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Music On: Electronic Keyboard Puts a Keyboard in Your DSiWare

Posted by James Newton

Abylight's newest tool hits Europe on Friday

The music software scene just keeps on snowballing: we've already had the announcements of Rhythm Core Alpha and Mix Superstar, not to mention the already-available and rather good Rytmik, and now Abylight is joining the party with Music On: Electronic Keyboard for DSiWare.

As the first in a series of tools under the "Music On" label, Electronic Keyboard promises "a complete electronic
keyboard with a great variety of instruments and rhythms" for just 200 Nintendo Points. The programme will also include five different accompaniment styles with four variations each, as well as individual parts for drums, bass and chorus, and features 16 different instrument voices for you to fiddle with.

It sounds like Music On: Electronic Keyboard is taking a different approach to Rytmik's portable mini-studio style, offering a more simplistic take on music creation, and at only 200 Points it may still be worth a buy for budding musicians. Check out the trailer below and look out for our review shortly after the game's European release date on June 4th, with the title out in North America on June 14th.

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Shiryu said:

This could be a very neat compliment to both KORG DS-10 and Rytmik.



xAlias said:

This looks great for messin' around when you have nothing else to do. I'm glad that it's priced at 200 Points. Lately, developers have been overpricing bad download games (see Prehistorik Man and Robin Hood: The Return of Richard).



Victoria said:

I would have loved this when I was a kid. I was always messing about on a piano, keyboards, and other little toys that played music. For only 200 points I think I'll pick this one up just to have a play.



warioswoods said:

Hm, I usually would be enthusiastic about music games of any sort, but playing single notes on a keyboard isn't much fun. I hate to sound like the people who tell Guitar Hero players to "play a real instrument," but there's no substitute for an actual keyboard. The whole benefit of keyboard-based instruments in the first place is that one can play entire chords or complex combinations of melody and chords at once. It just doesn't leave much point with only single notes and a couple of octaves.



Dodger said:

I have to agree with warioswoods. Anyways, I already have a keyboard that I got for $10 at a garage sale and the WarioWare DIY music maker. I think this is a skip for me.



Infininja said:

As much as I'm clamoring for music apps on my DS... that trailer didn't do it for me. (To be fair, I always start out skeptical, but I'll have to see more.)



LordWotton said:

SanderEvers has a good point. A keyboard you can play one-note-at-a-time is pretty lame.



James said:

The trailer seems to indicate you can use chords and intervals with combinations of buttons and the touchscreen. We'll see this week I guess



drexegar said:

Hmm this is a like virtual casio keyboard for the DSI. 2 bucks is worth it, but since is emulating those keyboards, dont expect to do some full blown scale editing. But I can see this as an awesome app for 2 bucks.



3230ru said:

@10 and 11 - totally agree. it spoils korg ds keyboard also . Somebody out there in N should think of it(MULTITOUCH MULTITOUCH MULTITOUCH) while preparing to release another DS.

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