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Primrose to Bring Colour and Relaxation to DSiWare

Posted by James Newton

New puzzler from Sabarasa

As if the opportunity to Save the Turtles wasn't enough, soon you can colour in the squares with Sabarasa's upcoming puzzler Primrose, just announced for DSiWare.

Taking inspiration from classic puzzler Othello and perhaps a dash of Wakugumi, Primrose also includes a thoughtful colourblind mode and has already been rated for release in North America, Europe and Australia.

There's no release date yet but Primrose looks like it could be another good addition to DSiWare's bulging puzzle library. Check out this trailer and see what you think.

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theblackdragon said:

after Save the Turtles, i'll definitely be giving whatever they've got to throw at us a try :3



Philip_J_Reed said:

Reminds me of an old game called Lights Out...the way you choose one square, and the contiguous squares to the immediate North, South, East and West are toggled as well. In Lights Out it was just a matter of...well...turning lights on or out. Here, obviously, color comes into play too.

Lights Out was darned difficult as it was. I didn't get through many levels of that thing before I resorted to just pressing buttons like mad, hoping the randomness would change the puzzle into something more easily manageable. Often it did.

I'll still give this one a go...but I definitely don't expect it to be easy!



GammaGames said:

@ Chicken_Brutus: is lights out like one of the mini-games on NSMB-DS where you flip the tiles to make the design?



theblackdragon said:

@GammaGames: yeah, that one had a minigame that looked like you were in the sand as i recall, and there were yoshis on either side of the tile-flipping area? i forget, it's been a while. I know for a fact, though, that it's also like one of Dr. Topper's challenges in SMRPG, the one with the !-switches (when you finally get to Bowser's Castle and the six numbered doors inside, that part of the game). :3

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