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Plan Your Life with this Monster Hunter Event Calendar

Posted by James Newton

Never miss an important quest again

Capcom is certainly sticking to its commitment to support Monster Hunter Tri with post-launch DLC, so much so that it's devised a calendar tool to help you organise your sessions in advance.

Detailing the dates, minimum HR and reward – hey, you can get the Tenebra from the end of the month – you can synchronise it to your desktop calendar with a few quick clicks. But why stop there? Sync it to your phone and you'll never be left wondering when you can win a Silver Egg. Isn't technology wonderful?


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OldBoy said:

I will never finish this game!! . this is a neat idea though,good to see they are still showing support for the game.



Slapshot said:

Flippin Sweet NL. Thanks for the post. I feel I just sold my soul to something bad after starting this game yesterday. So amazing and super addictive lol.



irken004 said:

Nice, I can use this once I'm out of school. Only then will I have time to play.



AVahne said:

Whoa, that's awesome!

See you guys today for the Sharq and Barroth event!



Yanagi said:

Even though I'm focusing on single player until I get further and some of my friends pick up the game, this is a great tool for us hunters out there. Now, we can plan our hunts ahead of time.



kevohki said:

Wake up, kill monsters, kill monsters, kill monsters, kill monsters, kill monsters, lunch, kill monsters, kill monsters, kill monsters, quick nap, kill monsters, kill monsters...



Machu said:

lol JakobG.

Anyway, I've missed out on a few whilst trapped in the village and there are some I'm unable to join due to lack of HR, does anyone know if these Events will loop eventually? :/

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