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Red Steel 2 Met Ubi's Sales Expectations

Posted by James Newton

More accurate figures sadly lacking

It may have failed to set the charts alight but Red Steel 2 still performed in line with Ubisoft's sales estimates.

In its end of year financial report, the company failed to give more exact sales figures but did say it had performed in line with revised estimates, a reference to the halving of expectations just before launch.

Most interestingly is the revelation that a massive 42% of Ubisoft's software sales last year were on Wii, with 17% on DS, PS3 on 12% and Xbox 360 only mustering 8%. Bear in mind that highly-acclaimed adventure Assassin's Creed II launched on both HD formats at around the same time as the Wii received Just Dance and you start to get the picture.

In fact, Just Dance has sold nearly three million units worldwide, resulting in almost three million cases of people looking like idiots in their own homes.


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A-SWE said:

"...of people looking like idiots in their own homes."
Isnt that about everyone with a Wii?



Crunc said:

I'd actually be very interested in a Just Dance sequel that used Wii motion plus. I mean the game is fun to play to an extent, but if you are at all into the idea of scoring in dance games (i.e. games like DDR), it will drive you mad, given the inaccuracy of the remote. So Just Dance with Wii Motion Plus would make a lot of sense. Then again, maybe not, as I think most people that like Just Dance don't really give a hoot about the scoring. They just want to do what the title says.



Rebel81 said:

Just picked it up, but at was already discounted at 40 euro including Motion Plus. As I need and extra Motion Plus it was a good deal.



J_K said:

So they halved the numbers they wanted, and then got that. Sounds more like spin to cover their butts, unless whatever they met was far exceeding near the original desire they wanted moved.



ECM said:

<i>...resulting in almost three million cases of people looking like idiots in their own homes.</i>

You must not know a single hot female to be making statements such as this.



brandonbwii said:

Looking like an idiot while playing games actually means your having a lot of fun most of the time. Gamers need to be less self-conscious and just enjoy themselves. To non-gamers you'd look just as foolish holding a plastic guitar or being hunched over with a traditional controller.



EdEN said:

I'm currently playing Red Steel 2 since I got it as a gift on the weekend and it's a very good looking game and it plays very good as well since you can customize the control as much as you want until you feel it's just right.



Fuzzy said:

I bought it last week, but am yet to play it. Looking forward to it though.



Matt_B said:

According to VGChartz, Red Steel 2 has shifted 160,000 copies now. That's not epic, but its still showing a decent tail after a couple of months and will probably scrape over the half million mark around a year after release if this carries on.

So far as Just Dance goes, it's an epic hit with the Wii Fit crowd. That's hardly surprising though, as dancing is a lot more fun than mere exercise yet it's just as good for burning off the calories. The scoring system is indeed awful though.



KDR_11k said:

They've learned some good lessons with RS2 and I think they may be able to apply them to make an even better game within a year.



Sean_Aaron said:

Glad to see Ubisoft collecting the dosh for the Wii. Though some of their efforts may be half-baked, stuff like Red Steel 2 and the Rabbids games clearly indicate a company with serious in-house talent and I like to see those kinds of folk getting their stuff in my lounge!



RyuZebian said:

It's better to be posetively suprised than negatively, so low sales expectations are good if you ask me. otherwise they might have gotten headlines like "Ubisoft's RS2 sales disappoint!" In this case they can simpy say "No they weren't, we expected this!"



Jampony said:

You gotta hand it to Ubisoft. For every crappy, half-basked, shovelware game they publish, they do put their resources into several good quality Wii specific titles.



mnementh said:

The new Prince of Persia game also seems to be the better version than the PS3/360 versions according to most reviews. Ubisoft knows its stuff when it comes to Wii games.

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