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Microsoft Manager Gives 3DS the Thumbs Up

Posted by Trevor Chan

Takashi Sensui also reveals Microsoft's own preparations for the 3D realm

It's always professional of rival companies to give credit where it's due, but it's even more respectable when it seems genuine. It seems that Nintendo's first steps into the 3D gaming world have garnered positive comments from a Microsoft big-cheese.

Speaking to the Nikkei TRENDYnet website, Takashi Sensui, General Manager of the Xbox division at Microsoft Japan, had some encouraging words when speaking of the upcoming Nintendo handheld, codenamed 3DS. When asked about the system, his reply was:

I think it is an extremely good experiment. 3D games are suited for the play environment of portable machines. It’s relatively easy to realize a 3D environment space because the viewpoint and screen distance are nearly fixed.

If it seems like Microsoft is missing out on the 3D party, gamers should know that the Xbox 360 is in fact '3D-ready'. When asked about the company's stance on 3D games, Sensui stated that:

We’re watching the situation, the Xbox 360 itself already supports 3D games, so preparations are made...

You might be sick of hearing it, but we're not sick of saying it. Bring on E3 2010!


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AVahne said:

Well 3D with the glasses makes me want to cringe, but the way Nintendo is doing it makes me really want to get the 3DS day 1!



TheBaconator said:

3D is just what people are into right now. It is sort of like when the wii was first doing motion control. Then everyone started copying them and making their own motion controled projects. However now motion control is the normal thing. No one is shocked to hear or witness it anymore like they were when the Wii first came out. This is my prediction on 3D. It might be a short trend, as long as the Wii, or even longer than that who knows. And just like the Wii there will be people trying to immate it, and everyone will want 3D until there is so much 3D no one will care. Then the next thing will come out and so on. The cycle continues.



Crunc said:

It's not too shocking that he'd be nice about the 3DS - Microsoft doesn't have a handheld gaming system.



Capt_N said:

@Crunc: & MS made games for the GBA, as I recall. I bet they'll make games for the 3DS, if they don't compete w/ N over 3d tech/games.



Slapshot said:

@Capt N.... and Microsoft also made games for the DS!

"Experiment" that is the word that caught my attention the most"
The Wii was in fact a experiment too, but was also well supported, the fact that the DSi hasnt been supported with its "Experiment" camera very well, has me worried a bit about the longevity of the 3DS support in the way of games to support the "Experiment" side of the system. We shall see!



StarDust4Ever said:

I myself am a 3d fan as anyone, but I am skeptical as to exactly how this 3D screen is going to work E3, here we come!

@vonseux: Good luck on your flight to Pandora, because that's where you're getting booting you to

I don't currently own a blu-Ray player, but bought the Avatar combo pack knowing that the DVD comes with it and the extra Blu-Ray disc only adds like five bucks. And I'll probably get the special edition Blu-Ray 3D version with all the extra features, too. Then I can hope for the day that I can afford the entertainment system to watch it in 3D. I've already got killer 5.1 surround sound, which has been out for years now. 3D Sound effects are awesome. Someday I'll have the 3D television to match it.



SilverBaretta said:

This makes me remember an old idea I've had more than once: If "The Big Three" got together and formed a combined video game company, they'd by unstoppable and 85% of all fanboy hate would cease to exist.



Kaeobais said:

Nintendo has always been good for giving credit to its competitors, and Microsoft is pretty good with it too. Now if only Sony could pull its head from deep within its arse and join the party.



Token_Girl said:

It's easy for MS to give credit, because they're not a competitor in the portable gaming sphere (and it's a way to bring up how the 360 is 3D capable). Of course, how long will it be for enough people to get 3D capable TVs to make it worth making console games in 3D. The REALLY good thing about making a portable 3D is customers ONLY have to invest in the console (figure about $200), not the console and a whole new $1000+ TV.



SanderEvers said:

@16: Haha Sony'll never do that

Also MS even released some games on the DS. But they won't let us have Perfect Dark



WildPidgeyAppears said:

@16 and @18, Sony is too busy thinking that one or two exclusives a year is enough to keep them rolling in cash and that their portable is a worthwhile investment...seriously, I wouldn't be surprised if their electronic entertainment division folds with the series of flops they've had, and that new motion controller will probably be yet another utter failure. At least Microsoft and Nintendo have class and composure, while Sony is still trying to appeal to the idiot jock crowd.



jorenmartijn said:

While I like the 3DS, the Microsoft comment makes me aggravated. They use the term 3D as if it was something new (the games going outside of the screen). "3D" isn't something new, infact it's probably more than 20 years old!
I see 3D as being something that has width, length and depth (an in-game camera moves around the character).
2D is only perceivable width and length (camera is usually fixed from side).
The "new 3D" is called stereoscopic, which is not 3D, but an illusion of 3D around you.
2D = Super Mario Bros. 1/2/3/World
3D = Super Mario 64/Sunshine/Galaxy 1/2
Stereoscopic = Avatar and the likes that you need the glasses for.

I just wish a different term was used to keep "old 3D" and "new 3D" separated.

@13: I'd probably like to see that too, but just keep Microsoft away from designing the hardware and controllers. That's best left to Nintendo. The 360 controller's buttons/d-pad suck so much compared to the Cube/Classic controllers. And we don't need red-rings of death.



JimLad said:

Am I the only person to think this is a bit premature? no one's even seen the thing yet.



Slapshot said:

@mastersword.... yes Sony has been building 3d on the PS3 for years. Way before any 3DS was even thought about.

@Shadx... Sony does talk highly of Nintendo, those parts are omitted when they are posted here though, and as for the Kevin Butler Commercials:.... It's A Joke! Lol

@Token... your exactly right as always

@WildPigney.... and what flops are you talking about? You obviously also have your companies mixed too. Nintendo released NSMB Wii last year.... what else Wii Fit Plus? Sony had what 3 times the exclusives at minimum last year. DS got what 2? Know what your ranting about before you do it. Sony has already released more exclusive titles this year than Nintendo has as well!

Do you guys really want One big Company. Sony and Microsoft making Mario games? It would prob help the Sonic franchise though lol.



mjc0961 said:

The only thing I'm sick of hearing about is 3D gaming. Like 3D movies, it's nothing but a pointless gimmick. The 3DS is probably the only device that has any chance of not completely sucking in the whole 3D space. Everything else can take its headache inducing glasses that are required for said gimmick to work and go **** themselves.



Phobos said:

When I heard 'Microsoft' together with the word '3D', I instantly got sick of the latter. Darn you, Microsoft! But I do commend you for giving a few words of praise. Would y' look at that, eh? Good stuff.

I STILL CAN'T WAIT FOR THE 3DS THOUGH! Bring it on indeed, E3! Woot!

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