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Nintendo's Next Winning DSiWare Combination: Monkeys and Music

Posted by James Newton

Mickey Dolenz not included

This one may have got lost in the recent maelstrom of financial reports and Kirby sightings, but a new DSiWare game featuring monkeys playing instruments deserves your full attention.

Titled Make and Sing: Monkey Band, it's a pseudo-music creation game that writes songs for you based on certain themes and musical styles. If you've always dreamt of having a band of super simians sing your soulful compositions, that seems like a very bizarre dream.

The game's just been released in Japan, though sadly there's no confirmed release in the West and it's possible this is just too odd to see the light of day in the West, but raise your voice if you want to see this game available where you are. If you're not sure, the super-cute video below may just convince you.

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Bobpie said:

Finally. There was a massive hole in the market for monkeys playing musical instruments whilst wearing hats.



Mishichibi said:

Awww! ~ So Kawaii!!! ~
Wow, the cute monkey in the middle of the band sings "robot-like."
I wonder if the singing software "vocaloid" was used in this game.

If so... Hatsune miku FTW!!



xAlias said:

That looks totally awesome. I really hope it is awesome, because anything with monkeys in it will hook me and my siblings. Looks really fun. Can't wait to get hands on it.

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