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Nintendo of Australia Sends DS to School But Don't Get Any Ideas

Posted by James Newton

"We're not Santa", they may have said

Here's a heartwarming story for you: a young girl, frustrated at not being bought a DS console by her parents, wrote a letter to Nintendo as part of a school project, praising the company and explaining her situation. Signing off with a polite – if somewhat cheeky – request for a console, she was understandably thrilled when Nintendo obliged by sending her a console. Sadly the girl's teacher wasn't quite as impressed, only awarding the letter a C grade.

Since then Nintendo of Australia have been keen to stress this isn't the kind of thing they usually do, as Heather Murphy states:

Nintendo always calls the school, hospital, retirement home, or whatever it may be to ensure the letter is legitimate. Nintendo does not routinely give away products in response to letters. From time to time, we may donate product to schools, hospitals or retirement villages.

So don't get your hopes up thinking some childish handwriting and a heartbreaking story will net you a Wii, because it won't. Unless you really have childish handwriting and a heartbreaking story, in which case: good luck.


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Raylax said:

Nice story, but I'm not sure Nintendo should be giving her a console if her parents have said no, it undermines the parenting somewhat. If the reason was simply that they weren't financially able to buy a DS then that's a really nice gesture, but I'm not so sure about this.



Monix2598 said:

Damn. Here i was thinking i was going to get a free wii by writing fake letters to nintendo



theblackdragon said:

I'm kinda with Raylax... hopefully they contacted the girl's parents first, to make sure it was just funds and not a punishment that she couldn't have a DS. :3



SuperPeach said:

That's not fair. Why can't she just save her money for one. That's what I've always had to do, no presents for me.



Caliko said:

This was sweet of Nintendo. They also have the greatest customer service. Sometimes even going as far as replacing a broken second hand system. They will also send you a box and replacement system in advance, unlike Microsoft who gave me a faulty system, no advance replacement and expects me to pay shipping to repair their screw ups.



Token_Girl said:

It's just Nintendo of Australia just needed to bank some good karma, given that, in general, it sort of sucks to be a gamer there.



Useless_Account said:

Man... thats cool I guess, but this is like a last resort which is probably ho Nintendo looked at this. She should have gotten at least a B because obviously she got more than she bargained for in response to the letter. Did gher teacher correct it before she sent it? Did they send the letter back with the DS?



Phobos said:

Well, looka Ninty all over again. I am sure this'll be a good example to the cronies at Microsoft and Sony.
Yeah, right.



Junkface said:

What a cute story. It's nice to see that even big companies like Nintendo stil have a little heart. This must have made that little girl's day for that Nintemdo I salute you. Kudos genlemen.



warioswoods said:

I wonder if NintendoLife also sent me that free DSi only on behalf of my childish writing.



Sprace_Bot said:

WOW! i wish i thought of that. my writing is messy wough and i could pass for a sixth grader. but i'll get my chance for something great. but it'll suck cuz i'll be about 95 years old and then i'll win the $70 million lottery and and i'll die the next morning.



WildPidgeyAppears said:

"Dear Sega,

I am truly heartbroken that your last few Sonic games have blown chunks. Would you be so kind as to make one that truly lives up to the Genesis era stuff? I'd really really really love you for that and just please make it sooooooooo good I'll even buy two copies on release day! You guys rock and I'm sure your next Sonic game will be great.

Love, Little Johnny

P.S. If the game is terrible, you will pay in blood."



DarkEdi said:

Microsoft surely burns letters like that, but fire costs so i think Gates use it for bathroom.



noblo601 said:

Actually, I have read a few articles on this and I believe that Nintendo actually gave the Nintendo DS and an 'educational game' to the school. So this isn't for the girl per-say, but for the entire school to share.

Also, now that I am looking at it, are we sure it is a C grade or is it a child's attempt at copywriting a letter? I don't think that teachers in Australia give letter grades in primary school do they?



Rerun said:

It's a heartwarming story. I just hope that the this doesn't send a wrong message to the kid and grows up to be a spoiled brat who expects everything to be given to her.

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