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Monster Hunter 3 a Roaring Sales Success in UK

Posted by James Newton

Enters the charts at number five

For all the hype, hands-on experiences and glowing reviews, the success of Monster Hunter Tri always rested with the buyers: could such a hardcore and still relatively obscure title sell on Wii? For UK owners, the answer is yes, as the game has entered the UK All-Format Charts at number five.

That might seem a reasonably good result, but when you realise it outsold big multiplatform titles such as Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Just Cause 2 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 it becomes quite a sizeable achievement. Granted these games have been available for a while now, but it's still an impressive feat.

Hopefully the game's sales will maintain a long tail and see it dominate the charts for weeks to come.


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Aviator said:

Need to get this game. Hopefully I will get the money soon. Halfway there.



Oregano said:

It was explicitly stated to be the best debut for the franchise in the press release as well so it's pretty hard for people to downplay it



KrazyKain said:

about bloody time a wii hardcore game was a real market success.

still waiting for my pre-order... as seems to always happen...



mnementh said:

Hopefully this will signal a shift for 3rd parties to realize that hardcore games sell just as well on the Wii, if not better, if they do it right.



Terra said:

Ok, so yes it sold better than the games mentioned above, but Just Dance is still ahead (Seriously, who is buying that game?)

Maybe next week



Crunc said:

How about in the US? I purchased a copy, but I haven't had a lot of time to play it yet. So far, with what little I've plays so far, it's quite fun, though.




"Hopefully the game's sales will maintain a long tail and see it dominate the charts for weeks to come."

TAIL! Awesome =P



Machu said:

lolmonster love it!

I also love Monster Hunter Tri, deeply, even though it's obviously for kids and should be in HD. I hope it pwns I really do, and shows 3rd parties the kind of money they could have been making if they had taken the console seriously.



The_Fox said:

It's a shame this game is what has people excited. I'd like to see a unique third party IP sell well on the Wii.



Hardy83 said:

So a third party core game succeeds... To bad it'll still be rare since the amount of time and money used to promote the game is well beyond that of most publishers save Capcom and Ubisoft.

But good for Capcom. I hope it makes them lots of money.



Machu said:

I don't understand Fox, why is it a shame that this game has people excited? Surely any 'hardcore' game with online play, selling well on Wii, is a good thing. It at least shows the market we have been told isn't there, most definitely is.



The_Fox said:

I'd much rather see a new third party IP pop up for the Wii and do well, not just a franchise that has been around for 5 or 6 years getting a Wii sequel.

That being said, no matter how much I dislike this game (which is lots), I am glad to see another online game gain a bit of steam on the Wii.



Machu said:

Cool beans Fox. One question, did the demo put you off?

I'm getting the feeling the US demo was a bad representation of the game (throwing you in against a beastie instead of starting with the basics). Perhaps the reason it has sold so well over here, is because there was no demo? Just a thought.



KrazyKain said:

Well I see your point Fox, but before any company takes the plunge with a new IP on the wii, games like this and call of duty need to prove they too can sell on the wii, to sort of open the gateway.... if you know what i mean



The_Fox said:

Yep, the demo was poorly done and really didn't leave a favorable opinion of it.
I did rent it figuring I'd give it a second chance but it still wasn't for me.

Who knows? Maybe it will open the gateway, at least for Capcom. There are plenty of Capcom titles that Wii-only owners would love to see.



MrWout said:

To be honest it's pretty obvious why this is the only 3rd party "hardcore" tittle that "sells well": it is the only one that was properly advertised....



JakobG said:

I guess this was an experiment to see how well 3rd party games can sell if they are advertised enough.
There were 2 bundles and the game to preorder, and the Nintendo Channel was infested with MH3-videos within a short amount of time.



Kid_A said:

That's great news! See what happens when a developer makes an outstanding game for Wii and actually MARKETS the damn thing? I hope other third-party devs are taking notes.



Shane_Gill said:

VG Chartz estimates say it's sold about 70-80,000 units in Europe. Pretty good opening to say it's largely a Japan only series.



EdEN said:

So how much will MH3 have sold WORLWIDE by the end of the year? 2 million? Maybe close to 3 million? More?



longtimegamer said:

Yeah! Take that! All you whinners and complainers (The third party companies). Hardcore games don't do well on the wii?
Yeah, right. How bout trying to advertise properly. A good game's can't sell well if no one knows anything about it. Also, not every single one of them should just because they're supposidly HardCore, but some CAN succeed with good marketing and if there's some depth to them (as well as being good games, they should give you your money's worth.)
Maybe now some companies will stop treating the Wii differently, as if a game on another console would have to be changed to appeal to the Wii demographic (or treating it like less of a gamers console than the PS3 and 360 just because it's "less powerfull" and they feel silly "waggling" the wimote around.)

There shouldn't be any excues now, but, you watch...there'll be some.



SuperMarioFan96 said:

So I know they can't always be trusted, but VGChartz is listing this as being #1 (!!!) in America for the week it came out.



Kirk said:

Let's see what happens in a few weeks shall we because I suspect sales are going to go down very quickly.



TrevorTheChan said:

@Kirk I agree it's safer to be cautious and not get ahead of ourselves, but I think the majority of us are very pleased just to see the game enter at #5. If the majority of people bought the game at launch, then it's logical for the placement of the game to hover where it is in the charts for a bit and then possibly drop by one every now and again. To see this stay in the top ten for more than a few weeks will be an excellent result.



AVahne said:

Whoa, that's great news, didn't think that such a great game like this would do so well. (That didn't make much sense the way I typed it.)

I wonder exactly how much was sold though.



Raylax said:

WTF is that thing in the picture and more importantly do I have to kill it? IT'S ENORMOUS. Crap, I thought Lagiacrus was big. This game is going to eat me alive.
As for the story, hurrah~ Glad to see third-party hardcore titles selling well.



James said:

@Raylax That's a Rathian and yes, you do have to kill it. I killed my first one this morning and I am hungry for MORE.



jep111 said:

Capcom have a fantastic wii history now. After RE4 and monster hunter tri. Have to say that there are 2 third party games in my top 5. No more heroes would be pretty close as well.



Starwolf_UK said:

This article is talking about the week ending 24 April 2010 which is indeed the debut.

Tomorrow morning should bring the week ending 1st May results which will tell us if it had maintained its position or not.

I'd like to think it reached its position on merit but I feel it probably reached its position due to the fact the week was pretty slow for sales/releases (everything else at the top seems to be down on sales).



CanisWolfred said:

Numbers! I want to see numbers! Is that really too much to ask? How do we know it's a success without substantial proof? #5 on the UK list durind the month that saw the lowest game sales in UK doesn't mean much.



AVahne said:

@ Raylax
well, that's a Rathian and it's a bit easier than the Lagiacrus

though, my hunting party just lost to one since one guy died twice and I ended getting killed by a FREAKING TAIL SWIPE



JimLad said:

So long as they keep promoting it, it should be a slow burner like many of the Wii's other best sellers.



Oregano said:

@Mickeymac: It was stated in the PR that it was the best debut for the franchise so it's definitely done good, just a question of how good.

It's also held no 12 this week despite five new releases, including Fifa which is counted separetely for each system.



Rathe said:

Go Monster Hunter!

I've put almost as many hours into this game as I have my job these past two weeks...At 68:32 so far on my character.

Btw, Rathian is a cake walk. Try Urugaan. That guy sucks.

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