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Renegade Kid Excited by 3DS's Potential for Original Games

Posted by James Newton

Dementium developer thinks new machine could reignite third parties

When it comes to creating superb DS-exclusive titles, nobody rivals Nintendo: we know this, you know this and developers certainly know this, resulting in a marked decrease in DS boxed releases as publishers look to distribute their funds elsewhere. Jools Watsham, founder of Dementium and Moon developer Renegade Kid, thinks the 3DS may be just the ticket to revive flagging third-party support for Nintendo handhelds.

Everyone seems very excited about the 3DS. I know I am. I think the beginning of any new platform’s life is the best time to release original games. They have a much better chance of selling due to the limited selection of games available.

Watsham makes a good point, although this wasn't exactly true of the DS's release line-up: the biggest-selling title was by far Super Mario 64 DS, and the only truly original titles were Sonic Team's underrated Project Rub and WarioWare: Touched! In its first year the machine received Meteos, Nintendogs, Trauma Centre and Lost in Blue among other quality exclusive titles, but Western publishers soon began to see the good games were mostly coming from one place: Japan.

I think the number of US developers supporting the 3DS is going to be larger than it has been for the DS in terms of teams who are focusing on creating original so-called “core” games. I think we’ll see a lot of the current Wii and iPhone developers adding the 3DS to their development plans.

Whether Watsham's prediction is right and we'll see a wider array of core games developed outside of Japan will only become clear in time, but with the support of talented Western developers there's a possibility Japan may not hold quite such a monopoly next time around.


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KiroX777 said:

Nintendo better not have exaggerated with the 3DS or else...
i want:
L and Rs that DON'T BREAK!!



Dodger said:

Everytime my R button stops responding, I put my mouth around the corner of the DSi and blow and it fixes it. Rather annoying, especially when you are in public.

I have to agree that so much more could be done. I haven't seen that many good and creative game cards out there. I see a lot of creative ones but I do a lot of research before getting a game card because it isn't always cheap. I am only thirteen so I don't have a real salary yet and once I do, I am sure I will have more important things before video games.



Ickaser said:

@KiroX777- Isn't the 3DS supposed to be a handheld?

@Dodger- I'm in the same situation. Except I read reviews just for fun, not just when I research.

I wonder how developers will use 3D effects. The possibilities seem to be endless.

Typing on a DSi! ding



zionich said:

Well, maybe third parties finally realize that if they get there games out sooner, the "hardcore" gamer will buy the system. ( Hate to use the term "Hardcore", it has no meaning anymore) This is what happened to the Wii; little to no third party support, minus gimmicky shovel ware, Wii sells go through the roof, mainly because Nintendo did what they said they would do and got people that normally dont buy games ot buy games. Then third parties try to jump on th band wagaon and by then, Nintendo Wii seems to be a cuss word amongst the "hardcore" audience and they wonder why there sales arnt as good.

Which does bring up the question why people thinks its uncool to play the Wii? There are alot of awesome games for it.

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