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Sales Charts, Meet Your Future King: Wii Party

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Marquee game coming sometime before March 2011

In a presentation to investors this week, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata filled in the blank for the next marquee "Wii ____" game with the word "Party."

As the next entry in the barn-burning series – whose previous games include million-sellers Wii Sports and its follow up Resort, Play, Fit and the less-successful Music – Iwata ensured that Wii Party will have the full might of Nintendo behind it:

The developers are spending significant time for this title so that they can include elements that are must-haves in a party game as well as making sure that adequate volume of game play are available. We are developing it with the intent that every Wii player will be able to find a game that can be enjoyed. In a game play mode called "Living Party," there is unique gameplay only available with the Wii Remote.

Those looking forward to Mario Party 9 need not be terribly discouraged, as even though it's not a Mushroom Kingdom hoedown you'll of course be able to use all of your Mario-themed Miis for these shenanigans.

Iwata told investors the game would be out sometime during the current financial year, which ends on March 31, 2011. More will likely be revealed at E3 in June, hopefully with spectacular effect.


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Aviator said:

I'd much rather a new Mario Party. Unless this is the game that comes with the Vitality Sensor.



she_gamer said:

"Iwata ensured that Wii Party will have the full might of Nintendo behind it". This is definitely on my radar. Looking forward to another game I can play with my whole family



RonF said:

This will obviously sells millions of copies. I noticed they might be using Earth as a map to the mini-games. If that's true, it will be nice to see games to be somewhat related to the countries were they are located -- I am looking at the football ball over Brazil.



Philip_J_Reed said:

So far, Music is my favorite of the Wii series (yes, really!), but all of them--barring Play--have a great deal of merit. I'm not a big fan of party games, but it's tough not to be optimistic about this one.



pixelman said:

Dang, I'm kind of with Chicken here. Definitely sounds like it has potential what with Nintendo behind it and MotionPlus.

Who wants to bet it'll outsell NSMBWii?



Adam said:

I'd bet against that, Pix. Mario Party sells on Mario's name, and Wii Music has shown that putting Wii in front of a name doesn't necessarily mean success (though I liked Wii Music myself). Seems like a mistake to me.

But if it does result in taking the tedium out of Mario Party and making party games quick and fun, sign me up. Assuming they have something to show for Vitality Sensor by now, maybe we'll be seeing two Wii ___ titles at E3? Orlick would be happy. Not sure if that's a good thing.



Hardy83 said:

Wii Music blew, they should've had a composer and an online sharing system.
I expect this to have the same feeling of "Promising but could have x feature to make it awesome."



cool. Nintendo is good at bringing people playing together. I love the Mario Party titles and if this as fun are those then I'll keep an eye on it.



Mik said:

There's also Wii Chess, as part of the "Wii _____" series



Caliko said:

CANT WAIT!! Wii Music was great! but should have had more accuracy since its a REAL rhythm game.

I LOVE the Wii series. SO excited!!



lex0plex said:

I think Mario party games are awesome, but they've pretty much done everything x8. I like this new direction on the classic game board and mini game idea. I hope it has online play



WiiLovePeace said:

Bummer. Some how I don't see that playing as a Mario-themed Mii will quite make me feel that I'm playing a new Mario Party game, oh well.

Don't get me wrong, this game looks awesome but it seems as though Nintendo have hung up Mario's Party hat for now which is somewha dissapointing as I would rather enjoy another Mario Part installment.

I'll still be watching E3 though, because you never know...



ODOGG618 said:

The Mario Party series has been terrible. Mario party 8 stunk! No two ways about it. I'm looking forward to someone else taking a stab at it.



Sylverstone said:

I'm interesting, at least I can conquer my crave for Mario Party 9, considering the last MP I played was Mario Party 3 on the N64.

Oh, and these were all the games in the Wii series before Wii Partty's announcement:

  • Sports & Sports Resort
  • Play
  • Fit & Fit Plus
  • Music
  • Chess


MeloMan said:

I could assume, but I haven't seen the meniton of online play specifically. I will wait for that announcement before I get TOO excited...



ueI said:

How come I haven't heard of Wii chess? That actually sounds good.



brandonbwii said:

I was expecting this. It will likely be MUCH better than Play with any luck. Personally, I hope this is the ONLY "Wii" game to be released this year so E3 won't be filled with just them. Although I still think Nintendo will announce Wii Relax very soon.



SwerdMurd said:

A party game for the Wii! What a good idea!

I'm on-board with this one. I love when people take risks.



JimLad said:

Hahah, it IS like they have dumped Hudson and are making their own Mario Party that doesn't suck.
I will make two predictions about this game:

1. Without trying to sound too much like a fanboy, it will be awesome. Nintendo are experts at coming up with great mini games, especially when making the most of the Wiis capabilities.

2. It's going to be tricky for them to sell, as it won't be (as it stands) bundled with any new piece of hardware (please god don't be the vitality sensor) Also the name isn't going to help much, though I would like to see Nintendo create the definitive party game and be like: "That's how it's done... now stop making crap"



Adam said:

Or preferably: "That's how it's done... now stop making party games."



ToastyYogurt said:

Nintendo, why are you joining the terrible third party companies that make games for your system by making craptastic party games? You're better than that.



Sarick said:

Much better suited to my collection of quick and easy pick up games for multiplayer. Mario Party and it's long board games just doesn't work for anything else other than a family activity (fine in its own right), people who come over just don't have that kind of time.

The games that it appears to have I'd say look nice enough to make this a fair purchase. Maybe not an immediate or urgent one and if it comes too early I'll most likely leave it for a while until I can afford such a purchase.

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