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Monster Hunter Tri, Sin and Punishment Nowhere to Be Seen in UK Charts

Posted by James Newton

Disappointing results for great white hopes

Although it got off to a flyer with a top-five position in its first few days on sale, Monster Hunter Tri is sadly absent from the latest UK sales charts. More disappointing – though of absolutely no real surprise to anybody – is the total lack of Sin and Punishment: Successor of the Skies, failing to make a dent on the top twenty.

Although nobody had realistic hopes for a huge sales opening for Treasure's rather lovely sequel, it's still disappointing to see it outsold by... well, at least twenty older titles, really. Perhaps a bit of marketing wouldn't have hurt it.


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shinigami_tidus said:

Monster Hunter tri isn't disappointing, because all three versions of this game were in the top ten video game charts (all platforms) in Germany. Maybe UK doesn't like to hunt Monsters.



Will_Ireland said:

Disappointing indeed, but I never saw a single piece of advertising for S+P so whats to be expected? Still, looking forward to picking it up when I gots the cash cash money.



Ristar42 said:

I bought both on their release date, had to 'hunt' to find Sin and Punishment in HMV.
Both games are also excellent, but they would never appeal to everyday folk in the way Wii sports would.



madgear said:

On one hand you could say the casual market is killing off such fine titles - but I don't think that's the case. These great titles will always be made and those of us in the know will always be able to snap them up. It's just a shame the vast majority are paying more for extremely inferior titles - but then that's not our problem. I can play the likes of Sin & Punishment and that's all that matters to me.



dizzy_boy said:

monster hunter has had a fair few bits posted up on the nintendo channel. so it`s not as if capcom did nothing to hype the game.
as for S&P2 that`s had 1 vid posted on the nintendo channel that i`ve seen. so much for making people aware that these game`s are now available.
if people are going to opt in for messaging from the nintendo channel. they should atleast use it to help advertise up and coming games.



Alfred_ENG said:

One game is a JRPG and other is a on-rails shooter. I think more 360 and PS3 games sell in the U.K

The most popular games are multi-format games. FPS and sport games.

I got MH3. It's my first JRPG and i am enjoying it. I will be buying SP2 soon.



AVahne said:

I agree with Rift.

We had tons of ads for MH3 in America. It's a bit disappointing that it's not making a lot of sales



Sneaker13 said:

Monster Hunter Tri did/is doing well in Holland. In it's first week it entered at 8, the next week it climbed to number 1 and it even entered the all-platform list at number 5 (it was for only one week but it was something Red Steel 2 didn't manage to do). In it's third week, it dropped to number 5 though.

I'm curious to see how Sin and Punishment is going to do in it's first week.



y2josh said:

I mean nothing by it, Alfred. A lot of people from the UK I see online want both of these games, but they still dont sell well. Just doesn't make sense.



Shiryu said:

Well, I got both, and I have to say, this is indeed the best year of "hardcore" games on the Wii so far and Metroid is still on schedule! People who have Wii's are missing out if the biggest selling console out there is without these tow stunning games.



Mandoble said:

MH3 is doing quite well in Spain, and it really deserves it. On the other hand, SnP being an on-rails thing should be quite happy being in the top 100 list.



The_Fox said:

Sin & Punishment being an on rails shooter is probably hurting it a little. What is hurting it more is that it's a sequel to a super-obscure game from the N64 that only saw release outside of Japan on the VC.



Oregano said:

Monster Hunter debuted at number 5! The best debut for the franchise! Then hold on at 12! and now is 22!

That's not bad at all, that's pretty damn good actually.

Sin and Punishment is having trouble because it hasn't had full distribution that Nintendo usually has, it isn't available in most shops. I went to get it on Friday in HMV but it wasn't there so I'm going to have to get it from Amazon.

That's in addition to it's obscurity problem.



Slapshot said:

Monster Hunter IS in fact a JRPG! Its made in Japan and is a RPG, so there you go JRPG! Its been a huge sucess in Japan for years with the PSP releases and glad to see its getting some praise finally in the states with MH Tri.



Terra said:

I'd like to point out that I have seen advertising for S&P2 and I am in the UK. There have been TV adverts, although to be fair, so far the only times I've seen them were on the Music Video channel being played at my Gym, Viva something.



Token_Girl said:

It's was number 8 last week in the American charts, beating out WSR. Super Street Fighter IV is also killing. On both Xbox and PS3 individually it's selling more copies than Wii Sports.



toby_bob3 said:

makes no snece in game sotre monster hunter is top of the charts and sin and punishment is 6th



Chozo85 said:

Sin and Punishment is a fantastic game but it was always going to appeal to a niche audience. As has already been pointed out, better marketing and making the game more readily available (Not sold in HMV) may have improved this. Considering the type of game that it is, I think Monster Hunter has sold pretty well actually. I think it debuted in the UK top 5, which for a third party wii game was very impressive.



