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Mikami and Suda51's "Mad Genius Horror" Game 50% Complete

Posted by James Newton

Collaboration still working hard, but secretly

A few years ago, the creators of Killer7 and Resident Evil got together and decided to start work on a game. But what genre should this new game enter into? Well, according to EA's David DeMartini, it's "mad genius in the horror genre."

Although Mr DeMartini didn't reveal much else about the title – not yet named to the public – confirmation the dream team-up is still happening should be enough to please a lot of horror-hungry gamers. There's a fair old wait yet though, with the title due to land in 2011 for Wii, so plenty of time yet to stockpile those clean pants.


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grenworthshero said:

This sounds amazing. I don't care what it is. It's amazing. I literally just finished No More Heroes 2, and I played for 9.5 hours straight when I got it yesterday. Suda's not let me down yet.



Machu said:

Wow, that's a nice surprise. I hope it's just as twisted as Killer7, if not more.



Popyman said:

Yeah, I didn't think this was for the Wii? I hope it is, Suda is amazing.



Caliko said:

OH MY GOOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Move over Zelda this is now my most anticipated game!!!

Why would this not be on the Wii??
Mikami is a Nintendo fanboy and Suda51 has been loyal to the Wii.



brandonbwii said:

I'm not sure this counts as Nintendo news anymore. This was announced back when EA was betting on Nintendo level profits. Since then there have been cancellations and restructuring. It's hard to believe this is coming to Wii since it's been "confirmed" by EA that hardcore games don't sell. It's been confirmed for PS3/XBOX360 though.

@egg miester
If you say that, be prepared to call him a sell out later.

When it was first announce it was said to be multiplatform, Wii included. The Wii version was going to be outsourced but since the restructuring I agree with you. The game is likely NOT coming to Wii.



amk93091 said:

I believe I read that Suda enjoys making games for the Wii. So I believe it will be on the Wii.



GC-161 said:

@ brandonbwii

Well I dunno... EA brags all over that they are the #1 third party publisher on the Wii. And their financial numbers show that the Wii is the 2nd console (after the Xbox360) were they get the most net revenue (44%). Last year, EA said that they wanted to be 2nd only to Nintendo on the Wii. Now, would it makes sense for them to scale back and lose those positions?

I guess they could keep them by releasing titles that target the Wii's user base majority. Like the announcement that they will release The Sims 3 for the console. However, EA creating NBA Jam exclusively for the Wii tells me that maybe they haven't lost all faith on the Wii's core gamer.

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