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Pokémon Black & White Set in Megalopolis Where Nature and Man Co-exist

Posted by Trevor Chan

See the game's protagonists and where their adventure will take place

A couple of days ago, we showed you a glimpse of the weird and wonderful creatures that gamers will encounter in Pokémon Black & White as images of the starting-three made their way to Coro Coro Magazine. The Pokémon Company has now updated the game's site with additional information on this trio, as well as the region the game is set in and the two main characters that players will be able to choose from.

The official Japanese website for Pokémon Black & White reveals that the game will be set in a region called Iishu, which is supposedly far away from any location that's been previously covered in other Pokémon games. A land where the greenery of nature surrounds a contemporary megalopolis, it is not only a balance of man and nature, but a place filled with never-before seen Pokémon waiting to be bagged and tagged.

Our protagonists are your usual trendy-looking male and female youth, and the Pokémon starting line-up comprises Pokabu, a fire pig with ears that look like they belong to a rabbit (also known as Hamferno in these parts – Editor); Mijumaru, a feline-otter hybrid variety with a rather disturbing protrusion on its belly; and Tsutarja, a smug-looking lizard-type Pokémon with a leaf-like tail.


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Maxsh said:

Looks pretty awesome. Staying firm that the starters look ridiculous.



ToastyYogurt said:

From what I've seen of Black and White so far, it looks like crap. Honestly, the new starters are weak. I'm sure this will start the fall of Pokemon.



Linkuini said:

Oh, come on, is it that hard to tell that the thing on the water-type's belly is an oyster (pretty sure that's the right mollusk) shell? Could we all get over ourselves please?



Morpheel said:

oh please game freak, dont make the game in a single city...
well, the pokemon regions are usually the size a small city in the real world woud be....



Stuffgamer1 said:

Just look at the screenshots we have for the game thus far...see that first one? Does it look like it's somewhere in that city to you? Doesn't look like it to me.



WarioPower said:

@ Legend of Pasta- I couldn't agree more. Now onto the game. I think it looks AWESOME so far!



TingLz said:

@Stuffy: It could be in the outskirts of the city

However, I do not think that is the only city in the game



KaiserGX said:

It's a garden snake, but idk why it has legs. It's a Pokemon, obviously Nintendo knows something we don't about evolution.



Objection said:

Hamferno (tm) is the official English name...if Nintendo knows what's good for it.



minimario_man said:

Snakes did use to have legs but lost them through evolution, the same thing may happen to tsutaja. Also if you look at its ringed belly and cuved body, it does have a look of a snake. It is my favourite of the starters. Pokabu has grown on me as well because I like it's smile! Mijumaru also looks really cute, but it wil probally evolve into a six-foot otter thing with claws! Also, Buizel wasn't an otter, too many people say it was to make mijumaru look unoriginal, the pokemon was a weasel!



LordJumpMad said:

Why Dose The new Grass Type Pokemon Tail, Look like a Marijuana Plant.
Better keep it away from Fire.or your going to get one Stoned Charmander



Klapaucius said:

Seen the latest screenshots and it looks better than I could have thought. The city actually feel like a city - have you seen how many people are walking around the streets? Its also about time we got to see the whole of our Pokemon, rather than just the top of them, when they do battle. Everything looks like an improvement.



NassaDane said:

It doesn't even look like an up side down Vagina like everyone keeps saying! Its a clam, what Otters eat, duh.



skywake said:

hamferno.... regardless of what it IS called I am definitely going to nickname it that!



MrWarmo said:

Nintendo has a lot of work to do on this game, the only problem we will be waiting 5 years for it to come out everywhere! Stupid language translators...



Klapaucius said:

It certainly feels like 5 years, but they've been translating and releasind them outside of Japan in a pretty timely fashion recently (just look at Platinum and HG+SS). I'm expecting Black+White to get released outside Japan around March~May 2011.



KyubiStewie said:

Of all the main rpgs in the series, this has to be a little unoriginal. But it's worth try when it comes out. If I don't like it, I'll return it.



Tottalrockage said:

A better name would be slate and marble espeacily with the vividly colerd titles of its earlier vers. know were back to yellow blue and red (american vers.)

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