation follows? Grass usually ends up as some kind of dinosaur, Water ends up as a beefed up version of a real animal, and Fire mostly follows the Chinese Zodiac (though Typhlosion confuses me on what it is, but I love it anyway!)



greenellow said:

man i wish we had a show like this
maybe hitler will be the antagonist for these games lol bad casting



WildPidgeyAppears said:

Several observations:

1. I think it's awesome you guys used my Hamferno nickname! Who named the Grass one Smugleaf?

2. Is Japanese advertising ever NORMAL? I mean, geez, that was so...yeah. Compared to Japan, US advertising is TAME. And not hyperactive.

3. I LOVE the animations. As a Pokefan for the past two years, I've greatly enjoyed the series but man, staring at a static back sprite gets a bit boring after a while. The animations are fantastic, Game Freak. Now the games are a step above the original Final Fantasy games in that department, ha. Of course, the traditonalists will whine and complain, but I love them. Can't wait for this game!



Objection said:

Okay, so the graphics are finally where they should have been with Diamond and Pearl. What's new gameplay-wise?



Ryon said:

POWER STONE sound effect at 2:28, that made me laugh so hard.
Ryoma's Transformed Ground Slash.



Meiko said:

Do you have to memorize the city streets by memory? I liked the "arial" view that diamond and pearl had, you could see more of your trainers surroundings. Well, maybe the camera angle changes when you leave that city.
Agh, who cares?! It's gonna be an awesome game!!



WildPidgeyAppears said:

We'll probably excrete in our pants when we find out the Water starter has a totally kick-butt final form, just like Blastoise and Feraligatr.



sonic_brawler95 said:

Did the Japaneese Hitler looking guy just do what I think he did at the very end. O.O

Anyway, this game looks awesome!



Gamer44 said:

[b] Nintendo may actually do as tey say.This could be the revolution of Pokemon games.....



mastersworddude said:

@15. I love how you think that this is all that will be changed even though we haven't even seen the full game yet.



B-ry said:

Looks the exact same in a new setting with faster, cooler animations. That's awesome but not a revolution. Definitely gonna play it though, smugleaf isn't so bad looking



Pokemon_Girl said:

i like this game, but i want game freak to make a game where you get to pick if you want to be a nurse joy or a professer insted of only getting the chance to be a trainer. because some people want to be on team rocket or team galactic. or they could let you customise your character. they could even take it upon themselves to put in more styles of traners to choose from so if you want a girl trainer and its ugly you dont end up picking a boy. all im saying is that if they dont make a game like that i am going to sit at my desk in my room and think of a new pokemon game and give that idea to game freak.

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