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New Zelda Aims for Easier Controls, Big Surprises

Posted by James Newton

Miyamoto surprisingly clarifies neither

There's still a sleepless four weeks between us and the new Zelda game for Wii, set to be unveiled at E3. We don't know what it'll look, sound or play like, but a recent interview with Shigeru Miyamoto has revealed it should control more simply than previous Link outings.

For us, it is important to the to optimise gameplay and make the controls easier. We do our best to make the controls player friendly, since Zelda has become complicated.

Presumably the inclusion of MotionPlus will go a long way to simplifying these controls: what could be more intuitive than swinging your sword around to slice up some Octoroks?

Miyamoto also continued to tease the "big surprise" between the title that has speculators guessing everything from a first-person adventure to a futuristic Zelda and everything in between.

For us, two things are important: to meet expectations and to surprise people. How we do it this time, I will not reveal.

Hopefully the two aren't mutually exclusive, but we look forward to having our expectations met and our people surprised when Nintendo hopefully makes the big reveal on June 15th. Expect as-it-happens coverage from Nintendo Life that day so keep it locked here to find out as soon as this one's unveiled.


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PopeReal said:

My expectations are epic or bust, so they are quite reasonable

I love my Zeldas, but I am ready for something a bit different.



kevohki said:

Hopefully the surprise is Tingle dies. Good thing they are focusing on the controls because the Wii version of Twilight Princess had terrible controls compared to the GameCube version.



V8_Ninja said:

I hope my expectations will be blown away by the reveal at E3. If not, then I'll automatically declare this game bad.

& @SpriteKing Nightmares? 0_o Are you sure you're Okay?



MasterGraveheart said:

I'm glad they want to keep controls simple. Complicated controls are like putting land mines in a hockey rink. Good for the Mutant League, not so good realisticly.



Megumi said:

...I hate it when Nintendo does this to us....then again E3 wouldn't be as surprising...ugh.



fishman100 said:

GAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOING CRAZY!!!!! JUST REVEAL IT!!!!!!!!! CAN'T WAIT 4 MORE LONG WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



OldBoy said:

ARGHH!! Why must they tease us so?!!! I don't even know why I'm getting excited after the dissapointing (IMO) Twilight Princess................but I am.



Megumi said:

Eh...Twilight Princess was just a waggle thing...hopefully this will be like what I'm hoping for, like...a lightsaber game. lol



Shiryu said:

Big Surprise: Grab Navi and smash her around with true 1:1 Wii motion plus control! :>



Kid_A said:

All good things. Twilight Princess' controls (for Wii anyway) were pretty complicated, so it'll be nice to have things streamlined.

I will say though: I'm not impressed with games that merely meet my expectations. Truly great games surpass expectations...let's hope that happens.




@ #7 No.....just no.
The Surpise is that the four Tingles will be the main characters. Link and Zelda are locked up and you must utilize each of the Tingle's special abilities to save them. Expect amazing graphics and stunning boss fights. You can switch from first person to third person at any time. Utilize all new weapons and fly around using Tingle's famous balloons! Be prepared for an amazing storyline with many different dungeons, mind bending puzzles, beautiful graphics and spectacular boss fights. The Legend of Zelda: Tingles' Adventure is set to be released on christmas day of 2010.
I cannot wait



AVahne said:

Steam Punk Zelda?
Maybe they'll surpass even Mario Galaxy's graphics engine for this game?



Machu said:

I like complexity, they best not dumb it down too much. :/

Not long till E3 now.... AAAAAGGGH!!! D:



Crystalking18 said:

Hmmm.....if it's a random surprise that no one has heard of.... maybe.... Zelda is the main villain? Hyrule gets destroyed? Pull a Chrono Cross where you play as Ganon and Link is the villain? Just listing random ideas, but I hope it comes out soon!



That_Guy_from_Faxana said:

Yes the Wii controls for Twilight Princess are terrible.

