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New Making of Jett Rocket Blog Opens

Posted by James Newton

Go behind the scenes with Shin'en's platform beauty

Anticipation around these parts for Shin'en Multimedia's WiiWare platformer Jett Rocket is pretty high at the moment, with everything released on it so far pointing to a quality platforming title on the way. How did they make it so shiny, though? The official behind the scenes blog should answer those questions.

Just opening today with a piece on character creation, the blog will be a three part series focusing on different aspects of the game's creation. In this instalment, character concept art and modelling abounds, with a wealth of interesting statistics: Jett Rocket himself is made up of 32 bones and takes up just 400kb of memory. Here's a rather hypnotic video of Mr Rocket in all his 3D glory:

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Hopefully Jett Rocket and his shiny, shiny shoes will be touching down on WiiWare in the very near future.


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odd69 said:

This game is going to be great, i hope to see it release like next week!!!



Slapshot said:

Yep, Im looking forward to seeing some reviews of this game. Looks to be one of the best WiiWare titles in the making, from everything Ive read/seen. I hope it all comes together into a fun title.



Crunc said:

How is this thing going to compete with Super Mario Galaxy 2? When is it scheduled to be released? I hope it doesn't end up swept under.



EdEN said:

Looking forward to the game. I'd pay up to 1,500 points for this game considering what we'll end up getting.



Sneaker13 said:

I still cannot believe that they can make a WiiWare game that looks as great like this, with a decent length and 40 MB or less. But I get this for sure and I'm very curious to see the end result.



EdEN said:

They've said that the full game is huge and compressed into the 40 MB Wiiware limit. Go figure. Here's a copy of the post:

For the curious, here is a brief summary of the the
uncompressed size of the used data in Jett Rocket:

245mb textures
160mb geometry and shaders
140mb music
73mb sfx
8mb fonts
3.5mb particles
500kb script code
151kb localization

That's a lot compressed into just 40 MB.



Scottie said:

Wow thanks for all this info, i hope it's out next month in the EU. Maybe it will be July though as SMG2 is out here on the 11th June and it would be unwise to release near that date. I will get this either way as it look brilliant.

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