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Nintendo Trademarks 3DSWare, DSMovie and Other Intriguing Phrases

Posted by James Newton

But why, when the 3DS name isn't final?

One day it's possibly leaked testing hardware, the next it's a list of trademarks: the Internet Rumour Mill is operating at full steam ahead these days.

According to a list discovered by forum members over at NeoGAF, Nintendo has registered trademarks including DSMovie, DSMagazine and DSCinema. The most interesting of these is of course 3DSWare, which points the way towards downloadable titles available for the new console just like the DSi's DSiWare.

It's likely not all of these marks will be used by Nintendo as it's not uncommon for companies to register names to cover their bases, and sadly none give much insight into the console's true name, but if it's guaranteed to have DSiWare-style downloads then that's an awesome discovery indeed.

Here's the list of trademarks:

商願2010-021055 DS Sound
商願2010-021086 DS Name Card
商願2010-021087 DSMagazine
商願2010-021088 DSMovie
商願2010-021089 DSCamera
商願2010-021090 DSCinema
商願2010-021091 DSMessage
商願2010-021092 DSMusic
商願2010-021093 DSAlbum
商願2010-021709 3DSPlay
商願2010-021710 Nintendo 3DS
商願2010-021711 ニンテンドー3DS (Nintendo 3DS)
商願2010-021712 3DSWare
商願2010-021713 Nintendo 3DSWare
商願2010-023066 N3D


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Token_Girl said:

Yeah, just covering their bases so nobody leeches off their idea. Looks like it could have some pretty neat features. Netflix linkup with the Wii anyone?



Azaris said:

nintendo does this alot with it's patent names gamecube still bears the dolpin(dol) name,ds still has nitro(ntr) name,and wii still has revolution(rvl) on it so i ain't surprised there doing it again



PhillaLoup said:

商願2010-021055 DS Sound - like in DSi
商願2010-021086 DS Name Card - maybe you u have all your data saved an that card so that you can switch the hardware!!!
商願2010-021087 DSMagazine - it could be like the "news" in the Nintendo channel or a virtual comic/book
商願2010-021088 DSMovie - you can make mini films with your inbuilt camera!
商願2010-021089 DSCamera - like the camera mode in the DSi - including 3D effects!
商願2010-021090 DSCinema - top screen is widescreen - so this is the movieplayer
商願2010-021091 DSMessage - messageboard - like in Wii (but better)
商願2010-021092 DSMusic - musicplayer like in DSi (but better)
商願2010-021093 DSAlbum - photo-album like in DSi (but better )
商願2010-021709 3DSPlay - like WiiPlay - it teaches you how to use the hardware.
商願2010-021710 Nintendo 3DS - the name
商願2010-021713 Nintendo 3DSWare - the download platform
商願2010-023066 N3D - an alternate name



Chunky_Droid said:

3DSWare I would guess would be Nintendo's way of stopping someone else taking the name for their programs, making them sound like a Nintendo product.

Can't wait for E3, where's the Virtual Handheld!?



Klapaucius said:

Even if the machine isn't going to to be the 3DS, by trademarking the name they make sure nobody else will call something that.



Roopa132 said:

I hope it's gonna be called the 3DS. Unlike Revolution, 3DS actually sounds good.



Phobos said:

(Ear automatically lifts up)

This console is seriously gonna blow us away.



yoshdude64 said:

Um, June, could you hurry up? I was this right now. I think I am going to burst. *Runs outside (it's 7:00) and screams his head off while running down the street.



Karakato said:

This news makes me anticipate the 3ds more so. This could be a breakthrough in gaming history, but I'll still wait for it to be revealed in public before making any hasty judgments. But still, I excited to see the outcome of this.



Xkhaoz said:

Well, they trademarked 3DS so that people can't be compycats, yo know, like when Nintendo trademarked Zii and stuff like that.



RyuZebian said:

If they're going to have a movie player, they're best to have good file support and not lock it into a build-in store... Having to pay for movies you already have/can get cheaper elsewhere is always bad! But if they make a good premium internet connection feature then it just might work!



Objection said:

Ah the 3DS...I'm truely interested, despite the lack of mention for a real, concrete game for thr handheld.



3DS said:




FonistofCruxis said:

I hope 3DSware will be good and I also hope that it will have a download service for handheld classics and that you can transfer dsiware.



BJWanlund said:

@Chunky Droid: It's (unofficially) because Nintendo doesn't like putting out buggy versions of anything (up to and excluding friend codes).




Useless_Account said:

Sounds good. Hopefully a gamertag type system, online chat along with pictochat, mp3 returns(hopefully), and everything awesome anyone can ever think of I hoping for.
@ GonzoMontana
Hopefully you're right with your list. And better resolution too.



LordJumpMad said:

it makes my DSi look like a waste of money
Got last year cuz I was still Rockin the DS Fat



Gamer44 said:

Hmm.....I hope they will actually make some of them as apps, like the messenging thing, and the Movie thing.



fishman100 said:

now i really can't wait until E3!!!! it's gonna be great with the revfealings of LoZ (legend of zelda), the 3DS, and more!!!



Swiket said:

Preemptively, I'm going to repeat the fact that companies of Nintendo's stature register any number of trademarks related to their named products that do not end up as future products as a simple and completely routine means of protecting their intellectual properties.

And also preemptively, I know I'd be kidding myself in thinking this will curtail any wild speculation.



Dodger said:

Wow... Just thinking about that picture you showed, that would get super uncomfortable really, really quickly with the screen being so much bigger then the control part... And I thought my DSi was uncomfortable to hold sometimes. I am glad that isn't it.



ToastyYogurt said:

Yay! Hopefully the 3DS plays movies and lets you read magazines (Nintendo Power on DS, anyone?). 3DSWare just seemed obvious. Hopefully we get that Wider screen and that analogue nub too.



mastersworddude said:

Just because they trademark 3DS and all that other doesn't mean it will stay 3DS, its too keep people for using the names. although N3D sounds good.



SanderEvers said:

I think the "3DS" might have actually just ONE screen. (Which will be big enough to replace both DS'es screens for DS games)



Feld0 said:

Please, oh please let there be a Yoshi's Island 3[DS] on this! The thought of seeing a YI game's stunning graphics in 3D makes me drool!

Maybe they'll use such a game as a demonstration of the system's abilities, like the original YI did back on the SNES...

Ah, don't mind me and my wishes for another full-on Yoshi platformer. I just hope Nintendo's gonna do a good job with the 3DS, and have the great games to support it.



Myndaember said:

@arcanum bad bad bad Idea. Hasn't everyone learned that lesson when that kid in Colorado tried to freeze him self so they wouldn't have to wait for the wii. It ended badly. Google it.



xAlias said:

There have been a lot of decently faked DS knock-offs. Just go to Google Images and type in DS2 on the search bar.

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