Stabbing with the remote to trigger preset moves instead of just using a button was a disasterous designchoice for my part. I haven´t even played through the game because I got tired of flicking my wrist in vain. I´ll borrow the Gamecube version from a friend instead.



Megumi said:

...You don't even have to flick it that hard...the controls were ok to me, just was expecting...more realism or whatever.



Hardy83 said:

Complicated controls? The Zelda 3D series has had some of the best controls of any game, they have never been overly complicated.

How stupid do they think Nintendo players are?
I mean auto jump, auto lock, simple item mapping to buttons...It's incredibly easy.



pokemonzrpg said:

I am the only one who got Twilight Princess for the Cube?

Anyway, I am really excited for this. It seems to be very promising, fortunately.



zemulii said:

After seeing Galaxy 2 I have complete faith that Nintendo will not let this be anything other than utterly brilliant.



Caliko said:

Realistic control means simpler control.

I hope they use force velocity feedback, meaning, if you're merely flicking your wrist it shows in the game play and swinging the sword across with great might will deliver a greater blow.(ummm or maybe not since this will mean more lawsuits of people getting hurt.)

P.S. The future/steam punk idea was FAN MADE. I'm sure Nintendo plans to deliver something completely different and most of all surprising.



I don't see the controls on the wii bad but if they are still on their plans for bringing more and new gamers with their star franchises then yes, the control scheme must change along with the formula.

The controls on Oot and beyond were OK when zelda jumped to 3D and it was the best they could doo with a 2D controller. But now with M+ which is a true 3D control is time to ditch it and bring a new more natural interface.

But still, I just wish that the formula changes. Bring it back to its arcade roots, revamp the action, tone down the puzzles, make the overworld an exciting place and please STOP WITH THE CORNY STORIES.



Boonehams said:

Nope. I got it too. I didn't have a Wii at the time and was too poor to afford one, so I had little option.

Also, if I may speculate, I think the game will be a 'Manhunt 2'-styled "murder simulator", where you torture and torment Navi, Tingle and Agatha (the creepy bug girl from 'Twilight Princess') for hours on end. A new graphics engine was created to mimic real-world physics and perfectly simulate flying blood and spit particulate. A myriad of weapons can be obtained, including ball-peen hammers, rusty nails, needle-nose pliers, fish/meat hooks and the series classic Master Sword! Gesture-based WiiMotion Plus controls make you feel like you're in the game! Bludgeon and maim to unlock new gear! (Plot yet to be finalized.)



Evergreen said:

I sure hope they provide the option to play without motion controls. Especially now with the new classic controller pro, it is absolutely INEXCUSABLE if they don't at least give us the choice.



WildPidgeyAppears said:

Nintendo continues the time-honored tradition of wang-teasing us while being ultra vague. It's a bit grating that other companies will parade around epic trailers and gameplay footage (except Squeenix who only ever shows the CG in their commercials), and the game directors will tell us how the game plays and the controls...and Nintendo, of course, doesn't give away anything we could actually construe as useful information.

I understand wanting to protect ideas and concepts, but they don't have to be so paranoid about this. If it inspires copycats, so what? At least we'll have an inkling of how the control is going to be worth our while. SMG2 is close to release and they barely revealed anything big about it until just gets annoying.



JebbyDeringer said:

Simpler controls = ok dumbed down = bad. The previous game was a bit annoying with the big wheel of weaponry (most of which were useless). Still I would love a dedicated jump button rather than an action button which does everything. I mean sometimes I want to be able to jump and talk to people while I'm in the air.



Klapaucius said:

I also got TP for the Gamecube, so you're not the only one.
The Gamecube 'version' of TP is the true one. It was hurriedly ported to the Wii.



Slapshot said:

Ive got a good feeling that 3D Dot Game Heroes will be holding me through until the next Zelda Games comes around if they dumb down Zelda. Touch Screen Control on the last two DS games was a pain in the wrist and just frustrating to me.

Zelda Wii need to be Complicated! TP was great make it Bigger and Harder with less Waggle!



