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Rhythm Core Alpha to Turn DS "Into a Musical Instrument"

Posted by Reed Kalso

Music synth coming to DSiWare

Rhythm Core Alpha is the latest announcement in the recent batch of musical creation tools, this time from SoftEgg Enterprises. It will feature "powerful editing features," including freedom to customise drum patterns, basslines and melodies, and gamers can even use the stylus to play solos along with the patterns they've crafted.

SoftEgg is touting Rhythm Core Alpha as "designed for the creation of live music in front of an audience." The accessibility of the handheld and its features imply that songs can be crafted relatively quickly, but how well audiences will be able to hear gamers' creations remains to be seen.

Hopefully it can live up to the high standard set by its main DSiWare competition Rytmik; we'll keep you posted on this one.


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BleachFan said:

Well shoot, I was planning on getting Rytmik, but if this one has a sharing feature it might cause me to hesitate. Guess I'll have to wait even longer to see...



SoftEgg said:

I'm glad everyone is looking forward to our product. We'd love to be able to support the SD card slot, but alas, Nintendo rules prohibit 3rd party applications from doing so. We are working on a solution for sharing that works within the rules that we hope to make available after launch.

Currently, Rhythm Core Alpha is in the Nintendo approval process, and we hope to ship later this month at a projected price of 500 Nintendo points.

Please check out the website at . It is still a work in progress, but we've got some good screen shots and information on it already.

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