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Need Help in Monster Hunter? Consult the Encyclopedia Trigantica

Posted by James Newton

Very long name for a very big resource

Struggling to make much headway against some of the monumental beasties in Capcom's stunning Monster Hunter Tri but don't fancy shelling out for a strategy guide? Soak in the beauty of this, then: the game's official, and online, encyclopedia.

Taking its cues from Monster Hunter Freedom Unite's Encyclopedia Gigantica, the Encyclopedia Trigantica (geddit?) contains user-created articles on everything from monsters to metals and armour to event quests. Predictably there's more content for the earlier wyverns than the truly massive beasts, but we're sure some of you have plenty of expertise to share. If you're just starting out there's also a very helpful beginner's guide to ease you in and plenty of videos too, making it a bit of something for everyone.

Head over to the Encyclopedia Trigantica to read, rate and add to the content.


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Philip_J_Reed said:

This is great. I'm already getting frustrated that I can't take down the effing Big Jiggli or whatever he's called (the spitting-dinosaur-from-Jurassic-Park thing) in less than 20 or 30 minutes...that's way too long, and I need to keep killing them for their goodies.

I realize I'm doing something wrong, but without visible health meters or something of that nature, I can't figure out what. A guide like this will be a big help...especially when you consider how not-far-along in the game I am!



pixelman said:

Thank you SO MUCH. Now I can find out what the hell deleks are.

Edit: Actually, I can't. Apparently the beastiary doesn't include minor enemies? :/




Sweet! I have needed some help on these past few fights. I barely killed the Gobul and Gigginox.



Machu said:

@pixelman: Sand dolphins.

Thank you James for supplying us with all these Monster goodies, you rock! Untitled

And what's going on, you seem to be running the news department almost single-handedly lately, you are a news-cannon!



Slapshot said:

@Chicken.... Pretty much you need to play online lol. Also the guide I posted above is very in depth and will help alot. Add me up we shall kill together.



Philip_J_Reed said:

Yeah Slapshot, I should go online. Haha. I was waiting until I got a few more quests under my belt so that my utter noobage wouldn't enrage everyone but...yeah. Time to give it a go I guess. Maybe this weekend.



AVahne said:

I can kill Barioth, but it's still a nightmare! I can rely on Cha Cha to help me but I'm going to have to find some very skilled players online to help me take it down enough times for me to make armor and weapons



AVahne said:

@ Chicken
Well, you don't have to worry. Just play in the beginner servers, there are some of newbies there who have been just playing online instead of doing to single player



James said:

@Machu What can I say? I have a lot of spare time at the moment - not too many big releases out so it's all news, all the time, baby.



zionich said:

I love this game, just need more time to play it. Anyone know a good babysitter ? =)



Slapshot said:

@chicken.... yeah, I'm offline weekdays and online on weekends on this one. I'll be on this weekend. It's actually a really easy online interface, so nothing to worry about. You will be able to get better armor quicker and that really helps in single player.

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