Token_Girl said:

I had the GCN one too, but when I got the Wii I traded it in for the Wii version, because I liked the motion controls better. (But everything's backwards....)



Objection said:

BIG SURPRISE: Real voice acting (not necessarily including Link.) A darker, more cinematic Zelda that incorporates the best aspects of recent Zelda titles. That's my hope anyway. I really want this game to pan out, as it's one of 2 or 3 Wii games I plan on getting between now and the end of the year.



WaveBoy said:

I hope it's more colorful and vibrant than what we got with Twilight Princess. I'm thinking along the lines of A Link to the Past.



brandonbwii said:

My big problem with twilight princess on Wii was in fact the complicated controls. I'm probably the only person who LIKED the DS change of pace with the Zelda games (they were far from the best of the series but I did enjoy the use of ds functions).

Hopefully this will have everything I like about the DS versions (fantastic streamlined controls, fast paced and fun puzzles, unique boss battes) and gets rid of everything I don't (generic, frustrating means of transportation, dumbed down story, linearity).



WildPidgeyAppears said:

As long as it's not the lame Kevin Costner Waterworld setting as Wind Waker, I'm happy. Sure, I know a lot of people liked Wind Waker, but I DESPISED it (the sailing and the graphical style being chief among the reasons for my hatred). But when Miyamoto says there's something big in store, we should believe him. Guys, I don't think this one is going to be another lame edition of tacked-on waggle like TP Wii.



Useless_Account said:

Zelda isn't even complicated, if anythingit's gotten too easy(only hard parts are finding heart peices in MM and OoT, basically the sidequests).
I think that there should be certain directions that you have to swing the sword in order to hurt the opponent, and an "easier" setting would be to NOT have direction recognition. All I want is better fights, cool items, a huge realistic world, possibly better graphics, better pointing controls, better puzzles, differnt clothes for Link, possibly DLC, a fairy would be nice again, IDK about masks, something to collect that can afect the main story but isn't required.



TingLz said:

The big surprise is...that Zelda Wii is actually Golden Sun Wii



SanderEvers said:

I wouldn't want Nintendo to mix up Golden Sun and Zelda. It's like throwing Pokémon and Mario in the mix. (Well, they DID that with Super Smash Bros.)



Slapshot said:

@Iz..... I'm good with that.

Big Suprise..... its actually Nintendogs for Wii with Link instead of dogs.... wait...... with motion controls and motion plus support........ and you can play the ocarina Wii music style...... lol!



Sean_Aaron said:

Although I'm not a fan of the series as a whole, I'm still interested in this game because Twilight Princess surprised me by having an interesting set of characters and a story that, although overlong, still kept me playing to the end.

I can see getting this new game for one playthrough at the very least, though if I end up keeping it I'll be surprised.



brandonbwii said:

I wasn't a fan of the DS Zelda games as a whole (read comment #43 for the list of flaws) but I did like the idea of streamlined controls.

I know it's a stretch, but I would love it if they found away to streamline inventory management. It's been a staple of the Zelda series for years, but I'd love to be able to switch weapons/items on the fly with less stop and go item selection.



RyuZebian said:

I hope for a completely new experience. FPS sound good to me. FPS means First Person Shooter you say? I thought it menat First Person Swordplay!



Spoony_Tech said:

This will be the only game that will pull me away from Monster Hunter.

Dont get me wrong i want Metroid other M and SMG2 but they will not hold my attention like this one will.

Cant wait to see the game in motion and the release date(although they never release it on there first release date they give).



brandonbwii said:


Be careful. You're asking for something new and different. You don't want to upset the fans.



Useless_Account said:

Well they did that with Medal of Honor Heroes 2. and a bunch of other games so if they did that (FPS) style, no one would be upset, it would just have to be an option, besides, there's that Dragon Quest game thats like that anyway.



WildPidgeyAppears said:

@56 It worked for Metroid. Remember the whining and complaining until people PLAYED the damn game and realized it was awesome?

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