Raptor78 said:

Havent seen in adverts for Sin & Punishment on any of the standard UK channels or any billboards etc. Monster Hunter Tri had some decent TV time but I know of quite a few wii owners that were annoyed because there was no Monster Hunter Demo released over here when it was released in the US and part of the earlier monster hunter game released in Japan and that stopped them going out and getting it day one.
didnt stop me getting it then and im glad I did, but this explains why its so hard for me to come across UK monster hunters when im online... infact I think its time to brush up on my basic German because I meet a lot of Germans online. lol. Its only been about 20 years since I did any german at school how hard can it be to remember. LOL



Raptor78 said: way for Nintendo to get people to buy S&P would be for them to sell the VC version at half price. 1200 points was always a bit steep in my oppinion.



Chunky_Droid said:

I'm not sure about Aussie sales for MHTri but I know advertising has been in the bucketload over here



Machu said:

I think you can blame Monster Hunter Tri for Sin & Punishments bad sales, as everybody (myself included) is still playing that. Personally, whilst I know I'll get a few good plays out of S&P2, I'm waiting til it lowers closer to £20. I hate paying full whack for a game that'll only last the length of two movies.

As for why MHT didn't sell well I don't know, I thought it had. There were adverts on the telly, Nintendo Channel got pwned, and those massive 'They're Coming' billboards were in cities (I saw a few in Manchester, they looked cool). Oh well, hopefully it'll have long legs.



outrun2sp said:

For too long all we have seen on the shelves in the UK is chicken blaster, animal crossing and sing it songstar. Dirt titles like that that pretty much have alienated anyone who wants decent games.

When you look at the ps3, 360 and see street fighter 4 running, forza etc its no wonder. Also 50hz virtual console so why bother with the machine they think.



XCWarrior said:

Considering nothing in the UK is selling anymore, this is a very small share of the market. I wouldn't be surprised if the UK stops getting games from Nintendo. THey want to make money, and the UK is full of pirates.

No offense there Nintendo Life crew, but the numbers are what the numbers are.



Ristar42 said:

Sin and Punishment would never top the charts, thats hardly a measure of quality though.
For some unknown reason (!?), great numbers of people often buy crappy games.
I'm not giving up on the Wii yet though, as long as interesting games get made, the informed gamer can be selective.



Reala said:

UK one of the worlds largest economies and you honestly believe Nintendo will stop selling games here :/ also that mad generalization, that all brits are pirates, what's that based on? a random statistic you read on the web




In the UK, PS3 and Xbox games don't sell as well as the top selling titles on the Wii. That includes the major ones.

S&P 2 is way too hardcore anyway. Argueably, so is Monster Hunter Tri. I'm glad both are on the Wii for the sake of the console's diversity, but one could argue they represent exclusional, PSXboX style, gaming. I wouldn't say that myself, but I would acknowledge that arguement.



Crunc said:

Sin & Punishment, I doubt was ever expected to top the sales charts. If they planned for niche-level sales from the start, they no doubt will make money on it.



Vinsanity said:

Does nintendo of europe advertise anything? Or are they like Nintendo of America, where they only shell out the dough to make commercials for their "blue ocean" games. Y'know - Personal Trainer: Cooking and Wii Fit and crud like that.

Granted, I've seen Monster hunter Tri ads on tv here in the 'states, but in FAR less quanities than those aforementioned game commercials. And on different channels, and late at night. They really aren't trying very hard to do right by their third parties, and frankly, it pisses me off. I don't understand how guys like Ubi Soft (Red Steel 2) and Capcom can keep throwing support at Nintendo's console when Nintendo doesn't seem to care about 'em.

On a related note, I personally can't wait for Sin & Punishment 2 to hit our shores:) That's a day one buy for me! though I know that it won't light up the US charts either.



Token_Girl said:

It's not Nintendo's job to pay for commercials for other companies' games. It's those companies' jobs. I do agree they should do more advertising to let people know about the shop channel to get more people online to help out the little guys, but Capcom and Ubi can play with the big boys. Ubi just needs to stop spending their whole marketing budget on the "Imagine" series. I'm sure Capcom dropped a boatload of advertising on SSF IV too.



Mendoza said:

Seriously, if that Dance Stage is on #1 again, I'm actually going to think that UK gamers in general are retards xD



Mahe said:

What? Sin & Punishment 2 has been released? Seriously? I had no idea!



Ristar42 said:

Er, I saw a good few monster hunter ads on TV here in the UK (I dont even watch much TV), and Game were really pushing it in store on Oxford St. Many Videos on the Nintendo Channel too.
Sin and Punishment is a truly outstanding video game and you can tell it was developed by Treasure, but I realise a lot of people just wont understand the appeal.



colmtheperson said:

Next week there will probably be a surge in video game sales in Europe... Most colleges finish up on Wednesday and I know I'm going straight to game after my last exam lol

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