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Pokemon Returns to European Wiis in July with PokePark: Pikachu's Adventure

Posted by James Newton

Yellow mouse and friends in cutesy adventure shocker

You wait ages for one Wii game starring a gaming icon set in a theme park and before you know it, a second one has come along. Yesterday we found out about Sonic Colours, today we get confirmation that PokéPark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure is heading to European Wii consoles on July 9th. It's almost too much.

Predictably it's not the long-awaited home console Pokémon adventure fans have been clamouring for since time began, but rather a series of minigames in the guise of "attractions" at the PokéPark. With aerial dogfights, foot races and Pokémon sumo it sounds like there could be some decent variety to it, and we'll bring you videos and screenshots in the run-up to its European launch on July 9th.


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Arthur said:

Not a shock for me, I already knew about this a long, long time ago from



Cipher said:

Whilst it might not be the type of Pokémon game a lot of people want to see on Wii, it's still nice to see more of the quirkier Japanese titles making their way over here.



Faildude said:

Woah, I wondered when this is going to come to us just today. From what I have seen it has pretty nice graphics but only about 10 hours gameplay.



spicoli said:

Yeah, why isn't there an adventure-style pokemon game for a home console yet? Just make it similar to the handheld games, only not two-dimensional and with real time battles.



CrazyOtto said:

Namco Museum Remix was the first Wii game with a popular character that is set entirely in a theme park.

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